Claim Rules

Claims in New Dawn are split into two categories:

  1. 1. Personal Claims.
  2. 2. Faction Claims.

Personal Claims:

-Characters may claim a building (or a room inside of a building) by placing notes at every door which clearly state the name of the claim owner, as well as having *CLAIMED* written on the title: In addition, each claim needs to have the current date listed. This date will be used to validate the claim.


-Claims must always be zombie-accessible. This means you cannot destroy every staircase leading to a claim, or have only sheet ropes for entrances.


-Doors to claims are not allowed to be blocked by furniture. This is considered an exploit, as doing so causes the furniture piece to become immovable from the outside.


-Structures that are not attached to the claimed building but should reasonably belong to the owner of the claim may be claimed as well. This goes for structures such as garages or sheds.


-For a claim to be valid, the intended claim location MUST be defend-able. This means a building needs existing doors/windows (or something blocking those entrances), and open camps need some form of outer barricade (but not necessarily walls). Vehicle claims are an exception to this rule, as the vehicle itself already has lockable doors.



Faction Claims:

-These function extremely similarly to Personal Claims, but with a few key differences. Faction Claims consist of more than one person on a claim note, and each person living inside of the claim must be listed on notes located at every entrance to the claim. Faction claims also generally consist of multiple buildings, though it is not a requirement.


-Faction Claims are allowed to be more than just one building, and instead can be several buildings in an area if the faction wishes.


-Rules on *LOCKED* doors, zombie access, and furniture blockades are the same for Faction Claims as they are for Personal Claims.


-Characters are allowed to have Personal Claims inside of Faction Claims. Just because you may be a member of the same faction as another character does not mean that you can take things from their Personal Claim.

  • 1. Personal claims inside the faction area must follow the basics of the personal claim rules.

  • 2. To be expempt from theft, the area must be secured as in behind a "locked" door.

  • 3. Items left in communal areas may still be stolen from even if the player is offline because inside of a communal area, there is no expectation of security from those allowed in the communal areas.

  • 4.Characters who have Personal Claims inside of Faction Claims are expected to be active. If a Faction Claim leader feels that someone has been inactive for too long without logging in (thus making their Personal Claim a waste of space), they may file a ticket to have the Personal Claim removed. We will only remove Personal Claims for people who have gone two weeks or so without playing for a significant period of time (logging in for 15 minutes once a week won't cut it). Characters that have their Personal Claims evicted from a Faction Claim will have their claim contents held off-map. When the player returns, they may request their items to be returned via ticket.



Roleplay-Locked Doors:

-Players are allowed to lock doors on their claim by placing a note down in front of the door titled *Locked*.


-These notes must have a brief description detailing how the door is locked (such as with furniture blocking it, a basic lock and key, or a metal bar), as well as a list of who owns a "key" in-character listed out.


-These doors are always considered locked, even if unlocked mechanically speaking.



Theft, Attacks and Destruction:

-Players not listed on a given claim are allowed to steal from that claim as long as at least one player from the claim is online.


-Players not listed on a given claim are allowed to break into the claim (such as through locked doors) as long at least one player from the claim is online, but they must roleplay actions that would cause reasonable amounts of sound out-loud.


-If a player(s) wishes to attack a claim, the amount of people from the claim currently online must equal or exceed the numbers of attacking characters. For example, if there are 3 bandits wanting to strike a claim that has 2 people online, only 2 or even just 1 of the bandits are allowed to participate in the attack. The reason for this is that claims typically have far more people living inside of them than are online at any given time, and so this rule will prevent bandits from attacking a heavily populated claim when only one member is online.


-If a player(s) wishes to lure zombies to a claim, then the number of people online from the claim must equal or exceed the number of people luring the zombies.


-When stealing from a Faction Claim, you’re only allowed to take from the areas that are protected only by the Faction Claim itself, not Personal Claims that may exist inside of the Faction Claim (unless the player of that Personal Claim is online).




-Kidnapping another player can be done either outside or inside of a claim.


-If a kidnapped person is being held in a particular location, they may attempt an escape if their captor is online.


-If the person responsible for the kidnapping does not log in for 2 days, the kidnapped character will be allowed to escape, even if technically “impossible”.


-When kidnapping someone, make sure to leave an OOC description note inside of the area they are being held in. The note should adequately describe the general interior of the holding area, and should provide detail regarding any doors that have locks or are otherwise keeping them trapped somehow. This gives the prisoner ample information to describe their escape, should they be able to in the first place.


-If you're a prisoner that is attempting an escape, make sure to leave an OOC description note inside of the holding area describing how your character escaped. In other words, if your hands were tied with a rope and you secretly cut them with a knife, the note should mention how the discarded rope seems to have been sliced through with something sharp.




-Vehicles may be used as a Personal Claim in place of a building if the player chooses to do so. A player cannot claim both a vehicle as their Personal Claim alongside a building. If a player has a car located on their Personal Claim, then that car is protected under standard Personal Claim rules, but vehicles left outside of claims can be stolen even if the “owner” of the vehicle is offline. While a vehicle being used as a Personal Claim is parked and the owner is offline, the Personal Claim will extend outwards by 10 tiles, starting from where the vehicle’s “utility tiles” (entering doors, opening trunk) are. This allows for camps to be created around the parked vehicle without the fear of offline robbery—as long as the camp’s items are within the 10 tile radius.


-Vehicles that are being used as a Personal Claim may NOT be locked with a roleplay description note. As vehicles have fully functioning key and lock systems, you are expected to lock your vehicle to prevent theft (offline robbery rules still apply to claim vehicles if the owner is offline).

Aug 1, 2018
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