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    Hi Guest,

    There were some issues last night (21 Oct) around 4am (EST) where the server starts to show problems across the entire map. We are looking at the issue at hand to see how we can proceed. However as we all know, there may be some disruption during this process. Please do not panic if you are unable to join the server. We will be monitoring the issues as we speak.

    Please do not use your ACTIVE characters to join the game. If you have a dead character account, use them to test to avoid corrupting your save. Mine was corrupted twice during this sega. XD All RP actions will be voided right now.

    I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Your friendly Dialga,

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    The first mini game is now available!!!!

    The game - SURVIVAL. In either single or pairs try to survive onslaughts of enemies. I've dropped tons of weapons and survival gear. Can you survive?

    For the next day or so, jump in our UNWHITELISTED server,
    port 16391

    Catch an admin online and we will get your challenge started. How many rounds will you survive?
    Spectators are always welcome!
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