Cyrus Rowan

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    Things of note include:
    • He's an heir to a well-known business conglomerate outside of Oregon, dealing majorly in french imports.
    • Although this isn't the first time he's been in Astora, he's been away for about four years.
    • He's recently graduated with a bachelor's in Business from Lundquist University.
    • He owns one dog, a purebred doberman by the name of Alexander, and a red fox by the name of Locke.
    • He's got a fixation with witchcraft thanks to his wiccan mother, rivaled only by his love of animals.
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    Note: Only people I feel Cyrus has notable interactions with go here.
    He probably thinks you're a nerd anyway, so.

    Marlene Rowan
    Mom's a freakin' legend. Like, who marries a business tycoon, smashes her way through politics AND has the time to raise a kid?
    Plus, like. She's into witch shit. You can't pretend that isn't the coolest thing.

    A purebred personal protection hound from a German dog training company. He's a good boy. The best boy. And a total murderdog, besides.

    Fooooox. He's a bit of a troublemaker when he wants to be, but he's lovable like nothing else, and Cyrus cares for him dearly.


    I mean, badge or no badge, I can dig anyone who'll sit and deal with me ramblin' over dogs and foxes and junk.