Clarence Emerson

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Clarence Emerson
    Biographical Information
    NameClarence Theodore Emerson
    Date of Birth1968
    BirthplaceNew Orleans, Louisiana
    Hair ColorBlack/Grey
    Eye ColorGreen
    OccupationHigh School Principal

    Clarence grew up in a very poor neighborhood in New Orleans. He worked hard in school to get out and eventually got into the University of Texas, Austin in 1985, where he majored in History and minored in Education. Upon graduating, he got a job as a history teacher in Lebanon, Tennessee.

    Clarence was eventually promoted to Vice Principal of the High School in 2004, after a tragic accident involving his predecessor required someone to fill the role as fast as possible. He was eventually promoted again once the current Principal retired in 2011.

    Then, the world went to shit...

    Once the reports started getting really bad, cell towers went offline, leaving Clarence unable to contact his daughter, who goes to Northwestern University in Chicago. He and his wife set off to Chicago to try to find her. However, during this journey, his wife was killed by an infected individual.

    He continued on towards Chicago, however, he eventually had to take a detour over 31W, intending to reconnect with I-65 in Louisville. However, his car broke down just outside of Valley Station.​

    Clarence is around 6' 1" in height and weighs around 190 Pounds. He has a muscular build. Emerson's hair is greying and is beginning to recede. He wears a pair of black rim glasses.


    Nancy Parsons Emerson - Wife
    "I wish you were here Nan, you always knew what to do..."

    Charlotte Emerson - Daughter
    ]"I was so proud of her..."

    Ivy Lance - Friend
    "Considering what she's been through, she might be the strongest of all of us."

    Isaac Castillo - Trusts/Concern
    "God I hope you're okay man..."

    Sam Thompson - Friend
    "I think Sam is taking this the hardest of all of us...

    Devlin Reign - Friend
    "I can't believe they threw her out like that..."

    Moose McCarthy - Friend
    "For someone with a name like 'Moose' he sure knows what he's talking about"

    Chelsea Barnes - Concerned
    "You really need to stop going out there, you could get yourself hurt..."

    Octavia Benette - Concerned
    "I know the Spencers don't think you're a doctor, but you helped Ivy... so you're good in my book. Stay safe doc, you're gonna be needed in the coming days.

    Tom Spencer - Acquaintance
    "Not the most trusting person, and I get that. Thank you for being willing to take in everyone else though."

    Noah Young - Concerned
    "Kid's resourceful... god I hope he's alright."

    Abigail Baker - Concenred
    "Come on.... you got be out there... somewhere..."

    Logan Victor Karths - Acquaintance
    "I'm glad he's okay"

    Don Jones - Likes
    "He looks out for his own, I respect that."

    Thomas Parish - Acquaintance
    "Seems like a good kid, everyone seems hard on him though"

    Miles Kruger - Dislikes

    Serena Evans - Acquaintance
    "I'm..... sorry..... that......probably wasn't the funeral you deserved."

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    Thank god Clarence is here
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    Added some more relationships
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    Updated Relationships - Will make it pretty later