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Three Strike System:

  • New Dawn runs on a ‘three-strike system’. IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE – KNOW THE RULES!

1. Strike One: The player responsible will receive a warning. The lighter, less-significant rule breaks will typically start out here.

2. Strike Two: The player responsible may receive a temporary ban lasting anywhere from a full real-life day to an entire week, depending on the severity of the rule(s) broken. If the rules broken are significant enough, a player may skip Strike One and end up with Strike Two instead. If applicable, any roleplay or actions that took place as a result of the broken rules will be voided (such as offline robbed items getting returned, or power-gamed kidnapped characters getting returned home)

3. Strike Three: The player responsible may receive a hefty amount of temporary ban time (beginning at a full month and potentially extending for the rest of the current lore’s lifespan), or even a permanent ban if justified. Players may end up on Strike Three without having any prior strikes if rules broken are severe enough.

Aug 1, 2018
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