Chelsea Barnes

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    Chelsea Barnes
    Biographical Information
    Current Status Alive
    OccupationSecondary School Student
    HairGolden Blonde
    Height4’6”/137.5 cm
    Weight82 lbs/37 kg
    Eye ColorBlue
    Issue and Volume Info
    First AppearanceIssue 1, Volume 1
    Last AppearancePresent


    Chelsea's a nativeborn resident of Valley Station, Kentucky born back in 2003. She lives with her mother, Charlotte Barnes not far from Stuart Middle School. Her mother works at the local hospital as a nurse, and is generally well liked by others in the neighborhood.

    The young girl has an innate curiosity towards things around her, and takes interest in a number of activities and hobbies. Having just started middle school several months prior, Chelsea enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to music, talking about fashion, and so on. However, she's no slouch when it comes to academics, and similar to her mother, believes she may want to go into the field of medicine when she's older.

    She does have some reservations and self doubts about herself, especially with how other may perceive her and how she can act. Overall, she's cheerful and upbeat, but sometimes the stress of school life can get to her. Overall, she's a fairly normal girl, for the most part.


    A young girl starting to go through puberty, Chelsea's growing, but currently sits at 4'6" and weighs around 80 pounds. With bright blue sapphires for eyes and a bright, golden blonde cut that stretches just past her shoulders, and a blue hairband to match, she's pretty. Often times, she'll be wearing a denim jacket or red sweatshirt or coat with the coming winter months, alongside a t-shirt with some sort of graphic and various colors. Usually in jeans, she pairs them with either a nice pair of tennis shoes or lavender boots her mother bought her.

    Current Thoughts:
    "Why are adults so stupid sometimes..? How did the mall get so bad that fast? I don't understand at all..."
    Charlotte Barnes: ...I hope you're okay, Mom... I don't know if you'd be so happy with everything that's me, and..some things I've done. I've gotten some friends..a-and I think I'm doing okay at least.. the adults say I'm better than some of the adults so that's good, right?

    Logan Victor Karths: Thanks for staying with me, Mister Logan. I...I know it's dangerous out here, so it's nice to have you around to help, in case something goes wrong.

    Hanna Alden: Thanks for playing with me! I hope that we can spend some more time together. You're older than me, but also the only girl that's really been much of a friend after all this. Janie likes you too.

    Neil Alden: You sound like a good dad, Mr. Alden. I don't get all the jokes you make, but I wouldn't have minded having you for a father growing up. Keep Hanna safe, please.

    Abigail Baker: Thanks for taking care for me for a short while, Miss Abby. Hopefully this whole thing gets better and everything can go back to normal...

    Clarence Emerson: You're very nice, Mister Emerson. I'm sorry that I've been a bit disobedient, but... I don't think it's the best idea to stay stuck in the mall.. I'm not that much of a kid..

    Lexi Cole: Please take care of the people around you..

    Miles Krueger: You're really mean.. More than you should be...

    Devlin: I'm sorry about that.. I'm sorry that I made you angry..I'm sorry that I made you angry that you're probably going to get kicked out.. You..You should've acted smarter but..I'm sorry..

    Rebecca: You seem nice. I hope we don't see that man again..

    Cody Shepherd: Thank you so much for coming to help me, both with Devlin and the infected at my house. You're one of the few adults that seems to know what they're doing, so..thank you. It's nice that you're not too far away too.

    Logan Spencer/Tom Spencer:
    Thank you for offering to let us stay with you.. I'll keep it in mind, if things look...bad..

    Bethany: That was so nice of you to give me the gift... I'm sure Janie will really enjoy the dog plushie, and the tennis balls. I'm not so sure that it's safe enough to use the frisbee, but thanks again. Stay safe, okay?

    'Jeep Man': Who are you..? Why did you kill that woman? You're scarier than the people in the big building...


    Chelsea's beloved Border Collie, Jane has been with the family for nearly five years, adopted as a pupper from the local kennel. Considering Charlotte's continuous and constant work as a nurse, she saw fit to get her daughter a companion that would be around for her as she worked late into the morning at the hospital. Jane's a loving dog for her family and has been lovingly trained by Chelsea to follow a number of orders and tricks. She's generally nice to others, though has an intuitive sense of people that may be good or bad, and will react accordingly to protect her human.

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    relationship updoot :>