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    Dear Parents, dear students,

    We would like to inform you that during the absence of Mrs. McNemara - history lessons will resume with a new substitute teacher, until Mrs. McNemara is well again. The lessons will resume on the following week - with the below schedule. For further information, please contact Katherine Werner at [email protected].

    Monday: -
    Tuesday: 10-10:45 am (6-7pm EST)
    Wednesday: -
    Thursday: 10-10:45 am (6-7pm EST)
    Friday: 8-8:45 am, 11-11:45 am (4-5pm, 7-8pm EST)

    ((The class will be held at the above times - first time is IC, the one in brackets is OOC, whether it's night in game or not, can't really predict))

    Astoria High School administration
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