Episode 2: Crossing the Line

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Far to the south of Fairhaven, the town of Port Falmouth sits meekly beside the waters of Lake Falmouth—the source of the town’s namesake. Though Port Falmouth found itself just as trapped within the Illinois Quarantine as the Fairhaven area was, surviving here is said to have been quite the different experience when compared to the stories floating down from the north. The locals murmur to themselves about the vague stories of “super-infected”, but have never actually met the creatures, leading many to believe them to be fabrications made up by other survivors for campfire stories. Port Falmouth is still far from a peaceful place however, and the town itself is rife with turf wars between the existing survivors. The various groups tend to keep to themselves, and outsiders are viewed with a fair deal of mistrust. The town exists precariously close by to the line of the Illinois Quarantine, but after the fall of Washington Dam, many have begun to realize that the line itself has been abandoned, and the infection could very well have broken through into the rest of the nation. Regardless, connections to the rest of the world are as broken as they ever have been, and most are reluctant to leave the relatively-peaceful lives they’ve built for the unlikely chance of making it back to a stable civilization.



· Stonepoint Manor
An apparent bastion of peace for the locals, Stonepoint Manor has stood tall as a beacon of safety ever since the beginning days of the infection. The owner of the estate, William Stonepoint, accepts survivors with open arms and warm food—provided that they abide by his rules. Rarely, rumors circulate the area about certain secrets that Stonepoint Manor may hold, and what the lord of the estate may keep close to his chest.

· Falmouth Factory
Sitting at the edge of the lake, the factory stands as an intimidating symbol of the industrial life of before. The place may have been a potential hotspot for survivors of the area, if it weren’t for a combination of the already existing luxury of Stonepoint Manor, as well as the factory’s state of disrepair. This isn’t to say that some haven’t tried to fortify the place, but those who make the attempt always seem to abandon the location given enough time.

· The Falmouth Caves
Located far to the North from the main suburbs of Port Falmouth, the nearby cave system has long had a fair amount of superstition attributed to it by the locals. Tales of people taking trips to the hills and never returning are commonplace, as is the ever-growing sense of curiosity taking root in the youths. Occasionally, those camping in the area have reported odd howls that sound unlike any animal they've ever heard before, which begs the question: what secrets lie deep beneath the ground?


More to come as they appear.

Aug 6, 2018
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