Marcus Kenway

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    Marcus Kenway
    Marcus is a cold and brooding man who will often resort to violence over peacefully talking his problems out. Despite being able to cope with some of the things he's done, Marcus also has a playful side to his personality that comes out around those he's friendly with. He isn't above joking or employing sarcasm to said people. As he is used tow, don't get offended and it'll be funnier. Regarding religious beliefs, Marcus is most definitely irreligious, despite his talks of believing in an afterlife. Marcus also has a moral code, being the exact opposite of what he tells people. He doesn't believe in what he refers to as "unjust killing." He sticks very heavily to this code, as he would rather not go anywhere near a prison. Not after his one and only close call. Finally, in Marcus's own terms, he describes himself as a "bad man" as he knows what he does is morally wrong with most of the world. That's just the way it is.

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 232 lbs
    Eyes: Green/Blue
    Hair: Light Brown/Dark Blonde

    Marcus has a stocky build perfect for his position, and a head thick of light brown/dark blonde wavy hair.
    With the rough and rugged look, many may come to go out of their way to avoid Marcus.
    He is usually seen wearing a beat up coat with a button up underneath of varying colors.
    His beanie is almost as beat up as the coat, but adds a bit to the rugged look.
    All and all, Marcus isn't the guy you want to pick a fight with. In his eyes, he wins no matter the cost.

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    The Town of Astoria

    Rhett - Pastor, he an' I got into it a bit when I decided to leave the dyin' man to people who cared a bit more than me. I know where he was comin' from, but is it really my place to delay the inevitable?

    Tom - Dickwad who needs to remember strangers ain't his personal staff. This ain't High Park asshat, no one gets shit served on'a silver platter. People are people an' I'm a bad man.

    Todd - Dante an' I got him out of sure death, but that was all I could do fer him. Wasn't somoene I knew an' I don't know if I'm gonna know him.

    Rest of'em - I think I'm sorry, but I don't know... People have to learn one day or another who I am.
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    The Few and Far Between (Friends)

    Decebal - Foreman, Boss: "I know he don't know exactly how'ta read me. An' that's fine. I can joke'an' have-a drink with all the same. Y'know, since I started workin'wit'em he really is an alright guy, bit loud but, eh... A true friend, nonetheless.

    Morrigan - Admin, Boss: "This'n's a bit like me--Work gets done'an we don't really ask questions. Now that's about it on my end. Ain't really much more'bout her that's worth notin'. Good friend as well."

    Dante - Crane Operator, Worker: "Annoyin' little shit, but he does do his part. I ain't gonna fuss about nothin' if they prove to be a hard enough worker, right? An' that's who I think Dante is."

    Thinkin' back on him, we're best friends. I probably should listen to him a bit more, but I like bein' the stoic one. I don't know...

    Hoyt - Warehouse Lead, Co-Worker: "Hazy feller, but not my call whether I think he's a good'n or not. Does the job an' I don't hear nothin' more."

    Ethan - Lift Operator: "This guy is a good worker, hands down the ideal guy to work with. Me'an do our part,n we do it wit'a quickness."
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    bit of a relation update

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