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Discussion in 'Lore Information' started by Anonymous, Mar 12, 2018.


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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    (2/26/18 & Back) Pre-Lore Start: The unnamed flu currently dubbed as “Disease X” for ease of reference tears through the Fairhaven and Chicago areas.

    (2/27/18) Pre-Lore Start: U.S National Guard are deployed as Fairhaven FEMA camps go up.

    (2/28/18) Pre-Lore Start: Civil unrest quickly begins to form with many people in the quarantine zones as sick/healthy people alike begin to disappear. CEITA protests officially start.

    (3/1/18) Pre-Lore Start: Multiple members of the U.S National Guard are transferred to Kings Mill in the dead of night. Distant gunshots begin to show up in the far off sections of the city.

    (3/2/18: Volume 1, The Road Ahead) Lore Start: Citizens are hastily evacuated onto buses for evacuation. Multiple members of the U.S National Guard are left behind in Fairhaven.

    Linda Delaney dies

    Hector Defore turns

    Alfonso Roberts dies

    (3/3/18: Volume 1, The Road Ahead) Lore Start: Small enclaves of survivors pop up all over White Horse Creek, many of them fall.

    Chet dies

    Howard dies

    Jason dies

    Vincent turns

    (3/6/18 & Onwards, Volume 1, The Road Ahead) Lore Start: Three new large enclaves form, and survivors continue to get murdered by the infected. Baez is introduced, reveals information about the Kings Mill bombing and seems to be ill with something new; possibly due to exposure to a bio-warfare element. Blame is put on FEMA for the outbreak.

    Alice dies

    Celestia dies

    Marquise dies

    Gracie turns

    Nina dies

    Gracie dies

    Caroline turns

    Caroline dies

    Odran dies

    Winston’s fate is left unknown

    Richard Baez is introduced

    Pvt. Teel is confirmed dead

    1LT. Blake is confirmed dead

    Ethan dies

    Cassy dies


    Brewer is introduced

    Sawtooth is introduced

    Buck is introduced

    Sonny dies

    Shirley dies

    Rick dies

    Kenneth dies

    John dies

    Donnie dies

    (Issue #3, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    As faction troubles continue to rise, an unknown man going by the name of Byron is introduced. He offers supplies from an air drop in exchange for aid. Byron is successfully rescued alongside the rest of his group. He explains that his group has been treating sick people, and that he's in search of antibiotics. It's later revealed that the Quarantine Line (dubbed Gateway) is still holding, and airdrops will be coming down soon and a cure is in the works.

    Dante dies

    Dekker dies

    Hope dies

    Camilo's fate is left unknown

    Jake's fate is left unknown

    Derrick's fate is left unknown

    Benjamin's fate is left unknown

    Alexander's fate is left unknown

    Logan's fate is left unknown

    Roger's fate is left unknown

    Quincy's fate is left unknown

    Sophia's fate is left unknown

    Reika's fate is left unknown

    Jonas' fate is left unknown

    Vadim's fate is left unknown

    Kaulder's fate is left unknown

    Bruno's fate is left unknown

    Aurelie's fate is left unknown

    Francis' fate is left unknown

    Ian's fate is left unknown

    Quinn's fate is left unknown

    Amber's fate is left unknown

    Claire's fate is left unknown

    Noha's fate is left unknown

    Jacob's fate is left unknown

    Byron is introduced

    Junior is introduced

    Blake is introduced

    Evan is introduced (Off-Screen)

    Suzie is introduced (Off-Screen)

    Lingarde dies (Off-Screen)

    Cameron is introduced (Mentioned)

    Karen is introduced (Mentioned)

    Anthony is introduced (Mentioned)

    Warren is introduced (Mentioned)


    Bill Peterson is introduced (Off-Screen)

    Dean Adamson is introduced (Off-Screen)

    Virtus dies

    Lengyel's fate is left unknown

    (Issue #4, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    As promised, airdrops came down from the sky. Multiple ones, spread across the general area. Promises of an escape route have dropped with the U.S National Guard and anyone in contact with Gateway. The long-lasting effects of the gas over Kings Mill was revealed, showing a new, more intelligent breed of infected.

    Richard Baez turns

    Pancake the dog dies

    Samuel dies

    (Issue #5, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    Byron and his group have led as many survivors as possible to the Gateway outpost, and it isn’t long before their ticket out of the Illinois quarantine has been found—an APC located deep within the aptly named “Deadzone”. After a deadly excursion into the Deadzone to retrieve the vehicle, the survivors discover that the APC will never make the trip to Gateway without replacement parts.

    Peter Deupree is introduced

    No deaths!

    (Issue #6, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    In a stroke of luck, the survivors make contact with a group staying in a nearby sports stadium, and are offered a trade of parts for the APC for food and other supplies. As the survivors approach the camp however, they are met with the sounds of an intense shootout. By the time they arrive, the camp has not only been destroyed by whoever attacked them, but it has also been overrun by the infected—with the parts presumably somewhere still inside…


    Little Ed is introduced

    Big Ed is introduced

    The Mechanic is introduced

    The Mechanic dies

    Calvin turns


    (Issue #7, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    With the APC finally in full operating condition for the journey to Gateway, the compound survivors seem to near the end of their time within the Illinois quarantine. It doesn’t take long for things to take a turn for the worse when Byron’s group sends a distress call to the compound, requesting immediate assistance. On their way to help, the survivors are ambushed by the Mongols, and the APC is stolen during an intense gunfight.

    Monty is introduced

    Clancy is introduced

    Hacksaw Holly is introduced

    Thomas is introduced

    Big Ed's fate is left unknown

    Little Ed's fate is left unknown

    Felix dies

    Felix turns

    Bonnie dies

    Dick dies

    Stan Slater dies

    Stan Slater turns

    Ruby Curtis dies

    Ruby Curtis turns

    Samantha Caulfield dies

    Samantha Caulfield turns

    Thomas dies

    Hacksaw Holly dies

    Hacksaw Holly turns

    Evan dies

    Suzie dies

    Karen Holliday dies

    Junior turns

    Junior is put down by David Clarke

    Blake turns

    Blake is put down by David Clarke

    Byron Holliday's fate is left unknown

    Anthony Holliday's fate is left unknown

    Warren Holliday's fate is left unknown

    Cameron's fate is left unknown

    Samantha Caulfield is put down

    Stan Slater is put down by David Clarke

    Ruby Curtis is put down by David Clarke

    Felix is put down by David Clarke

    (Issue #8 (Part 1), Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    As the APC is now in the hands of the Mongols, the survivors are left with no way out and with even less hope. It doesn’t take long for despair to infect those living inside of the compound, and for many it appeared to be the end of the road. A new plan is eventually devised however, but it will involve an unquestionably dangerous raid on a nearby Mongol outpost. The objective? Retrieve a member of the Mongols for interrogation.

    Cruz is introduced


    Roy is introduced

    Freddie is introduced

    Edward is introduced

    Quentin Raul is introduced

    Richter is introduced

    Meat is introduced

    Edward is introduced

    Gears is introduced

    Freddie dies

    Edward dies

    Roy dies


    Rooster is introduced

    (Issue #8 (Part 2), Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    With the successful attack on the outpost completed and information having been extracted from the captured Mongol, the survivors are prepared to begin plans on retrieving the stolen APC from the main Mongol encampment. They never get the chance however, as Harrison, the leader of the Mongols himself, offers a deal to the compound survivors. The proposal quickly goes awry, and it doesn’t take long for all-out warfare between the two groups to break out.

    Owen is introduced

    Harrison is introduced

    Desmond is introduced

    Tony is introduced

    Leland is introduced

    Russ is introduced

    Jack is introduced

    Ernest is introduced

    Roosevelt is introduced

    Nate is introduced

    Alan is introduced

    Marshall is introduced

    Desmond dies

    Russ dies

    Tony dies

    Leland's fate is left unknown

    (Issue #9, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    Still down an APC and consequently their ticket to freedom, the compound survivors begin searching for alternatives. They find one in a previously undetected, seemingly-abandoned helicopter located on the rooftop of a Fairhaven skyscraper. After grueling efforts--and a sacrifice--they eventually make it to the chopper, and take off for their supposed freedom. The survivors never make it to Gateway before an unforeseen enemy shoots them down. Certain death is only narrowly avoided when a just as mysterious group pulls them all from the brink…

    Cruz dies

    Peter Deupree's fate is left as unknown

    Chuck Lawson's fate is left as unknown

    Jonas is presumed dead after firebombs drop

    Ian is presumed dead after firebombs drop

    Harry Kemp is presumed dead after firebombs drop

    Carrick is presumed dead after firebombs drop

    Caleb Mattias Esparza is presumed dead after firebombs drop

    Marcus is presumed dead after firebombs drop

    Gerald is presumed dead after firebombs drop

    Quentin Raul is skewered in helicopter crash

    Quentin Raul turns

    Quentin Raul is put down

    (Issue #10, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    Washington Dam. Gateway. Two different names, but the location is one and the same. Battered and bleeding, the former compound survivors find themselves trapped within some sort of research facility, where experiments are conducted on those afflicted by the terrible infection gripping Illinois. The prospect of a mission, Pathfinder, is offered to some. They’re given only one objective: retrieve material from the Deadzone to contribute towards the development of a cure—and do so at any cost.

    Brewer's fate is left as unknown

    Sawtooth's fate is left as unknown

    Buck's fate is left as unknown

    Monty's fate is left as unknown

    Clancy's fate is left as unknown

    Richter's fate is left as unknown

    Meat's fate is left as unknown

    Gears' fate is left as unknown

    Rooster's fate is left as unknown

    Owen's fate is left as unknown

    Harrison's fate is left as unknown

    Jack's fate is left as unknown

    Ernest's fate is left as unknown

    Roosevelt's fate is left as unknown

    Nate's fate is left as unknown

    Alan's fate is left as unknown

    Marshall's fate is left as unknown

    Phyllis Thompson is introduced

    Connor is introduced

    Rhonda Warwick is introduced

    Beaker is introduced

    Miguel Hierra is introduced

    Burt is introduced

    John is introduced

    Sebastian Nelson is introduced

    Alan is introduced

    Nicholas Lynch is introduced

    Stafford is introduced

    Joyce is introduced

    Max Kohler is introduced

    Clint Felgud is introduced

    Hunter Bram is introduced

    Dylan is introduced

    Dallas is introduced

    Liam is introduced

    "Charlie" is introduced

    "Mac" is introduced

    Dylan turns

    Liam is mutilated by Dylan

    Liam turns

    Dallas is devoured by Liam and Dylan

    Dallas turns

    Gideon is introduced

    Dallas is counter-head smushed by Katelyn Helena Robinson

    Liam is bludgeoned to death by Katelyn Helena Robinson

    Dylan is re-mutilated by mid-life angst and Gideon

    Gideon turns

    Gideon mutates into a super-infected

    Gideon-Thing's fate is left as unknown

    (Issue #11, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    Additional reinforcements are delivered to Pathfinder’s doorstep, sparking conversation about the severity of their intended mission. It isn’t long before nerves begin to get the better of several Pathfinder members, and some begin to question the sinister undertones of their mission. In the meantime, an uneasy alliance manifests.

    Jeremiah's fate is left as unknown

    Nora kills herself

    (Issue #12, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    Pathfinder’s mission finally begins. The search for the super-infected proves no easy feat for the weak-willed, and the quarantine survivors quickly find themselves put to the test. After traversing through a part of the Deadzone that seemed to function as a playground for the super-infected, the members of Pathfinder finally come face to face with their target. In the end however, they may find themselves having discovered more than they originally thought possible.

    (Issue #13, Volume 1, The Road Ahead)

    At long last, Pathfinder is finally decommissioned. The surviving members are evacuated back to Washington Dam for “indefinite holding” until such time that a cure can be developed. Unfortunately, things seem to unravel quite quickly, and it isn’t long before the survivors are forced to once again flee for their lives. After this, only one question remains: what happens now?

    Philip is bitten and turns

    Brianna trips and is devoured by Philip

    Brianna reanimates

    Connor is left to be devoured by both Philip and Brianna.

    Connor reanimates

    Joyce is shoved into a trio of infected by Nicholas and is torn to pieces

    Joyce reanimates

    Cole physically appears

    Cole is shot in the head by Bill Peterson

    Clint Felgud is ripped apart by the Baez-Thing

    John is confirmed dead

    Burt is shot in the face by his former friend

    Hunter is overwhelmed by infected and completely devoured

    Marlene is shoved into the hordes of infected by Nicholas and is completely devoured

    Nicholas is shot in the head by Bill Peterson and left to be completely devoured

    Dr. Stafford's fate is left as unknown

    Cpt. Trahan's fate is left as unknown

    Sebastian Nelson's fate is left as unknown

    Max's fate is left as unknown

    Dean Adamson's fate is left as unknown

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Update #1 (3/24/18)

    Added Issue #3 Summary/Confirmed Deaths and whatnot

    Issue #2's summary was already added behind Issue #3's. It was a brief event.
  3. Gluttony

    Gluttony Member
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    Sep 4, 2017
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    Any way we can get this updated? Major events - etc? I haven't played because I don't know if my character has been bombed or whatever.
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  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Update #2 and #3

    Added Issue Summaries/Deaths

    Big thanks to A Rabbit for getting the summaries together while I focused on who died when/where.
  5. MindGate

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    Sep 22, 2015
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