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    Cork bulletin board hanging up in the bar.
    Notes hang tacked upon the board with important announcements!
    Might be for the best to give it a read!

    (( OOC NOTE: This is basically a forum post to list any NEZ player-led events or even wants and needs for jobs, trading, and requests from other players. Post all "notes" in the comments and phrase it like a note, just an idea I had.))
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    A post-it-note is pinned up to the bulletin board.
    Reading the following,

    New Diner space available!
    Free for anyone to peddle food goods!
    Speak to David for further information!
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    YAY Serena's board gets used!
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    Torn piece of paper on the board:

    'I'll be seeing you guys soon....'
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    On the board is a hand written news bullitin, it's clearly a young girls writing from the use of cursive. It reads:

    "Hello Folks! This is Laura Turner, and I'm writing with Nilda's permission to bring you all the news from around the NEZ. I will try to keep it light and to the point, so that most of the significant events are able for viewing at your leisure.

    And with that let's begin the giving of information!

    The first thing I think it's prudent to mention is the recent infected attack. I'm sure many of you heard the noise, or was part of the events.

    It started out with a crash outside the NEZ's south east gate. Someone driving recklessly hit something hard and exploded. I believe those in the impact were killed instantly, their indentities still unknown to me at least.

    After that though it was one hell of a bang and lured a host of new problems.

    Once the noise rang out it became clear things were going to get rough. Over the next minute the NEZ became surrounded, hundreds of infected pushing through like a wave.

    Some quick response times from some of our members led to a lot of the infected being drawn away early, but still with so much it was a hell of a fight. The community members stood arm in arm with people from around the area, all standing together to face the common foe.

    There was a big breach in the north towards the pumps, and a small one in the back at the farm. But after the fighting was over and whilst the removals of corpses began. Our heroes washed away the blood, put on a new set of clothes and rebuilt the walls.

    I want to say a big personal THANK YOU to everyone who was part of the defence. We all played a part but I'm thankful to see how well everyone worked together to see this place protected."


    "In regards to the infected, many were killed but the majority were lured off using vehicles and the like. Currently there is a large horde just beyond the bridge.

    Be careful if you are to go out that way, if you walk up the coast or into the treeline you're likely to be met with hundreds of infected. Plans are forming for a hunting party to gather and thin their numbers, so if you're interested in joining speak to Jon."


    "In other news one of our most valuable members has fallen ill. The Doctors and those that care most for her have been doing an excellent job at helping her recover, keeping her smiling and laughing through a difficult time.

    I caution anyone that may approach the big blue house, it's currently a quarantine zone for her own safety so be aware when approaching that area.

    Anyone with antibiotics of any kind please inform the Doctor Nilda."


    "The NEZ is currently going through a reshaping of sorts and there are roles that are still in the need of filling.

    We could are looking for more people who can attend to the farm as well as other unique positions like an actual Mechanic. If you're looking to get set up in a role try speak to Nilda and David, all newcomers are to report to them at some point for their 'interview'. Don't worry it's just some questions of how to best appropriate your time."


    "I'm going to start keeping a record of the comings and goings of new people. Both visitors and prospective members.

    Of recent some of the newest arrivals have already started getting set in. There's Ashley who is a young blonde who's determined to help out. Having already joined in supply runs.
    Wisp who is also a young blonde, shy but hopeful to find a community where they belong. And Ryan a helpful man who's already been pitching in a lot around here."


    "After a short period, the star that dissapeared from the night sky has returned and is shining again. The resident Nun of the NEZ is recovering swiftly due to the care and consideration of the Doctors and her loved ones.

    With her rate of recovery it won't be long until she's back in full service and with any luck the Chruch will be place people can regularly come to pray. Remember she's still on the mend so not too much pressure, but if you're looking for words of comfort she has them."


    "In other news one of our craftiest residents, the booze merchant Luna, she has added to the community growth once more by the installing of a water tower.

    You can probably see it if you're in the garden near the farm. From what I understand it'll make getting water and taking care of the crops easier. I asked Luna to elaborate on the function of the tower. She said: 'It'll help with the crops and we'll have hella rain water saved up.' End quote."
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    A note has been nailed to the board. A pamphlet.


    We are faced with yet another hurdle. Within days, we will be staring down the sights of a storm like no other, one which runs the risk of seeing each and everyone of us wiped out. As a community, we must prepare! I have listed a number of items you will need to focus on gathering and stockpiling on the second page!


    HAZMAT Suits
    Canned Foods
    Bottled Water
    Battery-powered or hand crank radio
    Extra Batteries
    First Aid Kit
    Local Maps
    Firearm for personal defense
    Gasoline for discarding of contaminants
    Antibiotics incase of prolonged exposure to storm


    Thank you for reading this. I know many of you have been faced with insurmountable battles, but this one will take the cake and even with this level of preparation I am uncertain whether or not we will be able to overcome. The storm, it is a byproduct of the green fog found at ground zero. If you are faced with prolonged exposure, your survival chances are in the 0.1% percentile. I wish you all luck.
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    Another note is nailed under the pamphlet,

    A mist is indeed coming, and it seems to be lurking with mutant creatures. Do not be alarmed, it doesn't take too strong a seal to keep the mist out. If we start sealing the doors and windows of the bar and stock enough food, clean water, and weapons we should be able to hold out. If anybody has enough experience with building to make some sort of airlock so those with hazmat suits can take care of any threats outside without contaminating the sealed area upon reentry that would be ideal. Most importantly, keep your calm. We can handle this.

    For anybody who does not know what to do, ask about how to help seal the windows or start collecting water to boil. It'd also be ideal to forage or hunt for food to keep us sustained while we hunker down - but water takes priority.
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    There's a note posted up on the bulletin board.
    Reading the following,
    The Mist has hit. There'll be maintenance and rules to keep the base up and running. Including the following rules to abide by.
    • Keeping the wood stove burning 24/7 in the bar.
    • Disposing of any harmful trash material and or food that is able to rot.
    • Proper hygiene will still be needed.
    • Take fair share of food if needed, over-indulgence will lead to consequences.
    • Water will need to be rationed among inhabitants.
    • Animals penned outside the bar MUST be attended to by feeding and cleaning.
    • Guard shifts must be done around the base to ensure that nothing is lingering outside of the walls and or by our supply depots.
    In regards to guard shifts, there must be constant vigilance and key things to listen and watch for. Such as the following.
    • Any strange noises, such as whispering or the like should be reported.
    • Scratching noises by any wall, especially by a supply depot, should be reported via radio.
    • If there are any dents on the sealed windows, that must be stated and said at the earliest possibility.
    • In relation to thieves, they should be placed inside a temporary holding cell of sorts and then be punished at a later date.
    • Trampling of feet outside the base must also be reported via radio.
    In threat of any breach, here's an outline of what to do if the threat ever emerges.

    • Seal off any room or hallway that has been exposed.
    • If any persons have been exposed in any way or form for a shortened period, they must be treated to and placed under quarantine procedures.
    • When exposed for a prolonged amount of time to the Mist with direct exposure, the method to handle such things will fall to the discussion of the leaders and if not present the secretaries.
    • Any lingering gas and or fully exposed rooms must be seen to by a hazmat team armed with retro-fitted vacuum cleaners or shop vacs before able to reside in again.
    • In case of large scale breach on upper levels, all upper levels must be sealed off. Leaving any and all suspected contaminated materials with it.
    • If the entirety of the Motel is compromised, the fallback locations will be designated with the secretaries and leaders. If not present, the Manor would be the last fallback station.
    Exiting and entering the decontamination room must be strict and thorough, so do the following when entering and exiting.
    • Before even walking out into the decon-room, first the generator must be started up by hazmat suited team member. Which lies by the animal pens in the left corner toward the Motel.
    • Once that is done, the fan will turn on and you must wait up to a minute or two before going into the decontamination room.
    • From there, you may suit up inside the hazmat suits stored inside the lockers if previously used. If not previously used, suit up inside the Motel.
    • At this point, one person must guard the door to ensure no breach into the main bar is made. The rest of the team are free to carry out their business.
    • When coming back, you must first stop inside the decontamination room and check for any hazardous materials that may be dragged back inside.
    • Once it's clear that there are none, you then must spray yourself down with the provided bug-sprayed to clean the hazmat suits.
    • Afterwards, strip out of the hazmat suits and place them inside the lockers. Again, ensuring you are free of any hazardous or contaminated items.
    • From that point on, you are free to enter back inside the Motel and shut down the generator with another hazmat suited team member.
    When disposing of hazardous material, listen to the following.
    • It is to be brought to a fire-pit before any disposal occurs.
    • Once at the fire-pit, place the items atop it and sparsely douse with gasoline.
    • At that point, light a match and set it ablaze.
    • If possible, contain the fire to try and hide presence.
    • Return inside once the materials are thoroughly burned.
    If there is a situation where you find yourself without proper materials to handle the Mist, there are ways to combat it.
    • Raincoats, garbage bags, ponchos, and anything rain resistant will help to keep the Mist away from direct contact with your skin.
    • Goggles are necessary to help protect your eyes in such a situation.
    • Gas-masks, whether they're makeshift or real will give you a much better fighting chance when out in the open with such a thing.
    • Any skin contact with the Mist needs to be avoided at all costs, though the importance is placed upon protecting your eyes and your mouth.
    Here is information compiled of the Mist that we know so far.
    • Eventually, the Mist will pass, how long that may be is unknown at the moment.
    • The Mist originated from Kings Mill, where the Military dropped the gas upon the town for reasons unbeknownst to us.
    • It is said and confirmed by multiple sources to change the infected inside of it to be stronger and faster than the average infected during the daytime.
    • When nights hit, the infected's eyes glow distinct greens. Having the mental capacity to open doors and even to communicate to an extent.
    • Pathfinder members have been inside the Mist before and have been faced with the adversities that may lie within it. If necessary, consult with them if any questions arise of said Mist.
    • When exposed for prolonged periods of time, the Mist has the ability to force a mutation to then turn someone into a mindless super-infected.
    • The Mist has the ability to degrade hazmat equipment with prolonged exposure to it.
    • There is a "heart" of the infection reported by Pathfinder members inside the base, it'd seem to be a various gore and parts of a body to come together and form a woman.
    When presented with the threat of super-infected, it's important to note.
    • Fire is their number one weakness, and combats most known strains.
    • There are multiple strains and advantages and weakness to differing types of super-infected.
    • They don't all come as free-thinking human people, most appear as instinct driven killers with a deformed look opposed to regular people.
    • When regarding seen super-infected, there has been one known to have super human strength and agility, one that can envelop ones mind to try and twist it to kill oneself. If there are any others known to be seen, please come forward and report them now.
    • Above a super-infected, would seem to be super-infected carriers that have eggs attached to their back and are of a massive size.
    • Bullets, while less effective are still viable to use against super-infected.
    • Best calibers to use include rifle calibers and slugs, a larger round will stun a super-infected more successfully.
    • They have the ability to regenerate injuries with the passing of time, a very short period could heal a fatal wound.
    • There are weak points on certain infected, for an example one super-infected had yellow growths over it's body and that was it's weak point.
    • These threats are NOT to be taken lightly or try to be taken down by a singular person. If there's a suspected super-infected outside of the Motel then it must be reported immediately.
    • Most of all, it's important to remember these threats can and have been killed in the past.
    This very well may be the greatest threat we as a community have ever faced. The only way we may pull through is by working together and trusting each other. There is no time for petty arguments and bickering. Prove to each other that we can do this, and that we will by following these guidelines. If you are needing to add anything to this, please contact me.

    Sincerely, David Clarke.
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