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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    -NAME : Haley Hunt
    -AGE : 19 - ( 06 / 12 / 1986 )
    -OCCUPATION : Nomad
    -ALLIENCE : Amelia & Iris
    -ALIGNMENT : Chaotic Neutral
    -Hank Hunt - FATHER     (Deceased)
    -Harriet Hunt - MOTHER     (Unknown)
    -Hana Hunt - SISTER       (Alive)
    -STATUS : Alive
    -FIRST SEEN : S1. E1.
    -LAST SEEN : N/A


    Previously known as Haley Hunt, Amelia is the nineteen year old guardian to her sister Iris. After a family tragedy just days earlier, the pair have been on the run, held up in Astoria's local motel.

    Due to Amelia's priorities lying elsewhere, she can often seem cold and distant to those around her. Much is kept to herself and rarely will anyone find out her or her sister's secrets.

    Tacoma, Washington;

    Haley was born on December 6th, 1986, to her parents Hank and Harriet Hunt, in Tacoma Washington. Life was anything but enjoyable in their tiny house that sat on the outskirts of the bustling city. For the first six years of her life, she alone was exposed to the constant fighting and substance abuse of her parents, as well as the feeling that she was unable to tell anyone or seek outside help. Peers and students at school didn’t suspect anything was wrong with her home life as she was very well behaved, quiet, and respectful of others around her. When Haley was six years old, her parents gave birth to another baby girl, naming her Hana. At this young age, Haley was tasked with almost the complete care of her younger sister causing her to develop a responsible and nurturing personality.

    Throughout the years, Haley and her sister developed a very close bond, and relied on each other pretty much exclusively. As time went on, the fighting between their parents turned into the drunken abuse of their mother. Once alcohol was involved, Hank often committed acts of emotional and physical abuse on their mother, threatening the girls to keep them quiet. The two sisters grew up not knowing any other life, and assumed that what they experienced was normal and not wrong. Once Haley turned 16, she quit attending high school and instead chose to work part-time jobs to be able to care for her and her sister more adequately. Many nights the pair spent in a locked room, trying to drown out their fathers abuse.

    The two kept quiet and out of their parents business for years, until one day. It was a rainy Tuesday evening when Haley returned from her part-time waitress job to find a gruesome scene in their small farmhouse. Hank had finally taken his abuse and anger too far as Haley watched her father beat her mother until she was unconscious. Even after she became unresponsive, his anger was too great to stop himself. Haley tried to pull him off, yelled at him to stop, begged, but nothing was working. Afraid of her mother's demise and the safety of her sister, she grabbed Hank’s handgun from his nightstand, closing her eyes before she shot the bullet directly into the back of his head. Suddenly aware of what had just happened, Haley panicked and packed bags for her and her sister, not forgetting to grab a small stash of money before catching a bus headed to Astoria, Oregon.

    Once the pair arrived, they quickly found a spot to hide out in the towns local motel. Staying out of the way of the authority and citizens is Amelia's priority as well as the well-being of her younger sister. To anyone who encounters them, they are simply Amelia and Iris, 2 quiet and mysterious sisters.



    Hana Hunt / Iris - Greatly Approves (Alive);

    "For almost as long as I can remember I've been responsible for your well being, the job being tougher than ever now. I'm not sure if you completely know what's happening but I hope you don't resent me for pulling you from Tacoma. It's the best for both of us I promise."

    Harriet Hunt - Slightly Disapproves (Alive);

    "Throughout my entire life, I tried to sympathize with you, I tried to understand, but I just couldn't. I'm sorry. I hope you're okay."

    Hank Hunt - Greatly Disapproves (Dead);

    "Fuck you Hank, for everything you put me and Hana through. For pushing me to do something that I never would have done otherwise. The rage and alcohol ruined you, and unfortunately it led to this."

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