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    This is a list of the current donation rewards.

    3rd Character Slot – For $3.00 Players will receive a 3rd character slot for play. This is capped at 3 for the time being.

    2 Named Items – For $3.00 Players can have 2 existing items named any way they wish, as long as it isn’t vulgar or racist. They must ALREADY OWN these items. This is not capped.

    Name Disguise – For $3.00 Players can have a name disguise for (1) lore. With this, admin will change a character’s name back and forth, ie Pann -> Annoying Admin -> Thunder God -> Pann. These changes would be allowed with this name disguise. This does NOT mean that without RPing a disguise that other characters would not recognize them, but it provides OOC cover for plotting and planning. This is particularly useful for “bandit” type characters.

    Forum Banner – For $3.00 Players can have a custom banner made for them on the forums.

    Spawn RP Items (2) – For $3.00 Players can have RP items spawned for them. Weapons and armor are not included. RP of finding these items may still be required depending on how rare they are. This does not include a name change with the items selected.

    Spawn Vehicle – For $5.00 players can have a vehicle spawned for them to discover. The vehicle will be in good to perfect condition, and a key will be available. This will LIKELY involve a small mini event. Once the car is in game, it’s in game. Claim rules still apply.

    Application Time Expedited – For $10.00 Players will get put at the beginning of the line for applications, and the quickest responses will go to them first. If there is NO Queue line for applications, player expedition will be saved for the next available time.

    Custom Mini-Event – For $10.00 Players will receive a custom mini event. The event will be planned/scheduled to the best of our abilities. We will discuss each event with the player involved to try and get the best type of experience for the individual. This will be a custom event made for or by the player. While there MAY be reward items once completed, there will be no guarantees made on them.
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