Lore Specific Rules


Remember those past lores were food was stockpiled in a dusty old cabinet and could feed all of Australia for a couple years straight? Yeah I do too. I think we can all agree that this was one of many attributes that made past lores stagnant. Over abundance of food gets rid of the mechanical need to fish, farm and hunt. All of which are great sources of RP and gets people MOVING. Therefore we’ve come up with a couple FAIR solutions to limit stockpiling and make it a bit harder (but not impossible).



Rats and rodents will eat your food!!! This will be more likely to happen if you. . .


-Leave dead bodies on your front lawn (leaving them outside the walls of a settlement is fine)

-Rat nests aren’t destroyed when discovered.

-Rat poison and traps can decrease the chance of this happening!!!


Bandits will attack!!! This will happen when you have a large stockpile and population.

-Bandits will act like any other character and won’t be like a slab of meat going through a grinder.

-Each bandit is individual, no two are alike.


Flooding/Weather, this is a bit rarer but is still a point worth mentioning.


-Any food placed outdoors may become waterlogged (canned or not) and become useless

-If there are future events with disastrous weather, be prepared to move any perishable items to a higher elevation.

Health and Safety:

We’re going to be paying closer attention to the living conditions of characters this lore. Do you live with 6 others in a cramped bedroom? Stop it. Or don’t that's your choice. But for those who decide they would like to, it’ll become increasingly likely the flu or cold will spread. Are there no showers? Make/Get them (this doesn’t have to be mechanical, a simple RPed bucket on a wood post would work).

Did you happen to know that bodies stink? And I’m not even talking about dead ones (though yes El Cid does smell like steel and brawn *changed by editor). Now this doesn’t include everyone but us admins have encountered some bases with dead bodies laying out on lawns and flies gather in the area. Flies are a well known vest or for diseases and sickness, not to mention ANNOYING. We’ve made an effort to put descriptive notes down near any collection of corpses in/near settlements. Regardless if you see one of these notes you should be removing these bodies from your base and pushing those on the front lawn a bit farther out. If you don’t there will be consequences! Rats, flies and disease will become increasingly likely to appear. If enough time passes a character could be declared sick by admins.

In short, here’s what you need to keep things clean:

  • -Showers
  • -Clean hallways/rooms (no blood)
  • -Adequate living space for the population (not 7 people in one bed)
  • -Dead bodies are removed from the area

These following factors will be taken into account deeper into the lore. I don’t care if you have a fully functioning barbershop now I care that you have it later.

Merchants and caravans, what a lovely sight to see at the foot of your settlements gates. But these wonderful capitalists won’t just stop anywhere! They have needs too!!!


  • Housing:
    • It’s called a rest stop for a reason! Have some beds available for these weary travelers, maybe a shower.


  • Cleanliness
    • NO, corpses do not make good coat racks! Blood is not equivalent to paint and rats are a man's best friend!


  • Location:
    • -This one thing that is proven by history. Some locations are just superior to others. The Nile River exponentially boosted Ancient Egypt’s food production due to its a accurate biannual flooding. The same goes for trade! If you live out in the middle of nowhere? It’s gonna be a bit harder to get traders arriving at your place (you might stay safer though, we’ll get to that).
    • -Rivers, major roads/highways and iconic landmarks (ex. El Cid Towers) will help any place get notice by travelers.


  • Buildings/Amenities:
    • -Tell me, why would an alcohol supplier waste it’s time coming to a place with no bar when there’s plenty others?
    • -Barbers, bars and barns are just a few examples of buildings that will attract specific traders.
    • -Bandit/Evil oriented groups aren’t left out of attracting traders, I’m sure there’s a market for gladiatorial fights.
Jul 31, 2018
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