Deceased Jonathan Walsh

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 27, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Jonathan Walsh
    Meta Info
    Face ClaimAnson Mount
    IntroducedVolume #1, Issue #3
    Last AppearanceVolume #2, Issue #23
    Character Info
    NameJonathan R. Walsh
    AliasHammerhead; Hammer
    Date of BirthJuly 12th, 1978
    Place of BirthPaducah, KY
    Height72.5" (6'1½")
    Est. Weight175 pounds
    Eye ColorBlue
    Hair ColorDark brown, now mostly grey
    "Oh, mama; here comes midnight, with the dead moon in its jaws. We will be gone—but not forever."

    Applicable Tropes:
    Abusive Parents, Because I'm Good at It, Conditioned to Accept Horror, Training from Hell, No Place for a Warrior, Seriously Scruffy, What You Are in the Dark, Workaholic, The Captain, Cultured Warrior, A Father to His Men, One-Man Army, Retired Badass

    First appearing in the third issue of the first volume of The Road Ahead, Jonathan Walsh is a survivor and combat veteran. Initially a loner, Walsh joined the compound group in Fairhaven and defended the facility when the Mongols M.C. laid siege to it.

    He later helped pilot a Chinook helicopter in a daring escape from Fairhaven alongside the majority of the compound's residents. The Chinook was shot down in transit by unidentified aircraft. Walsh, foot seriously injured, fought a horde of encroaching infected alongside his mates before they were rescued by troops from the Washington Dam Research Facility.

    Walsh's tenure at the dam was brief: Less than two weeks after being quarantined by the dam's military personnel, he volunteered to lead team "Pathfinder" into King's Mill—a dangerous hive of infestation—to recover samples of mutated infected in hopes of discovering a cure for the disease.

    Pathfinder endured two forays into King's Mill: One to capture a mutated infected once known as Richard Baez, and again to locate and destroy a massive infection nest. Walsh and a few of his mates elected to manually arm and protect a bomb that would destroy the nest, affording the rest of their team the opportunity to escape via helicopter and sacrificing themselves in the process.

    The Mongols M.C. arrived in Pathfinder's eleventh hour, rescuing them from certain death and ferrying them south to Port Falmouth, a lakeside city spared much of the horrors of Fairhaven and King's Mill. Their respite from action was predictably brief, as soon tension began to brew between the split halves of Pathfinder, sure to lead to a violent confrontation.

    At the height of paranoia and mistrust between the Mongols and the folks living at the manor, Walsh vanished. Some of his gear was found on a zombified corpse, though extensive wounds made identifying the corpse impossible.

    Over four months later, Walsh reappeared, explaining that he had been briefly kidnapped by a group of survivors lead by an old friend—and, at their camp, discovered that an old friend, Frankie Mercer, was still alive. After the camp was overrun by a massive horde, Walsh spent the better part of half a year searching for Mercer, eventually giving up the manhunt and returning to Port Falmouth.

    He rekindled old relationships, particularly with his pseudo-son Rafael and once-lover Nilda. When presented an opportunity to confront the man he was certain had killed his little brother—Monty, a former 'brother' of Jon's in the Mongols MC—he went running, and ultimately had to put down an old friend who was too far gone to be saved.

    This decision proved to be Jon's undoing: when Rodney King learned of Katelyn Robinson's death at Jon's hands, he stormed the NEZ, killing Jon, wounding several people, and ultimately destroying the compound.

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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Lots and lots of updates, since I'm a little more active now.

    - H
  3. Anonymous

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    Social updates.

    - H
  4. Anonymous

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    Total rework.

    - H
  5. Anonymous

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    Some social updates, scrapped the history part of the bio. Can't figure out what to put on the left side. Oh well. Lemme know if you think you've had a meaningful interaction with Hammerhead and you're not included in his social tab.

    - H
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    Social and music update.

    - H
  7. Anonymous

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    Added sections for Hammer's non-boomy gear + a general advisory for what kinda clothes he wears. Brief summary of his experiences thus far in the lore (without getting too specific/spoilery) and a list of writing/character tropes that apply to him.

    - H
  8. Anonymous

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    Social & lore events update.

    - H
  9. Anonymous

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    New song, relationship updates. AAAAHHHHHHH

    - H
  10. Anonymous

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    guess who's back

    back again
  11. Anonymous

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    it's too fucking late you cunt
  12. Anonymous

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    Postmortem update.

    - H
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