PvP Rules

PVP combat in New Dawn can occur under one of three systems:

  1. 1. Mechanical PVP.
  2. 2. Roleplay PVP.
  3. 3. Hybrid PVP.


Players that are involved in player-versus-player combat are to come to an agreement between each other as to which system they will use. If no agreement can be met, then the Hybrid PVP ruleset will be used by default. Each system will be explained below:

Mechanical PVP:

-This system utilizes the basic PVP functions of Project Zomboid. Roleplaying actions is not required in this system, and players are free to run and shoot each other however they please.

Roleplay PVP:

-This system uses purely roleplayed emotes to carry out combat. Mechanical aspects of PVP go completely unused, and players are expected to both carry out and receive attacks fairly.

Hybrid PVP:

-The default PVP system. This system utilizes a mixture of both roleplay and mechanical aspects to carry out combat. Fighting between characters will take place through turns. Each character involved in the combat scene will take turns completing one of three possible actions:


  1. 1. Draw a weapon.
  2. 2. Attack with a weapon.
  3. 3. Move, or manipulate the environment.


Who goes first?

-When combat is initiated, the aggressor will always take the first move. The aggressor is whoever has drawn their weapon on the other character first. What this means is that the first person to draw their weapon will also get the first attack in, so stay on your toes in hostile situations!

Can I flee the combat scene?

-If a character decides to run away from a fight, the player must warn their opponent(s) beforehand. Fleeing will result in the fight automatically switching over to the Mechanical PVP system. As soon as a character takes off, the other characters are free to give chase.

Can I switch my weapon?

-Of course, but doing so counts as ‘manipulating the environment’, and so will use up your turn.

Can I heal myself during the fight?

-Players are allowed to treat their wounds if they have the medical supplies on themselves without using a turn or even roleplaying it. This is to prevent players from prematurely bleeding out from their injuries, as it can take time for turns to complete. However, players are strictly forbidden from eating during combat, as this does not treat wounds, but instead regenerates their health.

Can I skip my turn?

-Players are allowed to wait and do nothing for a turn if they choose.

What about zombies?

-If a player is forced to deal with zombies during a combat scene in order to prevent themselves from getting bitten or scratched, then that player forfeits their turn. Players are not required to roleplay dealing with the zombies until after the zombies are dealt with. If a player is forced to deal with zombies during another player’s turn, their next turn will be the one skipped over so that their character may roleplay dealing with the zombies. If such a large number of zombies show up that continuing the combat scene would be impossible, then the fight will switch over to the Mechanical PVP ruleset. Players must warn each other before they are about to go mechanical.
Note: “Dodging” zombies so that they pass you by is considered movement, and will use up your next turn just the same as fighting them will.


What about throwables?

-Throwable objects such as explosives or rocks are to be handled as any other weapon would be. Taking the throwable object out (if it isn’t already in their hand) will use a turn, as it is considered ‘manipulating the environment’. To attack with the object, you throw it just as you normally would in a Mechanical PVP scene. Bystanders who may not be involved in the combat may end up getting hit, such as by the blast radius from a grenade, and will be required to roleplay their injuries accordingly.

What about animals or pets?

-Players that have animals with them may use them to fight if they have the items that allow the animal item to inflict mechanical damage (such as war armor for Hydrocraft dogs). Animals will use their “turn” during the same turn as the player. However, animals will not be permitted to dodge attacks from enemy combatants, so chances are they will be injured and taken out of the fight.

What about vehicles?

-Hybrid PVP rules are the same for vehicle actions as they are for other weapons. If a player inside of a vehicle wishes to try and hit another player, driving towards the character constitutes as their turn action. They may not both drive towards a character and hit them in the same turn. The player getting driven towards can then use their respective turn to dodge or to counter-attack the driver in some way (such as shooting them) but may not do both in the same turn.

What about newcomers to a combat scene?

-If more players show up to a fight and wish to get involved, they can. In order to do so, they must draw their weapon first, signaling their intent to get involved in the combat scene. Since drawing a weapon counts as their turn, newcomers to a combat scene will always go last no matter which turn of the fight it is. Here is an example:

-Player 1 is fighting Player 2, with Player 1 as the aggressor (they drew first).

P1 goes -> P2 goes -> P1 goes.

-If reinforcements for P2 show up, they will always go last, giving P1 the opportunity to strike the newcomers or to flee if they wish.

P1 goes -> P2 goes -> P1 goes -> P3 enters combat -> P1 goes -> P2 goes -> P3 goes.

-This means that if a sudden abundance of reinforcements show up for the character that is getting attacked, the aggressor will always get the opportunity to run away before each newcomer gets an attack in.

Killing-On-Sight (KOS):

-This is strictly forbidden. Even in mechanical combat zones, players must warn their intended targets either in-character or with a quick out-of-character message.

Accidental Damage and Friendly Fire:

-Accidentally hurting or killing another character while performing mechanical actions such as fighting zombies is to be roleplayed accordingly, and not voided.


-Accidentally hitting someone with a vehicle (while they’re in another vehicle or not) is not to be voided unless undeniably caused by lag.

Aug 1, 2018
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