Charlotte Emerson

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    Charlotte Emerson
    Biographical Information
    NameCharlotte Evelyn Emerson
    Date of Birth1995
    BirthplaceLebanon, Tennesee
    Hair ColorBlack
    Eye ColorGreen

    Charlotte Emerson

    Current Thoughts: "The gas stations gone, Miles is waving his goddamn dick around. I can't be a part of this anymore."

    Charlotte was a 19 year old student at Northwestern University in Chicago, on a full ride scholarship. Her life was going well, as she enjoyed the subject she learned, hoping to become a teacher, inspired by her father, Clarence.

    However, fate had other plans. In the first days of the red eye outbreak, phone lines went down, and before she knew it, the entire university was a war zone, with people dying left and right. Her roommate, Emily, was about to leave with her boyfriend, Sampson, in his truck and invited her along to get out of the city. Charlotte accepted the offer on the caveat that Stephanie, her girlfriend, can come to.

    Saying yes, Charlotte headed through the now chaotic streets of the University to her girlfriend's dorm. Grabbing her, they ran through the streets, until Charlotte was grabbed by an infectee of the virus and struggled to escape. Stephanie pulled her off and screamed at her to run. Charlotte reluctanly did what she was told, only to hear her screams behind her. Turning around, she saw Stephanie getting munched on. She continued running towards the meet up point, where the three escaped the city.

    Eventually, she split from them around Indianapolis as she wanted to return home herself. Over the next few months, she has been making her way down and eventually has arrived in Valley Station. Over this trip she has witnessed many acts of both kindness and brutality at the hands of other survivors, making her generally distrustful, but still capable to earn her trust, however, she tends to assume to worst about people's intentions in the end.

    Charlotte ran into a group heading south. Seizing the opportunity, she joined them. However, the bridge was out when they reached Valley Station, so they eventually sought the mall, where she learned of the death of her parents.

    Falling into a depression, Charlotte tried to piece her life back together, however, she didn't really deal with her grief in a healthy way, however, eventually coming back, but not entirely whole. She eventually started working as the Mall's quartermaster in an attempt to keep her mind off the current events.

    However, all good things must come to an end, with the deaths of Maggie and Heaven, at the hands of Dave and Sam, she officially spun back into a crisis, however, this time, she has learned that she cannot trust anyone, even slightly.

    Eventually, after several incidents involving Miles' temper, she fled the mall, not wanting to be around when he finally got around to shooting someone.

    Charlotte stands at around 5"4' and has long black hair, usually put into a ponytail. She sometimes wears a beanie over it.

    Charlotte's Jacket

    Charlotte's Jacket is a bit worn, with various rips appearing over it. It also is covered in Various Patches sown on it from time to time, including:

    -A Bisexual Pride Flag on her Shoulder

    -A patch that reads "Black Lives Matter" on her right pocket.

    -A patch of an old computer, like maybe an early 2000s Macintosh, with "Political Machine" written out in a techy font.

    -A logo of the Northwestern University Black Student Union, on the right side.

    -The Nirvana Logo, on her left pocket.
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    Clarence Emerson - Father
    "I...I... I miss you..."

    Nancy Emerson - Mother
    "And you too mom..."

    Stephanie Lloyd - Girlfriend
    "I failed you Steph.... I'm so fucking sorry.... so so fucking sorry..."

    Emily Warren - Good Friend

    "I hope you make it back east okay Em... I hope both our folks are alive."

    Sampson Frasier - Friend
    "Thank you... for the ride. You're a great friend Sampson... Keep supporting Em, she needs you right now."

    Leclair Mercier - Likes
    "Not sure what you're up to, but I hope you see where this is headed"

    Tats (Sepp Junkers) - Acquaintance
    "Got out when he had the chance."

    Alicia Garcia - Likes
    "Well, things may be shit, but at least you're here to make it slightly less shit."

    Lynch - Peeved
    "You can really be a bitch sometimes, you know that?"

    Dear Leader Small Dick (Miles Krueger) - Disliked
    "What the fuck is wrong with you? What the ever loving fuck is wrong with you."

    Banquo (Don Jones) - Peeved

    "You failed to be the voice of reason, and now people are dead because of it."

    Doctor Harper - Neutral

    "I respect your work doctor, I still think you're in the wrong about the supplies though."

    Abigail Baker - Friend

    "Man, you're an awful drunk"

    Cleopatra (Heaven Adkins) - Likes

    "And all my friends are dead again."

    Blondie (Sam Thompson) - Dislkes
    "I.... I don't know if I can ever forgive you.

    Big Red (Thomas Parish) - Acquaintance

    "Well... that was...embarassing"

    Elliot St. Clair - Neutral
    "I'm sorry for being a bitch."

    Brooklyn (Dave Quinn) - Despises
    "You better hope hell serves non-fat vegan lattes you fuck."

    Anderson Parker - Peeved
    "How many people must Miles threaten before you come to your senses?"

    Freckles (Margaret Cooper-Thompson) - Approves
    "I hope your last week was the happiest."

    Quote - Distrusts
    "You've proven that you have a plane, but I'm still not sure what you're going to do with us."

    Majid - Acquaintance
    "I have to say, that food mart looks cozy."

    Shepard - Hates
    "You're a coward and you died a coward. You started shooting because you couldn't admit your own failings hope you find some peace."

    Octavia - Acquaintance
    Dead "Missing"
    "I'm going to be completely honest, I'm pretty sure you're dead. And I'm pretty sure that Miles and Don did the deed. I don't agree with their decision, but I don't know you. You beat an innocent person half to death. Times like this is where I wish my father was here, if only he could tell me what the ever loving fuck he saw in you."

    Balaclava (Matthew Miller) - Acquaintance

    "Miles need a leash sometimes, doesn't he."

    Smiles (Isaac) - Acquaintance
    "Well... you seem to be high up on Miles' shit list."

    Thailand (Yen) - Acquaintance
    "That shit wasn't right"

    Chelsea Barnes - Friend
    "Well, you at least are able to keep yourself alive."
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    Bio is finally finished. Enjoy.
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