Character Rules

Fear Roleplay:

-Everyone is afraid of something. Failure to roleplay horrifying situations realistically can be taken as power-gaming. This rule is flexible depending on your character’s personality, but even the bravest people are afraid of something.

Alternate Characters:

-Players are allowed to play up to a maximum of 2 characters at any given time. If one of your characters is currently part of a faction, your alternate characters are not allowed to join any factions at all, including the same faction. If the character currently in a faction leaves the faction, dies, or is otherwise retired, then your alternate characters are opened up to joining a faction.


-Erotic-roleplay is strictly forbidden in the New Dawn community. Nudity or other suggestive roleplay topics are permitted as long as the roleplay done is kept to a PG-13 level.

No Hoarding:

-Technically a form of Mechanical Gaming, hoarding is considered the act of excessively looting the map or storing an obscenely large amount of items that are unrelated to your character. Factions are treated more leniently on this, as they typically hold multiple characters of varied backgrounds and professions.

Radio System:

-Sometimes finding people is difficult. To combat this, players are allowed to use the global chat to announce that their character is attempting to speak to others through a specific frequency. Once the "announcement message" is out however, conversation may ONLY take place through the in-game radios. Do not repeat your announcement message.

-When sending your announcement message, prefix your message with *R*, or something similar, such as *Radio*. This lets other players know that it is the in-character radio system, and not an OOC global message.

Example: *Radio* Someone tries to contact others on frequency 100.0

Restricted Characters:

-Occasionally, certain character types or professions may be restricted and are not allowed to be applied. Below are the currently restricted characters:

  1. There are currently no restricted characters.
Aug 1, 2018
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