Astoria's Mayoral Address of URSA Attacks

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    Across the Local News 12 channel, the Mayor stands upon a podium.
    Microphones surrounds him, as he addresses the people of not only Astoria,
    but the people of Portland and all those affected by the atrocity that befell them.
    There has been a great tragedy. One that will be ingrained into the minds of many for a great a time to come. Our very way of life, has changed a great deal from this event. As a nation, we still face pain, uncertainty, and immeasurable grief.

    Families and workers lives are forever altered from this heart-shattering event. Despite all the bad that has shined fervently through, we must remember every first responder who despite themselves ran headlong into the pits of danger for others.

    No matter where Portland turned that day, there were heroes giving up their lives for others. Such action cannot go unnoticed, and such action helps to solidify the miracle that we call life, and just how quickly it can be stripped away.

    If you're willing or able to help in anyway, there are methods to so. Go to Portland, assist in debris removal, search and rescue efforts for the thirty that remain missing, radio operators can help maintain emergency networks between those on site.

    I can personally say, a division of Astoria's own firefighters will be sent to the rubble of Portland's North Watch Headquarters to assist anyway they are needed to.

    For our community, and for America as a whole, may god guide us in spirit and body. And may we pull through such an event with not only the kindness to help one another, but the will to do so on our own terms.

    Thank you.

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