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Discussion in 'Character Creation Guides' started by Tucker, Jan 30, 2018.

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  1. Tucker

    Tucker The Canadian Moose

    Mar 7, 2016
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    Tucker here and today I bring you the newest feature being tested out this upcoming lore! Yay woohoo! With this new feature we hope to cut down on admin time spent spawning items, as well as adding a new feel to the application process.

    So here we are.

    Something you all never expected.

    Something you all probably didn't want.


    During the application process you will be able to pick out one of the kits below as your starting items. Your kit has to be related to your characters occupation.

    Some kits such as those in the woodworking class, require items found in other kits. Hopefully inspiring more RP via problem solving. Need a hammer because your nails are useless without one? Figure it out kiddo.
    All kits have at least one weapon that relates to their occupation.
    Some classes have weaker weapons, but are compensated for with higher value supplies.
    Some civilian occupations such as the Hunter begin with a firearm, others have key pieces of equipment missing such as the Fisher.
    Kits and characters solely dedicated to combat will be limited, we don't want 5 players with the Military "Support" kit.

    All of this is still a work in progress.
    They are subject to change at anytime.
    What we'd like is everyones opinions and suggestions.
    What kits/classes should be added? Why?
    Anyways, keep it civil and chat it up.

    NOTE: We're working on a section for requesting mementos, we aren't getting rid of them.

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  2. Lucky Duck

    Lucky Duck Quack
    Rubber Duck Map Builder

    Nov 24, 2015
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    Okay, I'm gonna tear apart these kits real quick, add my two cents and tips on how to improve them a little..


    I already touched on this in my last reply, I don't think a woodworker / repairman starting without a hammer is a good idea. I think it's a little ridiculous that they'd have to reach out to someone else for a tool that is, like, one of the most common, practical items that they'd have on them. Any carpenter, roofer or repairman should start out with a hammer, preferably a toolbox full of items that would make sense for their trade. Take apart this blunt / sharp construction kit idea, crumple it, chuck it in the trash, break it up more like this.

    Carpenter / Roofer: Toolbox, Hammer, Nails, Saw, Wood Chisel, Measuring Tape, Wood Glue, Box Cutter

    Repairman: Toolbox, Hammer, Nails, Saw, Screwdriver, Wrench, Wood Glue, Appliance Repair Manual

    Construction Worker: Hard Hat, Sledgehammer, Construction Boots, Mason Trowel, Crowbar

    Lumberjack: Hard Hat, Axe, Chainsaw, Work Gloves, Rope x ??


    Okay, first of all, with cooking... please, for the love of god and all that is holy, give ALL of them the egg book, or at least let them read the egg book. The fact that you need to read a book to make eggs is one of the most absurd things in hydrocraft.

    I love that Italian has it's own section in this LOL

    I'm going to try and break down these categories into ways that make.. a little more sense, at least to me.

    I've also given every single person in the cooking categories a kitchen knife. This is more because mechanics are a bitch and you need it for damn near everything, seriously.


    Butcher: Butcher Knife, Kitchen Knife, Sausage Book, Butchering Book, Salting Meat Book, Meat Grinder, Frying Pan
    Baker: Kitchen Knife, Yeast, Flour, Sugar, Rolling Pin, Baking Book, Old Christmas Magazine, Baking Pan
    Italian Edition: Kitchen Knife, Pasta Book, Viticulture Book, Pizza Book, Cooking Pot
    Mexican Edition: Kitchen Knife, Mexican Cookbook, Spices Cookbook, Frying Pan, Cheese Grater
    Dairy Farmer: Kitchen Knife, Yogurt Book, Cheese Book, Cow+Bull or Goats, Wooden Bucket, Cooking Pot, Churn
    Dad's Grilling Kit: Kitchen Knife, Barbecue Cookbook, Smoking Cookbook, Spatula, Lighter Fluid, Frying Pan
    Preservation Kit: Kitchen Knife, Jerky Cookbook, Dried Fruit Cookbook, Pickling Cookbook, Baking Tray, Box of Ziploc Bags
    Booze-Brewer Kit: Kitchen Knife, Juicing Cookbook, Viticulture Book, Distillation Book, Juicer, Cooking Pot, Potato Masher


    Okay, lets tackle this beast next.

    ...Why.. does the doctor have a body bag? Are you insinuating that these doctors are terrible at their trade? LOL
    I can assure you, it isn't the doctor that comes over to pick people up in body bags.
    And what is that nurse doing with that bone saw?!

    Let me uh.. slightly revise some of these kits!

    Doctor: Doctor's Bag, Bandage x 5, Needle, Thread, Scalpel, Disinfectant x 2, Cotton Balls x 5, Bone Saw and Stethoscope
    Pharmacist: Pharmacology Book, Mycology Textbook, Painkillers, Beta Blockers, Sleeping Pills, Antibiotics, Scissors
    Nurse: First Aid Kit with Alcohol Wipes x 2, Suture Needle, Adhesive Bandages x 5, Thermometer and Scalpel
    Anesthesiologist: Medical Textbook, Syringe x 2, Morphine, Adrenaline, Needle, Eyedropper, Crutch
    Aftermath Services (Crime Scene Cleanup): Body Bag, Rubber Gloves, Bleach, Cleanser, Ammonia, Towel, Bucket, Hazmat Suit
    Dermatologist: Scalpel, Tweezers, Suture Needles, Syringe, Painkillers, Alcohol Wipes, Adhesive Bandages

    I'd also love to see more specific categories for maybe dentists, paramedics, etc, but it's hard to figure out exactly what you could do to make those specific kits different. Dentists come with dentures just for fun...


    For the regular farmer, I really would not suggest doing mystery seeds. If farming is still the pain in the ass that it is in hydrocraft, the player will need Farming of TEN to utilize most of the seeds that come from mystery packs. :(

    The rancher and hunter need to come with the Mammal Fieldguide, so they can find the dung to find / hunt the animals.

    For the Herbalist, I'd take out that farming magazine and replace it with mortar + pestle and geology book

    Fisher needs... a fishing pole..


    I'm going to leave this section alone, given this isn't exactly my forte.
    I would suggest adding in a third option for Police, perhaps canine unit, with the option to start with a GSD or Doberman.

    If someone wanted to have a trained cadaver dog, a lot of the dog breeds used for this are in hydrocraft: pitbulls, beagles, border collies, german sheps, golden retrievers, labrador retrievers, and the one that I met when I helped with a search party, I'm fairly sure was a Bernese Mountain Dog.

    I hope this helps!
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  3. Lucky Duck

    Lucky Duck Quack
    Rubber Duck Map Builder

    Nov 24, 2015
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    Still makes more sense than doctors having body bags


    I decided to throw together a few more kits

    : Toolbox, Screwdriver, Pliers, Wrench, Electrical Engineering Textbook, Work Gloves, Electric Clamp
    Plumber: Monkey Wrench, Pipe Cutter, Pinch Clamp, Metal Saw, Plumbing Textbook, Underwear
    Exterminator: Bug Sprayer, Work Gloves, Gasmask, Bug Net, Entomology Textbook, Dufflebag
    Bee Keeper: Bee Keeper Hat, Bug Net, Apiculture Textbook, Work Gloves, Box of Jars
    Fitness Instructor: Watch, Gym Towel, Big Hiking Bag, Energy Bar, Baseball Bat
    Starving Artist: Paintbrush, Pencil x 3, Jack Knife, Art History Textbook, Satchel
    Postal Worker: Mail Bag, Box Cutter, Letter Opener, Sealed Letter x 10, Postcard x 5, Stamp x 5, Cardboard Box

    .... and.....
    ... just for fun..

    Anime Nerd: Katana OR Iron Shuriken, Comic Book, Renamed T-shirt, Ramen Noodles x 5 (Preferably that ramen noodle cup mod I mentioned.....)
    Dirty Old Man: Adult Magazine x 5, Binoculars, TV Remote, Combat Knife, Scrapbook
    Town Drunkard: Whiskey, Vodka, Poolcue, Pool Ball, Peanuts and a pair of socks.​
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  4. Lucky Duck

    Lucky Duck Quack
    Rubber Duck Map Builder

    Nov 24, 2015
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    Trying to keep myself awake so I can press the restart button on my sleep cycle.. so.. here are some more kit ideas!
    • Firefighter: Axe, Firefighter Jacket, Firefighter Helmet, Fire Hook, Gasmask​
    • Holy Roller: Bible, Candles, Matches, Bottle of Wine, Cane, Picture of Kate (renamed to Picture of Jesus)​
    • Childcare / Daycare Worker: Pack of Diapers, Pacifier, Baby Bottle, Wiffle Bat, Adhesive Bandages, Random Toy​
    • Baseball / Softball Player: Baseball Bat, Softball / Baseball, Baseball Glove, Normal Hiking Bag, Cleats​
    • Rock n' Roll: Electric Guitar / Electric Bass Guitar / Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Pick, Combat Boots, Energy Drink, Leather Jacket, Chain​
    • Stoner: Lighter, Clay Pipe, Cured Hemp x 5, Chips, Cola Soda, Paper Clip, Bottle of Eyedrops, Jack Knife​
    • Girlscout: Camping Bag, Sleeping Bag, Compass, Cookie x 20, Flint + Steel, Jack Knife, Thermos​
    • Seamstress: Needle, Thread, Tailoring Textbook, Hatter Textbook, Thimble, Scissors​
    • Veterinarian: Veterinary Medicine Textbook, Animal Husbandry, Stethoscope, Dog Whistle, Pet Cone, Bandages x 5, Scalpel​
    • Pyromaniac: Lighter, Matches, Lighter Fluid, Firework Rocket x 5, Campfire Materials​
    • That-Time-of-the-Month: Box of Menstrual Pads, Box of Tampons, Chocolate x 3, Painkillers, Tissue, Meat Cleaver x 2​
    • Barber / Hairdresser: Straight Razor, Hair Conditioner, Shampoo, Scissors, Box of Razor Blades​
    • Security Guard: Flashlight, Battery, Handcuffs, [insert gun here], Tactical Walkie Talkie​
  5. Legion

    Legion Your tears sustain me
    Staff Member Owner

    Apr 12, 2017
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    Katana are wicked OP so they would need to be nerfed. I get that they can in real life cut through a body but ones that can do that are al

    "Girlscout: Camping Bag, Sleeping Bag, Compass, Cookie x 20, Flint + Steel, Jack Knife, Thermos"
    Nothing against the girl scouts as my daughter is in them... the odds of having a flint and steel are slim to none. Same for the knife. Boyuscouts would have that but in most cases, the girlscouts are still stuck in the 1950's in regards to that kinda stuff. Even if they had a compass, they dont really teach that any more either. Most boy scout troops dont even teach it any more sadly.

    Rock n' Roll: Electric Guitar / Electric Bass Guitar / Acoustic Guitar, Guitar Pick, Combat Boots, Energy Drink, Leather Jacket, Chain
    I could see a single guitar but not all 3 personally.

    That-Time-of-the-Month: Box of Menstrual Pads, Box of Tampons, Chocolate x 3, Painkillers, Tissue, Meat Cleaver x 2
    Lorena Bobbitt didnt even need 2 knives. lol

    Security Guard: Flashlight, Battery, Handcuffs, [insert gun here], Tactical Walkie Talkie

    I would personally say no gun as most security guards dont have one for legal reasons. Im sure some do but overall, walk around the mall and usually the most dangerous thing they have is pepper spray.
  6. El Cid

    El Cid The Old Man (apparently)
    Take All My Money! Contributor + Contributor The Old Man

    Feb 20, 2017
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