Alive David Clarke

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 17, 2018.


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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    David Clarke
    Biographical Information
    Full NameDavid Clarke
    Former ArchetypePathfinder Soldier
    Current ArchetypeMongol Treasurer
    Hair ColorChocolate brown
    Hair StyleDissheveled
    Body TypeGaunt
    MementoEngagement Ring
    Known Information
    Well KnownLived in Fairhaven
    KnownLives at Compound
    KnownHad a fiance and child
    KnownJoined the Mongols
    RareGrew up in Chicago

    Physical Description
    Middle aged, and it shows. David is a gaunt man, with graying hair and a lot of stuff strapped to his back. The man looks washed and clean shaven, and his boots look worn. He cradles a little baby girl in his arms most the time, along with an outrageously large bag on his back. He'd bounce the baby in his arms every now and again, she'd occasionally give a happy gurgle to the little play time. One distinct item shines on his ring finger, that being what looks to be a gold engagement ring.

    His gear has had a downgrade, with a holster holding a 1911 Springfield and a
    Kevlar vest protecting his innards. Overlying his Kevlar protection is his Mongols Cut.

    Past & Present

    Not much is known about David's past, other than that he used to live in Fairhaven. However he wasn't on the buses during the events that took place during it's exodus.

    After arriving back from the city, David had made two crosses outside the Country Club. Etching 'Mary Cross' and 'Allie Clarke' into each one respectively.

    The last one to leave the Country Club, David was last seen heading for Fairhaven.

    Once arriving, David volunteered to go into Kings Mill with others. Once he came back he told wild stories about the landscape and diseased there.

    David arrived back at the Compound after the shootout, cleaning up the remnants of the battle. Putting down Stan, Felix, Ruby, and Holly.

    During the events of the cock-up of the trade deal at the Compound, David was captured with another man. Brought out front of the place to be held in execution unless the murderer was handed over. A man came out, and it seemed David's death was assured. Though he was not killed, and rather let go with the man beside him and that came out.

    Along with others, David was there when the escape attempt was made to escape the quarantine zone. When the Chinook crashed, David was attempting to barricade people in their position and was relatively unhurt. He was also taken with the others to the Washington Dam Quarantine.

    Volunteering late to join up with Pathfinder, his request was accepted and he was moved from the Dam to the outskirts of Heartsdale. There after he made his way to it's base of operations and got acquainted.

    On the first expedition with Pathfinder to go into the Dead Zone, David was along for the mission. With their first encounter with the super-infected, David was targeted by the thing and managed to wound it. Later on, at the final fight with the super-infected, it rammed David and broke his rib. He managed to get back to the chopper with assistance and was given medical assistance back at base.

    The final expedition out to the Dead Zone, Clarke was helping to lead the group to the warehouse. When they were told that they had to manually detonate the bomb after it failed, David hesitated but eventually rallied a team to protect it while it went off. He was last seen at the Warehouse before the entire place was obliterated, along with anything within' a 20-30 mile radius.

    The supposedly dead members of Pathfinder were seen again when the Mongols muscled over to Stonepoint Manor and demanded Jack Miller. Both parties looked just as surprised to see the other, and they're time together was cut short after Jack was delivered to them and they went on their way.

    When a flare went up near the Mongols base of operations, David and Hammer decided to give it a look. When arriving, not everything was as it seemed leading them to increased suspicion of the two who shot off the flare. When venturing in, David tagged along with Jon, Locke, and one of the men from the camp. Whatever happened down there, it left the man from the camp dead. When the shriek was heard, people had begun evacuating. David stayed down there with Duke and Walter, and came back up a ghostly white and without the second man from the camp.

    David, Locke, Tim, and Amanda arrived at the giga-mart together. Finding the Manor crew there, neither side engaged in any hostilities and instead went inside together. Going inside, Clarke made a remark about the super-infected nest and spent much time looking for baby formula. When the power came back and they were surrounded David helped barricade. Then afterwards, as they broke in David and Bryon were seen holding off said infected as the rest of the group figured the way out. While others evacuated, David was last seen still trying to hold back the remnants of the infected and didn't leave with the others.




    Sweet little angel.


    You didn't come, they gave you another choice and you didn't take it?


    You avoided the rest of that trouble, I'm guessing you skipped town a while ago. Probably with Lance if I really had to guess.


    Feels like you're the last tie I got to better times. Better times are long since gone, but you're still here. Keep it that way.


    This won't go unpunished, I can swear to you that. Someone's going to answer for this, be it god himself if need be.


    Goodbye Peter, we all misjudged you. And we can never repay you for what you've done for us.


    Didn't think my fears would come true. I'd say dead men don't seem to stay dead, but we both know that's not true.


    The fuck happened to you to make you turn into that?


    I didn't want to, but it was the only way to finish off those super-infected. Kill the brood mother, finish off the pack. I just wish you weren't in the crossfire.


    Need to have a few talks about what'll be going down from here on out.


    Seen and heard most names, but yours still hasn't come up.


    . . . I got no words.


    You knew, about her. How?


    You must be rollin' in your grave, but honestly Stan. Not like I got much of a choice, not like there's anywhere left to turn. I'm just tryin' to stop things from going bad to worse. They picked me up, gave me a chance even though I fought 'em just the same. They saved my life, but does that make up for the lives they ended?


    Haven't seen you since the Dam, and I'm hopin' you're doin' better since then.


    Sorry 'bout that whole fiasco. Didn't expect it to turn out that way honestly.


    Am I wrong for who I'm with?


    Barely knew you in life, here I am wonderin' what you're wonderin' in death.


    Black hearts soon to be.


    Vengeance? We went beyond vengeance, we stooped to their level. Now I'm startin' to think, we never crawled out of it either.


    Why am I torturin' myself by thinkin' 'bout all this?


    Thought yours would just tip 'em over the edge. Looks like nothin' will at this point.


    Gang's willin' to let bygones be bygones. Not sure how I feel about that in all honesty.


    I'm sorry it had to be me.


    She's safe with me, you know that.


    Had my back on numerous occasions, I uh- I heard that you passed from your injuries. I'm real sorry Chuck, we didn't see eye to eye much, but it's a shame to lose a good man no matter what.


    I understand what it's like. Just remember that.


    It's purely business, not a social call. I'm respectin' the gang's wishes 'gainst my best best judgement.


    Heard you went out lookin' for me. Glad that you straightened out, but I'm not sure you'll be too glad 'bout the outfit I'm sportin'.


    Do anythin' for an old buddy, though you do like to ramble a lot. Didn't need to know 'bout the whole foursome thing, does shed some light on the type of friendship you two got.


    Was a piece o' shit, so why is it that he's still hauntin' my mind?


    Tried to kill us, but I'm sure even that a good 'nough reason to do what we did to you.


    Not deaf you know.

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