Alive Lillian Marks

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Jul 10, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

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    • Name - Lillian Marks

    Description - Lillian stands at 5'5, her body is slight and lean after months on her own, designed more for flight than fight. Her weight just below healthy, but with food so hard to come by gaunt has become the new vogue, hunger the new norm. She holds herself tense and her dark brown eyes flicker about her - cautious and jumpy. Dark hair cut roughly to her shoulders. Her face is flecked with cuts and scars - most significant ones around her right eye with deep scars over her brow, cheek and around her eye socket.
    Closer inspection reveals a jagged scar on her right forearm, from a too hasty escape through a broken window, and a slash from a knife across her left shin.
    Her clothing changes with weather and accessibility, but she keeps a delicate silver necklace around her neck at all times.


    Abraham - 'He's a confusing man, and despite never doing anything bad to me I feel like I'm standing on a trap door. With everything other people say about him, I just hope they're wrong. I'm not in the mood to be fucked over. I need to trust someone.'

    Nataru - 'Despite a very.. sudden first meeting, my first impression of her is that she's pleasant, she was eager to do as Abe told her to, fixing what she broke. However, that eagerness to please may be deceptive, she told me a bit about her past but I'm hesitant to trust that she's not hiding something.'

    Edward - 'I guess i'm kind of neutral, i don't know him very well and he hasn't made an overwhelming impression yet. Okay, i guess. He's /probably/ not going to stab me in my sleep but you never know.'

    Walter - 'Kindof quiet, but what he's managed to make is very impressive. He might be someone worth befriending.'

    Isaac - 'I should probably be less harsh on him, I guess i met him when my blood was running hot - those /things/ trying to kill you really does that to you. I guess what i'm curious about is how a band geek lasted this long when other people haven't. What's he hiding?'

    Rodney - 'He's one of the leaders of the mansion, or so he says. Somethings definitely off about him - I don't trust him. What sort of person chats with an automatic gun sitting on his lap, what's he trying to prove?
    I hope he can prove me wrong.'

    (Father) Michael Nutt - 'I've never been especially religious, but even if i don't agree with him having someone so confidently optimistic is comforting.'
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