Deceased Alex Simmons

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Jul 17, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Alex Simmons
    General Information
    Full NameAlex Simmons
    Blood TypeO-
    Face ClaimEmily Rudd
    Personal Information
    Date of BirthUnknown
    Former OccupationFarmer/Hunter
    Civil StatusSingle

    Theme Song

    Appearance & Other Information
    A young girl who looks to be around 20 years old, she has long brown hair and sky blue eyes. She looks to be about 160-170cm tall and is pretty skinny, probably around 60-70kg. She is wearing a greenish-brown T-Shirt underneath a brown leather jacket, she is also wearing a set of blue jeans that are pretty torn and worn. A set of hiking boots finishes the look. On her back is a small backpack, there is nothing special about it. Around her neck is a small golden necklace with no distinguishable features.

    A small scar can be found above her left hip, it has healed remarkably well. There is a large puncture wound on the left side of her skull, as if a knife was driven into it. Along with that there was a large amount of crush damage on the right side of her head.

    She is a quiet girl who struggles to trust others. She will often try to avoid conflict and can survive entirely on her own if she must. However she does show some empathy to those she can trust. In general she is a fairly skeptical girl to strangers and can have some trust issues, but when you get to know her she is sweet and kind.

    Once she may have been quiet, but no longer, she is no longer afraid, no longer scared. Nothing but anger and

    + It is known by most that she was a farmer and a hunter...
    + Nothing else is known about her...
    After the death of her parents a few months earlier, she had made her way to Port Falmouth, Illinois. She wasn't expecting much, nor did she have any plan, however her only desire was to space herself as far away from her home as she could, to escape the pain the memories brought her. Her initial run in with any survivor was a man by the name of Paul, he was a kind fellow, and while she didn't trust him a single bit, he did provide for her for a short while, before she left.

    A few days later she came across what she would soon come to know as the NEZ, she kept her distance from the strangers for a while, at one point sneaking in and stealing a few items, including food and fuel. Eventually however, after being chased down and stabbed by a couple of thugs up north after she was caught stealing, she managed to crawl back to the NEZ, where she was received medical attention, only barely clinging to life.

    After about a week of healing, she was up on her feet again, however this time she had decided that she may be safer within the protection of the NEZ, at least until her wound had fully healed.
    A few weeks after her stabbing, whilst she remain asleep inside of the house in the NEZ, a large group of Mongols had arrived outside, in which Rafael Garcia had made a deal with, to ransack the entire area. While the rest of the occupants had been let go, Alex was taken by the Mongols, where she was sent back to their warehouse further north.

    She spent a little over a month locked inside her cell, slowly loosing her mind to the loneliness and lack of freedom. Upon release she was taken to a small compound outside town.

    Alex approached the corpse by the river, it was mangled and bloody, its face completely torn to shreds and intestines laying all over the place. The smell was horrible, you'd never get use to it. She wasn't really paying attention to the river or the fact that the rocks she was standing on were incredibly slippery. The next thing she knew she was slipping down the rock, desperately scrambling to grab onto something, but the next thing she saw was a rock coming at her face then everything exploded into a array of stars and bright lights, before slowly fading to black.

    As she slowly blinked the midday sun blinded her, she was soaking wet and had a terrible headache. As she slowly got up she felt uneasy, unable to fully gain control of her balance, half her body was still submerged so she began to drag herself out of the water. Her head was spinning, she was still unable to fully recall what happend. She slowly made her way to her feet, grabbing hold of a tree to steady herself. She could feel the warm blood trickling down her face, instinctively she went to grab a small napkin from her pocket, it was soaked but it was better then nothing, applying it to her head. But at this time she had already begun to feel unsteady, she had to find help, quickly...but she had no idea where to go...

    She was surrounded in darkness, there was nothing but darkness. But at the same time it felt peaceful, it was a strange feeling. At the end of a dark, long corridor was a door, nothing else. No walls to a room or windows, just a door. Was this death? Having nowhere else to go she opens the door. Inside is what appears to be her living room, it was brightly lit with the fireplace burning and her parents sitting across from each other in the sofa's, just like they use to. She smiled, breaking down into a sob, because for the first time in a very long time she could finally see her parents again. As she entered the room, they both got out of the seats and rushed forward latching onto her in a tight hug. She doesn't say anything but continues crying, feeling the warmth of the fireplace grow to cover her entire body. Everything began to fade to a bright white, she finally felt safe and happy again, not upset at leaving anything behind. Then everything seemed to just slip away. Then there was nothing. Nothing. Gone.
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Amanda Cooper: "You took care of me..."

    Bill Anderson: "I barely remember you..."

    Catherine: "I barely remember you..."

    David Clark: "I barely remember you..."

    David Frederick: "I remember you were pretty nice to me..."

    Harrison: ""I barely remember you...""

    Jack Miller: ""I barely remember you...""

    Marisol Ruiz: "I remember you let me stay at your home for some time..."

    Monty: "You were...evil"

    Natalia Porter: "I...never liked you"

    Rafael Garcia: "I told...I told you...I told you..."

    Santiago Ruiz: "I barely remember you..."

    Tanya Federova: "You were always nice to me..."

    Thais Qorva: "You were nice to me..."
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    Updated Injuries and music
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    Updated Relationships, RIP rafael
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    bump: fixed relationships and updated. Music updated.
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    BUMP: Storyline updated, Relationships Updated, Music Updated
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    Storyline update, relationship update
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    Updated Storyline, Updated Relationships, Updated Injuries
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  10. Anonymous

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    RIP, I really enjoyed playing her, glad I have another character though
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    Check injuries :p
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    Fixed Injuries, probs last post, F for respects