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Discussion in 'Character Creation Guides' started by Legion, Mar 23, 2018.

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  1. Legion

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    Apr 12, 2017
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    Finding that perfect face claim can be a chore for sure. Trying to find a face that fits a preconceived idea of exactly how the face will look, even harder. Here are some suggestions regarding this process.

    Naturally, these are all just suggestions. Nothing here is mandatory but it will assist in getting the most out of your face claim.

    When choosing a face claim, there are essentially 2 ways to accomplish this at the core: Choose a face then design the character description, OR design the character description and then choose a face claim. Naturally, one will be easier than the other.

    When choosing a face claim, there are some things to consider...

    • Does this image represent what people will immediately see in game?
      • If the answer is no, then you are likely not choosing a good image/
      • The face claim should represent exactly how people see them as closely as possible.
      • Are they wearing loads of makeup in the image but not in game?
          • Its often better to choose an image without makeup for a post-apoc world as the likelihood of them wearing makeup would be slim
          • Do they commonly walk around with a mask?
            • Show an image of a masked person and then using a spoiler tag in the biography, insert an image without the mask
        • Do the body proportions look right?
        • Does the image have the initial impression that I am trying to portray?
    • Does this image match the character description I have created?
    • Is my character a man that looks like a woman or woman that looks like a man? (not including transgender in this section)
      • This has happened a few times and this is where it gets tricky.
        • If pretending to be another gender, don't choose a face claim that's CLEARLY not the gender they are pretending to be
        • Spend a little bit of time looking for an androgynous face if need be.
        • For example...
          • [​IMG]
          • This pictures a person who could be male or female and leaves the determination up to the viewer.
          • Sure, they are dressed as a woman but this could easily be played as a biological male
          • or this...
          • [​IMG]
          • You could see this person walking down the road and think... this is a man
          • However, if they then say "I used to be a woman", after another look, yes, its believable but you wouldnt think that right off the bat.
    • Face claims are the first impression.
      • Many times, people will look on the forums for a face claim when meeting a character.
      • This is an aid to role-play as it assists the player in how they should react to your character.
      • They show details that otherwise in a game that relies heavily on text to get a point across would otherwise get lost.
        • Like that scar on your face that you didn't mention but is glaringly obvious.
    • Is your character transgender?

        • Yes, touchy subject but I write this with respect intended
      • Many times, there are only small hints and clues to someone being transgender, and other times, its very obvious.
        • Determine first at what level of believably you want to portray.
        • When searching for an image for this, its always best for believably sake to search for an image of someone who is transgender.
          • There are countless on google that are all levels of believably
          • This goes for both male and female.
        • Spend the time to find an image that fulfills your goals of looks that if seen its believable that they are transgender.
        • Going too hardcore into the "beauty" aspect can also be a hindrance.
          • You can look good and be believable
          • Many WANT to look as believable as they can. Genetics also plays a role in this and there are times that genetics just don't agree with how they see themselves on the inside.
      • The goal is, try to choose an image that leaves the inevitability in there as well because if they are found out, it can kill the mood if your sitting there and thinking.... "Yeh... that's literally not possible" when you find out.
    • Face claims are less for you and more for everyone else
      • That's right. Face claims are so that OTHER people know what you look like
      • This is also why its important to choose an image that's as closely reflects your character as possible.
      • Finding a post-apoc picture can be hard, but you don't really need to.
        • You can find no shortage of "no makeup" or "dirty" images if you need to.
        • You dont even have to look dirty. Just not under 500 lbs of makeup.
          • Unless your character makes it a point to go looting for the stuff. Then it would totally make sense.
      • Show an image to people that they can take, with as little interpretation as possible and inject right into the game with how they see you.
    • But don't I look so pretty?
      • Sure. You and a lot of other people.
        • Sometimes choosing the "not a super model" face claim is a better way to go.
        • This actually makes your character more unique and interesting. Its all well and good if you look pretty if your goal is to get the attention of everyone but if you want to be taken seriously as someone who can be more productive, its not always the best bet.
      • Look at the world around you. Yes, there are some good looking people out there. However, there are far more people that you would not consider good looking.
        • If your goal is to create a unique and interesting character, making it look like one of the herd is likely not the best bet.
      • Its for more interesting to see that characters, this seems mostly to apply to females, that are not drop dead gorgeous.
        • Why? Because they are not as common. They are unique and if someone didn't go for the super model, it has to make you think about what other unique things there are about their character.
    • Famous faces
      • Its inevitable when looking through face claims that you might come across the face that's perfect.... and well known. If the lore takes place in the real world, is using a face that looks lie someone famous the best bet?
      • Using a very well known face may be a good idea to subconsciously gain attention to a characters bio. However, it overall cheapens the feel of the character. Instead of wondering what they are all about, a readers brain will immediately tie the character to their real world portrayal, especially if its of a famous person in a specific show or movie. Like if I used Rick Grimes... you will immediately think of my character as like him.
        • I would feel cheated out of a good story if I already had an idea of what to expect, just as I would if others immediately acted a certain way based off the character the face claim is based on opposed to the character I created.
      • Its always best to go with someone relatively less known.
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