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Discussion in 'News' started by Devon, Sep 14, 2018.


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  1. Devon

    Devon Captain Rapscallion, S.S. Po' Buoy
    Staff Member Lore Moderator Contributor + Contributor

    Sep 29, 2015
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    Hey all!

    Following up with Pann's Status of the Server news thread, I wanted to give players an update about our current lore. Also, if you haven't yet, check out Mindgate's Failure > Winning post. The forums have been busy, and sometimes even recent posts can get buried.

    For New Players:
    Welcome to New Dawn! Apps are coming in, and apps are being processed. While we may be slow on some nights, we're working to get you all in-game as soon as possible. Our current map is pretty big, but you can find two of the lore's faction bases here:

    The green circle is the Neutral Economics Zone (NEZ).
    The blue circle is Stonepoint Manor.

    • The Infection 'began' on March 3, 2018. At the time of this posting, 387 days have passed. Players can check out a logger of our current lore's date and time passage here.
    • The Infection is suggested to be a super-virus by many. Currently, there is no public list of symptoms which accompany The Infection.
    • Fairhaven, IL, has been bombed—either to neutralize The Infection or for some other reason.
    • Current players reside in Port Falmouth, which is just to the south of Fairhaven. Between the two, Washington Dam—or what's left of it—sits on the failed quarantine line. Washington Dam mysteriously crumbled not too long ago.
    • Though Port Falmouth finds itself just as trapped as Fairhaven was, surviving here is said to be quite different. Rumors of “Super-Infected” exist. The stories are rare, however. Super Infected, if they do exist, are even rarer.
    • Nobody knows if The Infection has spread to the rest of the nation. All contact has been lost.

    Current Projects

    Many of us know what 'working on projects' means, so we'll touch on this briefly before moving along. Yes: A new lore is in the works. No: We have not shifted attention away from the current lore. Let's take a closer look at what's going on.
    In the past, new lore announcements normally tanked the current lore's player numbers. It's understandable, right? Players want a fun environment. If admins are working on a new lore, they probably know this one is done for.

    Well, this is sort of a different case.
    Admin resources do thin out, sometimes. This said, we haven't left our current lore by the wayside. We're also acknowledging that all lores suffer from real-life player distractions, burnout, what have you. But there are ways around it.
    Acknowledging What We've Got
    Six months is a long-ass time! It's the longest lore we've ever had, actually, which is a massive achievement on all fronts. Many Day 1 characters still exist, and lore newcomers seem to be fitting in pretty well.

    We want to finish the story Mindgate and the team have created. We also don't want players waiting two months of downtime while our next lore is created.
    So, while this is the case, we're actively changing the current lore's structure to keep things interesting.

    Day 1 players should get to the end of a lore they signed up for. New players deserve to have fun in a server that won't be shut down in two weeks. We're transitioning, basically. The Road Ahead is currently pretty active. A lore's end does not mean things will be boring. It also doesn't mean there won't be new surprises.

    Co-Writing and Conspiring
    I've recently stepped up to help steer this lore's ship alongside MindGate. All of the original lore ideas still exist, and they'll continue to be part of the story as we explore some new directions.

    Wispear and Tucker are also adding quite a lot to the story. In many ways, their ideas are the muscle of the current lore. We're making sure each idea both reflects and fits the logic of the other. We're also going to stretch, or compress, the lore depending on how things turn out.

    Fine Details
    Taking a book out of early Ashwood Cove, more fine details are being added to help tie these things together. Things like the early lore's flow, intrigue, and making an environment that prompts player action and player conflict are good to study.

    No, this does not mean we're going to remix into Ashwood Cove II. Ashwood Cove is a closed book.
    Our lore already has its own fictional universe. From here on out, we'll be helping players connect these elements with clues, hints, research opportunities, and lore notes. This will be a feature, but not a focus.

    Choosing Your Own Adventure
    This is a misleading title. Players have always been able to change the course of a lore. What we're doing, here, is putting our foot on the throttle. We're going to be more visible in showing the playerbase's 'footprint,' so to speak.
    Plot is important. A satisfying conclusion is important. But an RP environment is much better if players drive the conflict.

    Medical RP
    We've experienced a few issues with players not RPing out their injuries in a reasonably realistic way. We're not looking for incredible depth, but there are some cases in which characters who've been gravely injured seem to brush off these injuries like nothing happened.

    In other cases (this one is unfortunate), players sometimes give themselves RP injuries to create fun RP for others. First of all: Thank you. You're a badass, and you're giving our RP world more depth and seriousness.

    However, please understand what you've signed up for. Medical RP is very fun, but it can become lethal. If you'd like to injure your character to make a good story, by all means have at it. This said, please do a quick Google search just to make sure you haven't accidentally killed your character.

    Medical RP is going to get a closer eye on it, in general. We want basic realism; we don't want your head on a platter. But letting a character survive something they'd almost definitely not survive can cause a lot of problems for other players involved in the scene.

    Yes, The Road Ahead does have established elements of fantasy and science fiction. It is unorthodox, but it is also a unique part of our lore that adds something special.
    We're toning down some of these things, however. Subtlety is important. It drives mystery, fear, and immersion. While these things do exist, changes are being made to make their use a little smoother.

    Where the Super Infected are considered: Rules are indeed in place to help them be RPed. It needs to be stated, here, that the Super Infected have many, many weaknesses. And any Super Infected creature, ultimately, is highly likely to be destroyed by the infection. Or by one of their weaknesses. Or by players.

    At the moment, we're implementing a higher degree of rules to some of the more nebulous things that define Super Infected creatures. Mystery is good, but too much mystery creates an environment where players are fending off frighteningly powerful things.

    Conflict and Heroism
    Our job is to make things for you to bend break, of course. We want to provide conflict for your characters to face. We're here to provide a chance for your characters to solve problems, stand up for what they believe in, and grow. All from a responsible--and, yes, sometimes lethal environment. Your characters deserve a world that respects their ability to solve problems.

    Admin NPCs can also be killed. Entire factions, or quest lines, can be destroyed by a single wayward bullet, but we'll adapt. But we won't power-stomp people for breaking our stuff. If you've gone out of your way to impact something, it will be impacted.

    As a natural followup to this, I can't help myself but to again link Mindgate's thread about loss, suffering, opportunity, and heroism.

    Thank you guys for reading. Feedback is definitely appreciated. And, most importantly:

    The Admin Team
  2. VCarrasola

    VCarrasola Master of the Crops Nation

    May 28, 2015
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    I hate when we switch lores. When will be the day we just stick to one lore forever? Like NWN servers with their years-long stories.
    I know. Most people want that 'fresh' feeling and to see new scenarios but I've always dreamed of a established universe for roleplaying in PZ.

    Well, whatever. Let's just hope that the community doesn't die thanks to this announcement like... always.

    Btw 2015 Muldraugh lore lasted like a year, so u lie!!!!1!1!1!1!1
    Or I felt it like a year idk
  3. Devon

    Devon Captain Rapscallion, S.S. Po' Buoy
    Staff Member Lore Moderator Contributor + Contributor

    Sep 29, 2015
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    It's definitely possible, man. I won't lie: there is a draft of this lore where we carry it out for a very, very long time. At the moment, we're not expecting to use it. It's sort of a "what if" lore plot, but it's very much filled in. It's just sitting in a lockbox, so to speak.

    If the playerbase seems to really enjoy itself to a crazy degree? And if other agn / real life factors line up really well? Well, it's still an option. And it always will be. But we don't want to prioritize that idea, because it's sort of a unique road to take.

    And players would understandably need to clearly like what we've got going on before we bust it out. Many of us do like long stories. Many of us like short stories.

    For this reason, we're just sort of taking the safer road: Chipping away at a new lore if this one really winds down, but having plenty of ideas ready if anything crazy happens.
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  4. Pann

    Pann Never Seen Star Wars
    Staff Member Take All My Money! AGN Community Manager Owner

    Mar 5, 2015
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    I think what we are doing this time is different. We have a lore that is still active while actively preparing for the next one. This allows us to go big. We build bigger, we get the ability to plan more and better, and we minimize the downtime between the lores.

    Ideally, we’d like to have everything ready so that when we officially end this lore, we can immediately start the next. That isn’t a time frame, but more of a goal to be prepared - where in the past we failed at this.
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