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    ⟨ Character Information ⟩
    Date of BirthOctober 31st, 1974
    Hair ColourReddish Brown
    Eye ColourBlue
    Blood TypeO+
    Mental StatusSOUND
    ⟨ Biographical Information ⟩
    Birth PlaceDanville, Kentucky
    First Appearance0-0
    Last AppearanceN/A
    Death EpisodeN/A
    Series Lifespan"0-0" to Present
    Junior (Cold Fear) Gallery



    Standing on the taller side at a respectable six foot, Junior is built like an ox, athletic, hardy and strong. He has a square, prominent chin with a strong jawline, brown medium-length hair, blue eyes and a bushy moustache with thin lips. On occasion, he can be seen wearing his well-worn Stetson Black Hawk

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    Color Codes

    These relationships are not accurate, nor will they ever be.
    Positive Neutral Negative Trust Platonic Romance

    Olivia Chambers

    Michael Anderson

    Tom Spencer


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    “This is your fiancée and the love of your life, Olivia Chambers,” A southern girl at heart, her voice had a particular sweet as honey twang to it, even be it through the cold machinery of a blocky recorder. “It’s just so lonely here without you, I keep asking myself why you had this sense of duty and an urge to be a protector at heart. Then, I realized, well, that’s why we have each other and always will. You’re an angel, my guardian angel … I miss you so much, James, I miss you so goddamn much.

    The device let out a harsh, mechanical click and tore him away from the world constructed within the realm of his mind. It was a cool night in Kentucky, the refreshing breeze of night air reinvigorated him, bringing him back to life. “Always the dreamer, James.” The man declared, a brotherly smile shaping across his lips, watching from afar. “What are you doing here?” he asked, raising from the chair. It felt as if it was morning not twelve minutes ago, but it was half past midnight.
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    Added Mac/Tom/Bonnie/Decebal to relationships.