Gary Seuss

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 2, 2019.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Age: 37 y/o
    Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual
    Height: 5’11”
    Weight:178 lbs
    Blood Type:O+

    Gary Seuss drives a refurbished taxi cab around the city throughout the day and late night hours, and he’s been known to offer free rides if someone is down on their luck. He operates a small bed and breakfast for the disenfranchised, poor, or unwell folk. If there’s someone who’s down on their luck, hurting, or in need of a friend, Gary has been known to give them a lift, free food, and a shoulder to lean on. He cares about people and animals alike, doesn’t like violence, and just hopes to make the world a nicer place if he can.

    Gary stands at 5'11" and has an athletic build. He regularly keeps his hair medium-short on top, and short on the sides. He has striking green eyes, a fair complexion, and well-kept facial hair. Both his facial hair and regular hairstyle sport a light brown color.

    Commonly wearing blue jeans, boots, a collared shirt, and a jacket, it isn't uncommon to see the man wear a black and white mix per one of the city's several taxi cab dress codes. Typically wearing a blue and white nametag which simply says 'Gary' on it, the man regularly wears a green jacket around town, t-shirt or button down shirt underneath.

    While Gary grew up in Astoria, his life as a taxi cab driver keeps him abroad. He reportedly takes jobs outside the city, and even outside the state. He's a regular patron of Frankie's place, owner of a B&B called The Orange Place, and a resident of Astoria City.

    A Wonderful Home
    This is a wonderful postcard I'd received from Astoria when I was in Portland. I love my home, and I love the friends and family I've been lucky enough to have met there. Pictured on the scrapbooked postcard are Woblet, Ditto, Tony, and Gabe. Also pictured are some wonderful art pieces, the Ford 1979 Thundercougar, The Orange Place, and some of the area's nature.

    Renovating, resting, relaxing, working, and enjoying a nice walk down the road are the regular suspects of a person’s good time in Astoria, and I have been fortunate enough to live in one of the town’s many abodes for sightseeing. Whether it is Astoria’s mighty blue sky or wondrous stars at night, the location simply appreciates and can only embolden the magnificent natures bustling around our town.

    The Orange Place is a small bed and breakfast not typically associated with an array of regular meals,
    as it’s primarily a soup kitchen and housing solution for the disenfranchised and established alike.
    As the saying goes, “Nothing rhymes with orange.”
    Itis all I can hope to say about the wonderful place:
    It is original, and it will ever serve each familiar guest and an out-of-towner all the same.

    The location creaks and groans with weariness, from time to time, as the place seems to have a life of its own. Still, the regular ole’ haunts and shadows within the place might remind one of taking a peaceful stroll through the Astoria Column itself.

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    Bump for bio update, might add some extra sections for some char artwork and writing and such ^_^
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    Peter Pan update with new music and cats lol