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    Local News 12 | [#1]

    The channel opens with the usual introduction and cheerful music. It frames Ted Connely, a middle-aged man with a bushy mustache, slick parted auburn hair and a tacky plaid suit and a younger woman, Amber, in a navy blue button suit with shoulder-length black hair.

    “An unusual winter storm is pummeling Astoria in what is usually the rainiest time of the year. We're doing a series of reports that we call the ''Eye of the Storm'' to keep you updated on the incoming onslaught of snow. Here's John McAdams at the river sea boardwalk." Ted says as the screen cuts to live footage with a younger man in a puffy red jacket and knit scarf billowing in the wind at the edge of the boardwalk. Snow is coming down heavily on him and presumably his crew.

    "As we deal with some of the elements and talk about the conditions, not just here in Astoria but in the entire northern region of Oregon. Winter is definitely taking hold early this year as it's been snowing since around five this morning--the Astoria schoolboard and Catholic school board have closed for the first time since 2003. It left for a weird situation this morning because the snow hadn't even started and already schoolboards were closing up across Astoria and really all of northern Oregon and rightfully so. It has been very windy at times with visibility going down to zero. Next up, we'll be seeing freezing rain and that is definitely going to limit the amount of snow we get moving throughout the remainder of the day. Back to you, Ted."

    It switches back to the news studio who now have live footage up of plumes of smoke over a North Watch facility in Portland.

    "This just in, you are looking at an obviously very disturbing live shot there. That is the Portland branch headquarters of the North Watch corporation this morning after receiving unconfirmed reports this morning of a bombing at the facility. LN-12 center is just now beginning to work on this story, obviously calling in our sources and trying to find out what exactly happened. But clearly, something relatively devastating has happened there this morning." Amber says as the camera zooms in and out of the distant structure.

    "We can see these pictures and obviously something devastating has happened. Once again, unconfirmed reports of a bombing, we are collecting more information on this subject as it comes available to you."

    Ted's voice comes in now as the shot changes to a closer image on the structure. It's a large four-story building which has been blocked off by police attempting to control the panicking crowds of citizens flooding the streets for answers. Smoke is billowing up in the background and spreading across the city of Portland.

    "Right now we have Robert Grey, he is a producer with LN-12 on the scene," Amber says as the camera pans over to a collection of survivors being escorted out from the building.

    "Robert Grey--I'm Robert Grey with LN-12." A new, strange and shaky voice comes in over the television set. "LN-12," he repeats.

    "We're on the air right now, what can you tell us about this situation?" Ted asks calmly.

    "Yeah-uh--yeah. I'm getting reports and rumors going around through the people being escorted out of the building that this was a terrorist attack."

    Robert explains, the overwhelming sound of sirens in the background.
    "A bombing took place in the lobby, I think--I'm hearing that there were around three casualties and even more injured through word of mouth. Few reports I'm just now getting regarding URSA--the eco-terrorist group that has been making demonstrations over the week outside numerous North Watch facilities may be responsible. I'm hearing a bit of speculation going around about the motive possibly involving the rumors that went out last month from anonymous sources on North Watch still using animal testing for many of their medicinal products--one minute." The call cuts.

    "It seems we've lost Robert, we'll try to get back into contact with him as soon as we can," Amber explains as the background shot pans in and there is another explosion on the northern end of the building.

    "We wish nothing but safety to those on the scene," Ted says, not noticing the explosion.

    "Reports are saying that there was another explosion on the northernmost end of the building," Amber says, the camera zooming in on the distant fleeing people.

    "It isn't clear if this is another explosive device going off at this moment. Again, we have reports that there was a second explosion at the northernmost end of the building. We are trying to get in contact with another source on the scene."

    The coverage goes on for several more hours to the late evening as people are rescued from the building and the authorities gradually release more information. The situation is revealed to be much more extreme than previously reported, with there being numerous casualties in the bombing from security to administrative personnel--around three to four with around twenty confirmed injuries in total come five PM.

    It later comes out that an eco-terrorist group known as URSA is thought to be behind the attack after three well-known supporters were last seen heading into the building, two of which have been confirmed to be amongst the casualties with the other still at large.
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