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Discussion in 'Character Creation Guides' started by El Cid, Feb 1, 2018.

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  1. El Cid

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    Feb 20, 2017
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    Good afternoon people of New Dawn, it is I, your glorious leader (yeah right)! So there has been a lot of discussion regarding starting kits lately. The original idea of the kits was to make it easy on the admins and to create a sense of chaos and hurried thinking.

    Originally, I think we had discussed 5 or so kits for all character types. Obviously, it expanded some, and then Tucker came in and quite frankly, did an OUTSTANDING job on creating new and varied kits. Seriously, the amount of work he put in to put that together was great.

    Unfortunately, it is hard to create kits that please everyone. We have been monitoring and discussing the feedback on Tuckers original post, and today have made the decision to alter it a bit.

    Therefore, we will be allowing a "Custom" kit option. Basically this will work similar to what you all know from previous lores. The change is, you will be allow SIX (6) and only 6 custom items. These would be items that would be most important to you in a time of crisis, but is really up to you. In the case you may want multiples of the exact same item, this will be allowed on certain items (for example, you want 10 blouses or 2 packs of cigarettes) and will not count towards your 6 item cap.

    Furthermore, you will be required to provide the spawn code in your application for said items. For example, you would like some Adhesive Bandages. You would go to the link below, look up the CodeName and put it in the app. In this case, Base.BandAid.


    I will compile a brief tutorial as we get closer to application time. If you are unable to find a certain item code for some reason, the admin team will be here to assist as usual.

    Finally, National Guard and Cops will still be restricted to the kits created by the admin team with input from players. As these are high profile spots, they will be scrutinized to the best of our abilities.

    Hopefully this is a happy compromise for everyone. If anyone has any questions, please discuss below.

    Edit By Legion:
    Admins reserve the right to deny ANY items requested for any reason they see fit. They do not HAVE to give you an explanation as to why but usually will regardless. You can debate this but the odds of it changing are very slim once it has been decided on. The reasons can include but are not limited to ( Too many of item already issued, OP item, doesn't fit the character).
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