Heal and Revives Rules

Character Heals:

  • -These will be issued out if a player suffers injuries caused by glitches in the map (such as floor tiles with no hit boxes) or dies within their first real-life 24 hours of spawning into the server. The 24-hour “grace period” only counts if the death is unrelated to player contact, such as if a zombie bites you. Dying to another player in combat does not count for the grace period. We reserve the right to deny these at any time.

Character Revives:

  • -Generally speaking, these will be completed if a heal didn’t come through in time for a player before they died of their injuries. If a player is killed by another player in PVP and it’s revealed that the killer cheated in some way, then the scene may end up voided and the killed player having their character revived.

New Characters:

  • -Newly whitelisted characters have a 24-hour "grace period" once they've been given their whitelist info. If the character takes fatal damage or dies during this time, they are allowed a heal.
Aug 1, 2018
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