Missing Hannah Riegler

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 23, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hannah Riegler
    Character information
    Portrayed byUnknown
    Hair colourLight brown
    Eye colourBlue (steel)
    AgeEarly-mid twenties
    Height5' 4''
    Known previous jobsBabysitter, Maid
    First appearanceIssue 4
    Last appearancen/a

    Hannah is a main character and a survivor in AGN's The Road Ahead.

    In the second month perhaps? Maybe earlier - nobody really counts the days in this nightmare. A lone voice broke the silence of the aether in the radio, asking for anyone alive to respond. Trying various frequencies - she has been trying to reach living or rather, non-infected survivors. Her words held a bit of an odd, perhaps a mixture of German and British accent - it's hard to identify.

    Following the signs spray painted on roads - she had stumbled into a large building complex, which showed definite signs of life and activity. Greeted by few and acknowledged by even fewer, she entered a once rich golf club, which was used by multiple survivors as a shelter against the infected.
    Only took two days for her to realize that these people were already separating themselves, some headed north, some towards the south and who knows what other direction.
    The only person who seemed to be actively organizing the survivors was a man named Byron who she met on her way towards the north of the golf club. After a brief introduction, and meeting up with other people at a local warehouse, they joined forced temporally to reach an air-drop, however it was a bitter-sweet success as some of the crates were already scavenged by the time they arrived.
    Byron left back to his own safehouse, leaving Hannah in the hands of the group who were already struggling with numbers of mouths to feed.

    A couple days later, one night - a heavy firefight broke out inside the large building. Some say there was something lurking in the dark, but one thing is for certain. Many of the local survivors try to forget that night, and a shiver runs down their spines if they speak about it. The next days, Hannah has been informed that the group could not house any more survivors and was turned away.

    After a few days of exploration, she returned to the warehouse to request information on where another group of survivors would be found. One of the residents of the warehouse has appointed her to the east, past Fairhaven towards a hotel building where a few civilians have sheltered themselves.

    It took a day worth of a journey but with the right directions, she was able to find the secluded spot. A once luxurious resort, now reinforced, barricaded and without electricity - looked more like a haunted house. But there were people in there and plenty of space to live at.
    Hannah was accepted in, and has spent a couple weeks at the spot - making a few friends during her stay - although with some, she had her differences it was a relatively peaceful time.

    At the broadcasted news of the incendiary bombing, Hannah and several other survivors have evacuated their previous shelter and met up with other survivors at the military compound.

    After the initial occupation of the bunker - many have moved over to the large hospital complex, Hannah was among these people, although she has later returned briefly to the resort to once again, convince the remaining residents to take shelter at the compound and escape the town along with the rest of the survivors. As the discussion did not turn out to be fruitful, she has once again - returned to the compound and moved in to the hospital building with several other survivors.

    During the 'mission' to receive the parts for the escape vehicle, she has actively provided support to the ones carrying the items, saving some of them as the slaughtered locals started to attack them.

    Not long afterwards - as a major force of the group departed to take up on another task, an ambush has been sprung on them, Hannah was unfortunate enough to receive several injuries - however a few survivors managed to help her escape an early demise. She has retreated to the hospital for approximately a week before re-emerging, soon after the Mongols have assaulted the compound, which left the survivor group with even fewer options on making their escape to the quarantine line.

    During the break for the quarantine line, Hannah has actively participated and took her part in the fight after the crash - taking down several infected with both bow and arrow as well as a heavy staff until relief forces arrived.

    Within the quarantine zone, often referred the 'Dam' - she has remained within the solitary group - cooperating with staff and adhering to the tests that were done to the people who did not join the Pathfinder group. During the fall of the Dam, she disappeared in the chaos.

    After several months, the ragged and starving woman showed up at the northern edge of the city, following the riverbank. After entering - she has seen in multiple locations around. She seems to have changed a lot since last seen. Barely talking to anyone, and seems rather hostile to many, especially strangers. She seems to have trouble controlling her emotions, especially anger.

    Several weeks have passed, the once talkative girl became even more quiet, barely leaving the perimeters of her room, only to feed and keep herself clean. She seems to have developed a hobble in these weeks and heavy reliance on pain relievers.

    Soon after the assault on the Mongol base, Hannah was seen hobbling out from the forest, slowly passing the bridge to the north. Upon reaching the NEZ base, she collapsed in front of many survivors. Only a few had made any effort to treat the weakened woman - and was promptly taken to a different safehouse. Days later, she disappeared, only to re-surface at the Manor once more.

    Many who saw her would state she was not going to survive the next few days.

    Further information is released upon death or as the story continues...
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  2. Anonymous

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    “What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.” - Werner Herzog
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    It's quiet.
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    Update log:

    - Some pictures added.
    - Minor updates on relations
    - Some relevant data added
    - Some relations re-added, updated
    - Added relevant storyline data, updated relationships, added new people
    - New pictures added
    - Relationship update, biography extended
    - Biography further extended - new picture added
    - Edits are made to reflect current status
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    An infection, coursing through your veins.

    (Follow the footsteps across space and time : --__--__--__)
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