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  1. VCarrasola
  2. MindGate
    Oh, hey. Harperers is back ... time to start the dead pool.
  3. harperers
    i dont want a harem of guys.
  4. Zankio
    I’m Harvey Cotton, and I endorse the message below.
  5. AmongTheCold
    I respectfully and whole heartedly disagree with the assessment of Harpers being cool, alright, or the best. What he's good at? Dying first.
    1. Zankio likes this.
  6. RickDeckard
    I like money so I endorse the message below.
  7. DrBezz
    Harpers is alrght.
  8. VCarrasola
    too busy sucking harperers dick
  9. Warden
    After lots of consideration, I too believe that Harperers is one of the best, no, THE BEST New Dawner in the whole galaxy.
  10. John/Jane Doe
    John/Jane Doe
    Whose Harperers? Idk. Ask this WAD OF CASH IN MY POCKET. He's a cool guy.
  11. harperers
    is back after being bribing several admins to look the other way.
    1. piggs likes this.
  12. TheVoiden
    TheVoiden Host of Proselyte
    You thought you were the only one back?
    1. Host of Proselyte likes this.
  13. MalusMott
  14. Zankio
    Getting hyped for some RP.
    1. John/Jane Doe likes this.
  15. Warden
    I'm front boy
    1. Manic Pixie
      Manic Pixie
      r u ride or die tho
      Feb 6, 2019
  16. MindGate
  17. Legion
    Always something...
  18. Karl
    Subscribe to pewdiepie
  19. DrBezz
  20. MindGate
    One thing I don't need support for is my inflated ego.