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    "...could just /addvehicle "StepVanMail" no-clipped into a dumpster..."
    "...fleet of M551 Sheridans should contribute to organic social RP if players knife the mech-suit NPC drivers..."


    My name is Static the Cat. I’m definitely not an Internet alter-ego and/or feedback decoy derived from, and contingent upon, a New Dawn Admin's alt account.

    Being Static the Cat, one doesn’t know much. And I know less and less every day. Truly enlightened. Static the kind of guy who’s so lazy he’ll commit to posting gifs instead of just logging back over.

    Jokes aside, there is general information to be given. Don’t do Static dirty. Read, recite, and regurgitate. Spread this information far and wide.

    Weather, Woah

    The server has been updated. We have weather! Got some rain. Got some fog. Got some snow. All kinds of stuff. This means more immersion. It also means there’s a wealth of options available via changing the game’s core play mechanics with vision limitations.

    Enclosed areas can be given ‘fog of war’ textures beyond the walls if/when the weather settings are changed in-game. As exterior doors open, the shadows might even stick around. Presumably, custom map edits can be created to design ‘smoke-maze’ areas. And with different colors. Take a look:


    "It is the mark of a foolish man to dabble in the affairs of landlords."
    -My neighbor's dad

    "#&%* my rent is 3,000% higher than Uncle Jerry's."
    - Mister Rogers

    This is still in experimentation, but it seems there are numerous ways to alter fog presence to create fun for others. While the above picture has some height layers involved, it's still cool to mess with it in single-level buildings, too. If you crank that thing up to max-level? It's visually equivalent to playing your character with the Blind Mod installed. Very fun. This definitely will not be used. Definitely.

    State of the Server (Just read rabbit's post tbh.)

    Working on it. Had some minor encryption concerns with the database and log-in, but it's all good. This said, there are several potential issues which may arise in the near future. They are unlikely, but they're possible. The new update involves some Java updates. In some cases, the Java update files get dropped into PZ's folder without properly, ya know, executing and doing their job. This might cause client launch issues. But it likely won't be a problem.

    Muh Sweet, Sweet Builds

    I'm not a building artist, that's Cid's realm of expertise. But I will say that the end-lore content has some custom builds within it. These were preserved during the update. As far as we know, they'll continue to be okay. Time will tell. Fortunately, this means we're not blasted off the face of the map again.

    Launch Date Info

    I reserve my right to remain silent. While things are looking good, map-wise, we're still getting squared away due to some irl factors. This said, we're still moving as quickly as possible. As soon as a launch date is set, you'll see it on the forums.

    New Stuff

    While I won't reveal most of the lore's changes, the changes which are relevant at an OOC level due to overall lore accessibility, interest, and expectations are as follows:
    • Zombies will be much more difficult. Admins now have in-game sandbox and server editing tools, so changes can be made without resetting the server. If pathing, spawning, or rubberbanding becomes a problem, settings will be changed.
    • The way zombies will appear, RPly, will be different. Vague, I know. But essentially, their overall presence within the lore will take a new angle. This will be explained IG at some point, so as to keep things from being nebulous and chaotic.
    • Nights will be darker. :stressed:
    • Custom weather settings will be used to tweak events.
    • The map area we'll be using will be smaller than maps we've used in the past. It's a little restrictive, yes, but there's stuff to make up for it (more rooms, blocked off areas, Resident Evil type 'unlock this section' events. Stuff like that.
    • The way events are relayed via the forums will be changed, too. Still operating in the pursuit of in-game mystery and less OOC, this end phase will still be vague in the event posts. But: Event postings will now include general recaps, general happenings, some lore / map info, and what might come next. For those of you who were around in the Barter Town lore, the 'Lore Stories' section is a good example of what might be posted.
    • The forums will feature information about our current map, including known POIs, section relevance, stuff like that. As with most of this lore section's info, it isn't being posted until the lore resumes.
    The Waiting Room
    It's back! But it's not as cool as Cid's. But it's spacious enough to hold everyone. When the launch day comes, players will be given a private room to write down their name, any pets, and any bulletproof babies their character RPly has. These babies are gonna get locked up. This waiting room, basically, is your character's transition item holding area. Makes it easier to do any restore spawns in the off hours.

    Due to some of the game's design choices, character transfers will enter the game before new characters. This is mostly done to make sure the lore's current characters all experience the intro events. As the lore progresses, Character Applications will be slightly modified for incoming characters. Right now, the forums are very quiet in terms of lore info. Once the game is underway, lore posts will be made which provide a decent amount of information.

    As a final note, thank you guys so much for waiting. I know the delays aren't fun to experience, but we're getting there. And thank you, too, for the donations. You're keeping New Dawn alive for others to play and tell stories in, and we wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

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    Cat eyes for the win mofos! :drunk: