Jonas Pope

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Jan 22, 2019.

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  1. Anonymous

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    Jonas Pope
    Biographical Information
    Hair ColourDirty Blonde
    Eye ColourBlue
    Height6ft 1in
    Blood TypeA Pos.
    More Information
    Birth PlaceNear Kariba, Rhodesia
    OccupationConstruction Worker
    First Appearance0-0
    Last AppearanceN/A
    Death EpisodeN/A

    Jonas Pope

    A caucasian male standing at around 6'1, he'd appear to be athletic, but heavyset as if his muscle definition came from manual labor rather than working at it. He has a mess of dirty blonde hair atop his head, with a few grey strands poking out. He has a stubble fashioned into a Goatee decorating his face along with a pair of blue eyes.

    Moved to the town in the mid nineties for work.
    Regular at Frankie's place, even before the re-opening.
    Worked on several building sites in town over the years, including the mall.
    Divorcee, has an eight year old son who sometimes attends the local elementary.

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  2. Anonymous

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    Julia Richardson (Pope) - I still love you, Julia. I just can't express it. I'm sorry for everything I did but i'll never admit it. Not sober at least.

    George Pope - My son. My one reason for life these days. I'll try my best to do right by you, boy.

    Michael Baker - You've always been there for me, Mikey. Ever since we were kids. Broers for life, eh?

    Kate Baker - I'm sorry, Kate. You're a good woman, and nobody deserves this cancer bullshit. I'll miss you.

    Josh Baker - Josh's a good kid, little bastard that he is. Back in school, at least. That's good.

    Tom Spencer - Decent bloke, rolled into town a while back and started work at Frankie's, so, naturally, we're well acquainted at this point.

    Joel Behn - You're a good man, Joel, and you were good to have when we found Chris Eckert and his boy.

    Loreen Lennard - You wasted a lot of time when we went looking for the Eckert's, maybe if we had been out there quicker something could have been different.

    Lemon Cooper - You're an idiot, from what i've gathered.

    Arthur Hillock - Seem alright, but I don't know.

    Laura Victoria Field - You were good to have when we went looking for the Eckert's, and I can tell you're a good person.

    Mark D'Angelo - You helped us look for the Eckert's, and I appreciate that.

    Christopher Eckert (D) - You were a good man, Chris, a good dad. Can't say I know why you did it but i'm sure you had your reasons, eh?

    Lisa Eckert (D) - Rest easy, Lisa.

    Dillion Eckert - I couldn't stop thinking of my boy when your dad blew his brains out -- how maybe, had some things been different, it would have been me with the gun under my chin and George growing up without a dad. I hope your family comes through for you, boy.
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    Pope cryes evry teim
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