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    Tonight's news report consists of weather updates, a missing garden gnome and several gardens left in disarray due to the horrific weather prior. However, the end segment consists of a five minute briefing of two missing girls from Tacoma, Washington. The report details that paramedics were called to the Hunt household just a few mere days prior to the report, confirming that Hank Hunt had been shot dead, and his wife Harriet Hunt found unconscious and beaten. Haley and Hana Hunt, Hank and Harriet's daughters, have been missing since the incident. After the briefing ended, a missing persons poster spread across the television screens.

    Photographs of Hana Hunt are still being searched for, however there was a total lack of photos of either girls in their family home, and no current known yearbook photographs of Hana have surfaced. Persons descriptions have been confirmed by neighbours of the Hunt residence, however due to the mothers critical condition she has been unable to comment.


    (Disclaimer: This post is fictitious and was created for no other purpose than to tell a story, the information above is to be understood as purely fictional)
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