Deceased Jessica Seelon

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Jack Rogers, Sep 13, 2018.

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  1. Jack Rogers

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    Jun 7, 2018
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    Jessica Seelon
    General Information
    Full NameJessica Annette Seelon
    Blood TypeO-
    LanguagesEnglish, French
    Personal Information
    Date of BirthJune 7th, 1998
    Former OccupationMedical Student
    Civil StatusSingle
    Motto"I will never let you down!"

    Theme Song

    Jessica is a young looking women, she was probably no older then 21. She has long brown hair that wraps around behind her head and emerald green eyes. She looks to weigh around 70kg. She features a dark green winter jacket and blue jeans with heavy duty brown boots to finish the look. Around her neck is a golden cross. She has what appears to be a belt with a sheath for a knife and a gun, both of which are filled with it's respective items.

    - A small graze on the right shoulder from a 9mm HP round. A marking that was almost non-existant. You would have to be told about it to even think it existed.
    - Severe bruising on her right hand, with a few small scars. Clearly she punched something. Hard.
    - Severe bruising above her nose and cheek
    - Sever puncture wound above her right lung, from what appears to be a crossbow bolt.


    She is a sweet girl, always thinking to help others who are in need and will generally go out of her way to help others. Her trust is somewhat of a problem for her as she can sometimes be far too trusting of individuals however. However when Isabelle's safety or future is threatened she is a completely different person. She will ALWAYS put the child first before anyone else, including herself.
    She seem's to be in a constant state of depression, her sweetness having all but left her. She now feels that her trust was misplaced. WIP


    Jessica was born on June 7th, 1998 in Paris, France. She spent her first 6 years living in France before her parents moved to the United States, where she spent the rest of her childhood growing up. She was always a friendly kid, offering to share with others when the oppertunity arose, but she could also be shy and self-centered on her off days.

    After moving to the states she grew up in Naperville, Illinois. She was sometimes teased throughout schooling for her French accent but for the most part she was on good terms with most of the kids and to some she was admired. She always had a passion for helping others and dreamt of one day being able to save lives, imagining herself as a doctor or a surgeon. After graduating from highschool, she decided to attend university in Illonois to study medicine, for the first few weeks she was making friends with some of the other class members in her course, however it wasn't until a few months in where she met a young man by the name of Rafael Garcia. He was really kind and the more she got to know him the more she realised they were both very much alike. This continued for a few months and they grew pretty close to each other, however things were only going to get worse from hear on out.
    NOTE: This is a very rough draft of the events between the initial outbreak and now, things will be changed. Shortly after the outbreak and subsequent quarantine of the city, both Rafael and Jessica made an attempt to break out. Rafael's plan was risky, but it was the best chance they had at escaping. He had spent some time studying the guard rotations and nearing midnight, they made a sprint for the wall, climbing as fast as they could they successfully managed to make it across without drawing any attention. At this point she took point, stating that they should head for Edward Hospital back in Naperville claiming her mother was there waiting for her. She felt safe whenever she was with him, something no one else could do. Upon reaching the hospital, Jessica's mother got her and Rafael inside of a refugee camp. While not the most desirable outcome it was better then having been locked inside the quarantine, however only a few hours later they were all loaded into buses, Jessica being separated from Rafael. As the buses pulled away from the camp, Jessica continued to pester the driver where they were headed, gaining no response besides him telling her to sit back down. It was unsettling not knowing where she was going or where Rafael was.

    The next thing Jessica remembered was waking up in a camp somewhere in the forest. It was dark and the entire area was lit with giant floodlights, however gunfire was erupting from the walls as what appeared to be hundreds of the sick and infected swarmed the perimeter. In the chaos she noticed a group of people had cut a whole in the wire, about 10 or so people, as she ran over to them the swarm of infected had overrun half of the camp. She made a desperate bolt for the hole in the fence after the last person was through, narrowly avoiding the grasp of one of the infected, as she turned around stunned and covered in dirt she had realized that the group had already left without her, which was not to much surprise considering they didn't even notice her follow them through. She began running in the direction she last saw them going only to find nothing but more trees and shrubbery. She was stuck in the middle of woods, at night, with no means to defend herself and in the end she decided to crawl up into a bawl hiding against a boulder and a few trees.

    As she woke in the morning it was somewhat peaceful, the sun was rising and the glare was hitting her eyes, blinding her, she could hear the sound of some crickets that had not quite settled and birds chirping. As she scanned her surroundings she couldn't see any of the infected. To her left she could see a large field. Deciding it was the better option to more forest she decided to leave the dense forest. In the distance, she could vaguely make out what appeared to be a group of 3 or 4 people huddled around something in the field, deciding that that was her best bet at surviving she decided to approach them, but took it slowly. After a few minutes of walking she could make out what appeared to be a body on the ground, and three people, all wearing US military apparel and body armor stood around it. As she tried to get their attention they all spun around, guns drawn at her, she quickly rose her hands as they watched her carefully. After a few tense moments of nothing they began questioning her, asking if she was bitten or armed. She denied both, to which point one approached her and checked to make sure. Once they were sure she was clean they relaxed a little, a few exchanges of pleasantries and some apologies to pointing their guns were made. They introduced themselves, the one who disarmed her was called Pac, the female in the group was called Ash and the leader, as far as she could tell, was called Simon. They asked her if she wanted a ride out of town, after agreeing they ended up walking back to a dirt road in which a small unarmed and door-less Humvee was parked, she got into one of the rear seats, having to squish between both the soldiers who go in beside her. It turns out they had decided that they stood a better chance if they tried to get away from the infection, they claimed that they couldn't reach anyone in Illinois, stating that anyone they could reach kept cutting out. Jessica felt some security in the fact she was with them, they seemed to know what they were doing, but she worried about Rafael, where he had ended up.

    Almost 9 months later, the only people left was herself and Simon. Both Lance and Pac had been bitten and devoured in two
    separate occasions over the span of the last 9 months, both events singed into her memories. The humvee had run out of fuel a few weeks after they met, and for the most part, spent their time hiking across the state and the states nearby. It seemed that nowhere was safe anymore, as far as they could tell. Upon entering Port Foulmouth they came across a couple who were occupied with something inside of a car, it wasn't possible to see but Simon had instantly unslung his rifle and called out to them, telling them to put their hands up. As if by instinct or because he was spooked, the man pulled a small revolver up from behind the truck, Simon instantly shot the man without hesitation and then fired another two rounds at the women. The entire thing happend in less then 5 seconds, Jessica was shocked at what had happend, there was no warning, no plan, she was disgusted at what Simon had done, whether or not he was protecting himself or Jessica. As Jessica got close to the car, she could hear the sounds of crying and whining from the back of the truck where the couple had been standing moments ago. She rounded the corner with her pistol pointing it down at the truck bed. What she saw next completely broke her heart. Among a few bags and cans of food was a baby, no older then a few weeks, lying on the bed of the truck wrapped in a thick white towel or cloth, it was screaming and squirming, obviously upset over the sounds of gunfire. Jessica instantly went to pick the child up, comforting it in her arms and trying to keep it quiet so it wouldn't attract too much attention.

    In the meanwhile Simon had calmly walked over to the bodies, checking them for anything that would be of use, pocketing the revolver and few spare rounds for it. As he stood up he told Jessica to leave the kid here and keep moving, claiming it was nothing but a waste of time and resources. It was at this point she had enough of his selfishness. She stood her ground, telling him that she wasn't leaving the kid, and he would have to go on without her if that's what he wanted. Simon shrugged and started walking back the way they came and Jessica didn't follow. By the time he was completely out of sight reality sunk in a little, she was by herself with a kid she didn't have the skills nor supplies to handle. But she was still determined to care for it with the best of her ability. So she started walking in the opposite direction, straight into Port Foulmouth.

    Upon entering Port Foulmouth, she immediately attempted to gain attention by using her radio, seeking any kind of help. She knew that she wouldn't last long with the baby without a safe place to stay. She immediately received a response from a very friendly women, inviting her to stay at the NEZ. Upon arriving at the gate she was greeted by the friendly women, she introduced herself, calling herself Amanda, but what she saw next made her jaw drop. Standing behind her was 5.74 foot man with brown eyes and a small stubble. He wore a an ACU uniform and brandished an AKM. His expression was stunned, she could tell he recognised her as much as she recognised him. She felt a wave of emotion flow over her as they simply stood their staring at each other. Eventually Amanda pushed Rafael away, worrying that he was scaring Jessica. Neither of them did anything about it though, they were shocked, both thinking that each other was dead.

    About an hour after the initial meeting they found each other again, inside the bar of the NEZ chatting. While having managed to begin a conversation neither could still quite believe that one another had survived all this time. But with time, things were not as they seemed.
    Rafael had changed...he wasn't the same boy she remembered from before the outbreak. He had changed, she could barely tell who he was anymore.

    A few days had passed, she had come to know most of the faces within the walls, some like
    David Clarke she respected deeply, while others like Luna she despised. She had accused her of killing two people and kidnapping a baby...she couldn't help but feel like some of this was true. She blamed herself partly for what had happen, even though she didn't kill them, she could have stopped them. Still though. It didn't make what she said justifiable.

    She remained lying on her bed...the tears drying on the side of her face. The stress and pressure had finally gotten to her. She snapped. Her hand ached, having been wrapped in a thick bandage. She kept her eyes trained on the crib that remained empty. They took Isabelle from her because she lost her shit and it hurt. Alot. Maybe she couldn't care for her like she promised. She still couldn't help but feel responsible for the death of Isabelle's parents and it was tearing her apart. Luna was right. She was a psychotic mess.

    She spent the next day drinking, trying to forget while knowing that it would do nothing in the end. The pain always came back and so did the memories. She felt alone and without purpose not having Isabelle next to her. It was breaking her heart. She knew they wouldn't let her near her, let alone touch her. It was miserable without her.

    Hat: A small light green baseball hat. Looked pretty ordinary.
    Neck: A small golden cross danged around her neck, it looked somewhat clean.
    Clothing: A thick, dark red, down jacket with a white, long sleeve, shirt underneath.

    Five-Seven Pistol: It looked pretty standard, having some paint scrapes on it, there was nothing really special about it.

    Extra: A belt with a holster for a pistol and a knife sheathe on both sides of her hips. The holster held what appeared to be a Five-Seven pistol in it and the sheath had a somewhat large knife in it.
    Green heavy duty hiking pants with multiple pockets and heavy duty black boots.

    Isabelle looked pretty young, no more then a few weeks old. She was very cute, with very short brown hair and emerald green eyes. She had a slightly Latino skin tone.
    The cat had the name "Mercy" written on it. She had very soft black fur and generally kept her distance from others.
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    Relationships & Opinions

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    Light Blue = Love Interest/Relationship

    Dark Green = Good Relationship/Opinion
    Green = Neutral-Good Relationship/Opinion
    Grey = Neutral Relationship/Opinion
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    Red = Bad Relationship/Opinion
    Andrew Parks - "You...I can't even look at you right now"

    Amanda - "I...Honestly don't know what to think about what happened to you...I guess you know how I felt now. I'd say it was a good lesson in putting yourself in other peoples shoes but you took it to the next level and now your dead. Rest In Piss you piece of shit."

    Cody Sheppard - "You let this happen to me...I never wan't to see you again"

    Isabelle (Baby) - "I won't let them break us apart. I will get you back even if it kills me."

    David Clarke - "You and I both need to make sure that we can raise our children in a better world then the one we live in. Even if that means making sacrafices"

    David Frederick - "You're dead to me"

    Earl Frederickson - "You're pretty nice. You were clearly enjoying the presence of Isabelle, it's nice to know that some people appreciate her."

    Katelyn Robinson - "You seem ok, I don't know you very well though"

    Kaydence Anderson - "You seemed a little shy, I don't blame you, it was nice to meet you however"

    Luna - "You will burn..."

    Locke Hawthorne - "You're really loud"

    Moira Biscon - "You seem ok, you took care of my hand after I punched the mirror"
    Owen - "You're ok I guess"

    Rafael Garcia - "You've changed I can tell, and you don't seem to trust me that much, you didn't even do anything at the bar. Here I was thinking you could help."

    Serena Evans - "You did nothing to stop them..."

    Smithy - "I have no idea who you are, though I see you around a lot"

    Ross Wicker - "You seem OK, were will to talk to me about the baby and my past, might want to get to know you better"

    Tanya - "You and Luna...will regret this dearly..."

    Thais Qorva - "You've taken my baby and have held me to an impossible fucking standard. You don't understand anything and I've absolutely had it.
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    Timeline & Songs

    The Breakout

    Crossing The Line

    The Child

    Loosing Your Mind

    Keep on Moving
    - Arrives in Port Foulmouth
    - Reunion with lost friend Rafael Garcia
    - Witnessed the death of someone she didn't know. Was shot by another person in the NEZ.
    - Accused of murder and kidnapping a baby by Luna
    16/09/18 - Helped treat the injured that returned to the NEZ.
    17/09/18 - Trusted Andrew with Isabelle so she could get sleep.
    18/09/18 - Trusted Amanda and Thais with Isabelle while she slept.
    18/09/18 - Lost her shit with Luna after being repeatedly insulted by her.
    19/09/18 - Broke a window in a rage and regret. Other members of the NEZ took Isabelle away from her, fearing for the babies safety around Jessica.
    20/09/18 - Trusted Thais to talk about her feelings, it didn't go well.
    20/09/18 - Tended to Cody who had cut his arm open on a nail in the garage.
    21/09/18 - Massive argument in the bar resulting in some massive relationship breakdowns
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  4. Anonymous

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    Hand Drawings & Songs

    The End Draws Near

    The Arsonist

    Everything Is On The Line

    Suffer the Child
    'The Winter'
    It appears to be an image of a lone figure walking through a heavy deluge of snow in no particular direction. There are no obvious landmarks besides a few mountains.

    It appears to be an image of an unknown person sitting on the ground, judging by the long hair however it looks to be female.

    It was a scribble really, but it was able to be understood. It was a drawing of what appeared to be a human face in considerable pain and trapped in darkness.
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    Updated Music, Updated Timeline, Updated Storyline, Updated Info, Updated Relationships, Updated Injuries, Updated Appearance, Updated Personality
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    Shouldn't that 'doctor' occupation be 'med student'?
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    Also, the quarantine line was still holding six months after day zero, so how was she hiking across nearby states during that time?
  8. Anonymous

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    1. Yes, will fix it
    2. I copied and pasted my application bio so I need to change a few things.
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    Added Equipment Section, Updated Relationships, Updated Bio, Updated Timeline
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    Updated pretty much everything, relationships had a major bump
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    Update to Relationships, Timeline and equipment
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    Background is still mistaken. Port Falmouth is still inside the quarantine line which was still active and keeping both people and the infection inside Illinois for long after the initial outbreak. It didn't spread outside the state until supposedly the end of chapter one.
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    Added new storyline for "The Pitts"
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