Logan Victor Karths

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Apr 14, 2019 at 3:30 PM.

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    Logan Victor Karths
    The way Logan acts, how he speaks... Most of this comes off as cold, while he only sees it as telling the truth, no matter what situation. The man holds nothing back and will speak his mind in a calm manner, no matter how mad he seems to be or actually is. Logan's trust also doesn't come for free. You have to work to be trusted by this man and with the current situation, you better choose your words carefully. He lives with trust and values that more than anything else.

    Currently, he lives with survivor's guilt. The people that died and yet his decisions led to their demise, he now thinks carefully and is a tad more caring for others than previously. He doesn't want to let things happen that'll lead to more deaths, but he also knows it's something he can't prevent.


    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 169 lbs
    Eye Color: Dark Hazel
    Hair Color: Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
    Body Type: Mesomorph

    Logan exhibits what appears to be a very old black biker gang's jacket.
    Long broken up and forgotten, the jacket is beaten up, faded and torn,
    it clearly has been with the man for a long time, as he still wears it to present day.
    He also sports a glove on his right hand as well as a dark pair of bootcut blue jeans.
    His combat boots seem to have one melted side, presumably from his years of riding.
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