Connor O'Reily

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    Connor O'Reily
    Biographical Information
    Portrayed byUnknown
    Current StatusAlive
    OccupationCafe Worker at 'Cloud Nine'
    Formerly Homeless
    First AppearenceIssue 1, Volume 1
    Death EpisodeN/A
    Cause of DeathN/A
    Physical Information
    Age32 (21st of April, 1973)
    Blood TypeA+
    Hair ColourBrown
    Eye ColourBlue
    Education Background
    SpecialisationElectrical Naval Engineering

    Connor is a character and a survivor in AGN's lore 'Cold Fear'

    Born in Ireland, and growing up in Scotland, Connor was a Ship Electrician who worked on board of freighters and Cargo ships travelling across the oceans until he was left behind by mistake in Astoria. For two years, he's lived in Astoria as a vagrant.

    A weathered face, Connor uptakes a rather traditional Irish wit, despite his naturally sunken expression. His hair is brown, a curly mess which sits off his brow, revealing his lined forehead. His eyes are a rather icy blue, staring out of shallow sockets. A prickly brown beard is maintained with children's scissors he found in the dumpster. He speaks in an Irish accent which, more often than not, slips into Scottish at random intervals.

    He's often seen wearing a brown jacket, which he may or may not have stolen from the dockyard. Beneath, he wears a navy button-up shirt most of the time. He also now often wears a British Army DPM combat jacket with two bars (Corporal Insignia) and holes in it which he was given by Arthur Hillock.


    Born 21st of April, 1973 to Cara O'Reilly and Scotsman Ewan Reid in Ireland... (TBC)

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    Douglas Campbell (Alive) - 'My Foster Father had a profound influence on me, and he was a lunatic.'

    Heather Campbell (Alive) - 'The only mothers it is safe to forget on Mother's Day are the good ones. She happens to be one. Tragedy I'm nothing like her'

    Isaac Ramirez (Alive) - 'Ramirez - a true man of the world. United in Philosophy we stand! - how did you not tell me your name was Isaac?!'

    'Father' Rhett (Alive) - 'By God, there is no man more deserving of God, than Father Rhett. Good God.'

    'Lemon/Sours' (Alive) - 'Still Sours. Lady Fortune in person, to more people than just me. Still trying to figure out how to pay her back.'

    Arthur Hillock (Alive) - 'Geordie. But there's a lot more to him than that. He does say he's an ass, but aren't we all in some way or another? He helped me regardless. I'll return the favour one day, I hope.'

    'Chocolate' Moose (Alive) - 'You meet some people with funny names, but this guy takes the cake and I love it. Seems like a good enough man.'

    'Ajax' (Alive) - 'A big man with a warm heart. Good to talk to, certainly.'

    Charles Palluson (Alive) - 'Still a shady, questionable character. German. Still irked he called me Catholic.'

    Small Dog-boy (Alive) - 'Small lad. Didn't seem too bad a chap in the bar. Maybe I'll get a word out of him another time.'

    Mullet Man - 'He's got a Mullet.'

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