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Discussion in 'News' started by Pann, Oct 21, 2018.

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  1. Pann

    Pann Worst Admin Ever
    Take All My Money!

    Mar 5, 2015
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    I just wanted to fill you guys in with my status.

    First and foremost I am BACK in action. For the past several weeks I have been finishing work at my previous retail position. I have opened a brand new store, and been working in excess of 12-14 days stretches. This past Monday, I started my new job OUTSIDE of retail.

    Much like office space, I will have my own little cubicle and my own stapler. My job came with a hefty pay increase, but more importantly, a reasonably set schedule - that includes most holidays off! I haven't has a Thanksgiving or Christmas off in 12 years.

    So with all of that, I am in my new position, and getting acclimated to life like a normal human person. In the upcoming days I will be more visible on the forums and discord.

    My current AGN work projects:

    1. Preparation for the new lore.
    Work has been trodding along for the new lore in the background. I will be putting a priority on this in the upcoming months. The CURRENT lore is still ongoing, but we want to be prepared to move directly into character creation and new lore with very little downtime in between lores. I would imagine you as players would appreciate this.

    2. Reviewing applications and application processes.
    This includes keeping the queue down for apps, as well as reviewing apps for moderators.

    3. Forums.
    I was interrupted in my work with cleaning up and simplifying the forums. We have lots of links that take us to places that I think could be simplified, but I would really like some input from you players concerning this. I know how /I/ think it should be, but you guys are the players, and maybe there is something you'd like to see that I might not have thought about.

    If this is the case, feel free to post suggestions in this thread - so we can discuss it.

    TL: DR Pann is back bitches. Where's my torch?!

    PS: I just wanted to thank the rest of the staff for holding this place down in my afkness, and you players for taking charge and making the world your own with your own stories and ideas.
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  2. VCarrasola

    VCarrasola Master of the Crops Nation

    May 28, 2015
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    happy for u grandpa