Dr. Harper

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Apr 30, 2019.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    !! Disclaimer !! - Thoughts, actions and statements made by this character, does not reflect the ones of the player


    D R . - H A R P E R
    V A S C U L A R - S U R G E O N
    A pretty face can be a mask, hiding an ugly soul
    Height: 1.69m - Weight: 66kg - Bust: 300cc - Waist: 68cm - Hips: 91cm

    Dominant traits:
    - Vain, charming, trenchant, private, outgoing, socialite, professional

    - Slightly unstable, licentious, snarky


    Known Information:
    - Harper is the acting medical professional of the Mall Group, being a licensed surgeon.
    - Her sense of fashion is highly impractical, and she is always spotted donning heels, makeup and fashionable clothes underneath her labcoat.
    - She arranges social gatherings now and again, and is putting an effort into boosting morale in her own way.
    - Despite her extrovertism and chatty nature, little to nothing is known about her private life, nor her life before the outbreak.

    T H E M E

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  2. Anonymous

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    Harper's Relationships
    - "I'm a firm believer in a favor for a favor... And I happen to get very thankful, when someone does me a solid"

    Abigail - Shunned, she is a useless, loose cannon who is in the way.

    Anderson - Liked, he's a sweet little novelty

    Api - Inconcluded, strange but useful in her own way. Might prove beneficial in the future.

    Billy - Provisory, does tricks for treats.

    Don - Affectionate, an honest to god sweetheart with a very helpful attitude

    Heaven - Annoyed, she is there but what does she do?

    Miles - Amiable, he has an admirable understanding of doing what is necessary, but he has yet to lead.

    Robert - Cordial, the sweet post-apocalyptic santa claus.

    Sam - Ambivalent, a reminder of why children are horrible

    Thomas - Pitiful, a real teenager.

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    For quotes - WIP
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    Small relationship update.
  5. Anonymous

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    Update bump.
    If you feel like you're missing on the relationship chart, give me a shout!
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    Itsy bitsy bump, as a few changes has been made to the relationship chart along the way

    Disclaimer has been added (I really can't believe I need this, but okay)
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    I missed whatever happened but my nosey ass really wants to know lol...