Alive Emilia Roothen

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Oct 18, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Emilia Roothen
    General Information
    Full NameEmilia Roothen
    Nicknames'The Cripple'
    Date of BirthJune 1st, 2002
    Blood TypeO-
    Face ClaimWillow Mellark
    Personal Information
    Former OccupationHigh School Student
    Post Apoc OccupationHunter
    Civil StatusSingle
    Love InterestsNone
    Motto"I just want to fit in..."

    Theme Song

    Emilia is between 140-160cm tall and weighs in at about 55kg. She looked to be around 16 years old. She has long, messy blonde hair and matte blue eyes. Her skin is extremely dirty, with dried blood and dirt marks across her arms, legs and face. Her clothes are in an even worse state, having been severely worn out and damaged by the weather and environment. She is often seen wearing leather gloves and a heavy duty Kevlar vest.

    She is usually seen operating a wheelchair to move about but will often be accompanied by someone else for assistance. She has a small scar above her left eyebrow that has almost completely faded. There is a massive scar that goes around the entire left side of her waist, its been stitched but is still healing.


    Emilia is a very quiet and shy girl. You will often find her avoiding others if possible or shying away. She is extremely cautious around strangers and will usually hide herself behind people she strictly knows. She's become very erratic recently as a result of a multitude of reasons. The loss of her ability to walk and the death of some of her closest friends has left her feeling empty and hopeless inside.

    Remington 788 - The remington 788 seems to be in a well off condition, its a little scratched and used but should work perfectly fine. On the stock of the rifle is in the engravings, 'E + S'




    Rafael - "You've taken care of me since Cody died, I'd always come to you if I needed help"
    Natalia - "You've been taking good care of me...I'm sorry I let you down"
    Thais - "I'm sorry about what I did to you, it was never my intention to hurt you, I really need your help at the moment...I can't make it alone"
    Luna - "You've been nice to me...I hope we can be good friends..."
    David F - "I'd like to think we can just start again"
    Ryan - "You've been very protective of me, yet I don't really know why"

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Louis Roothen (Father) ✞ - "I need you...I-I can't make it on my own..."

    Alice Roothen (Mother) ✞ - "I want you back...I-I can't do this without you..."

    Shane Roothen (Brother) ✞ - "I...I...I'm s-sorry...I just...I..."

    Edmond 'Gravedigger' Graves - "You killed...everyone...god help the rest of Spring Valley"

    Cody Sheppard - "So....I guess you're gone now...I heard everything from my room...I saw what you became...I...I already miss you...I just...I wish I got to tell you I was sorry first...Jesus...we are all fucked..."

    David Frederick - "God. You're impossible. I just want you to give a rats arse about my health and wellbeing but all you seem to care about is yourself. You act like this "Infection" is a bad thing. Well from what I've been told it's a gift, one that shouldn't be passed up"

    Rafael Garcia - "I don't really know how to feel about you at the moment...I'm so confused and conflicted"

    Thais Qorva - "A new deal, a new chance. I won't let you down again. I promise. If you can fix me I'll be forever in your debt. This 'test' will hopefully prove my worth and endurance."

    Laura Turner ✞ - "I don't know what happend to you, but you seemed ok for the time that I knew you...maybe you were just an Illusion all along"

    Luna - "You're just an annoying shit that seems to think I'm some kind of challenge to your power. Not only that but the fact your staying with us makes Frederick a HUGE hypocrite. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if you'd fear me because of what I may become"

    Timofei Sokolov - "I...I'll miss you...fuck"

    David Clarke - "I want to be able to trust you...but I just...I have shit I'm dealing with at the moment"

    Lance Matthew - "I don't...whoever you are...whatever happend between us....I guess it's over now"

    Bob Bell - "You were one of those things all along...what the fuck"

    Rodney King - "I don't know you that well"

    Vesper - "You're I guess?"

    Ryan Weathers - "I don't know you that well"

    Sam Faust - "I don't know you"

    Natalia - "You seem nice, and you've offered me food, thank you. I hope to see you around some more"

    Shaun Mathis - "You're gone now I guess, I mean...that's what I heard on the radio"

    Miles Pulver - "You've done more to make me feel better about my situation then anyone else in the blasted place. You even gave me a bloody DOG to take care of. I really appreciate this a lot and I know I can trust you. However this plan we have...I'm not too sure its a wise one..."

    The NEZ - "A distant memory at this point, only filled with danger and distress"

    Way Station - "Maybe they can still help me..."

    The Super Infected - "Once you may have scared me, but I've been offered a chance to walk again, one that I mustn't pass up.

    Spring Valley:
    - It is known by a majority of the people she has met that she was apart of the Spring Valley Community.
    - It unknown what her relationship is with Officer Ella Anderson, the previous security chief of the Spring Valley Community (Hidden Information)
    - Her role in the Spring Valley Community is known by most as being a hunter and/or trapper.
    - Her experience within the Spring Valley Community is well known by most people she has met, her parents were killed during a hostile takeover of the camp by a man named Edward Graves.
    - it is known be a select few that she had to kill her brother after he was bitten.
    As the floorboards gave way she let out a squeal as she plummeted towards the staircase, her left leg crashing down on top of it. Instant pain spiked up from her lower back and leg as the shock fractured her femur and caused very minor damage to her spine.

    Some time later...

    While sitting in the wheelchair, Emilia watched as the suspicious lady approached her with a devilish grin, asking her about her affliction that forced her into a chair. She came with an offer, a deal of sought. Keep tabs on Cody and she would give her the power to walk again. It was an offer she couldn't pass up.

    She failed...

    Emilia tried her best but considering her restrictive use to the wheelchair she couldn't protect Cody. Now she awaits some kind of sign, maybe another offer or a deal, anything that would make it possible for her to walk again.

    But it was not the end...

    All along Thais had never blamed her for what happend to Cody. She was inclined to agree that it was Cody's foolish choice of messing with his genetics that led to his death. She couldn't blame Emilia for what he did to himself. Still, she was yet to prove herself to the 'Queen' of super-infected. A new task was given to her, one that would test her worth and endurance. One that would solve her problems for good.
    The following are the lessons Emilia has been taught in regards to survival by others she trusts or the experiences she has had.

    - Cody taught her it's OK to kill someone when they are a threat
    - Laura told her that the NEZ isn't a bad place and that the people within are just having a hard time. Whether she believes this is unknown.
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    relationship update
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I'm sorry if I sound like a dick but....

    …. is this really a 17 year old with the face claim of a 31 year old woman? I mean how am I supposed to roleplay that lmao.

    At least she knows the Gravedigger! Hopefully her and the 'Deputy' can get along :p
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    1. The faceclaim is temp, I'm looking for a suitable one
    2. I don't see an issue with multiple people being from a rather large community. Saves time on my backstory when applying :/
  6. Anonymous

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    updated relationships
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The last part wasn't sarcastic :(

    I genuinely hope her and Ella get along!

    The first part was a legitimate critique. Although in rereading it, I do, as I worried initially, sound like a bit of a dick. :(
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  8. Anonymous

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    Nah, I get why you asked, and its totally cool. Not a dick at all. I dare you to ask Emilia about it tho :3 I can't reveal too much information about her past unless people ask :p
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    Updated Story - Post Apocalypse - Spring Valley
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    Updated Relationships and Story :3
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    Updated Profile, Injuries, Removed Relationship indicator (everything else remains as it is), added relationships, updated story
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    Updated Relationships, Injuries and Story: Way Station
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    Jun 7, 2018
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    Minor edits to relationship edits (To Rafael and Natalia), minor injury update, minor story update.
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    Updated Relationship with:
    - Thais
    - Shaun

    Updated Group Relationship:
    - Super Infected
    - Way Station

    Updated Story
    - Way Station

    Updated Personality
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    Major updates to relationships of everyone,
    Theme Song Update
    Personality Update
    Story Update
    Motto Update
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    updated relationships, now only important relationships will be updated
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    Completely redesigned Emilia's biography
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    Bump: Relationship Update
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    Update Bump