Miles Krueger

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    Miles Krueger
    Biographical Information
    Hair ColourDark Brown
    Eye ColourBrown
    Height6ft 2in
    Blood TypeAB Pos.
    More Information
    Birth PlaceValley Station, Kentucky
    First Appearance"Days Gone"
    Last AppearanceN/A
    Death EpisodeN/A

    Miles Krueger

    A caucasian male standing around 6'2, he'd appear athletic. He has a head of messy dark brown hair, with an untrimmed beard adorning his face. He has matching brown eyes.

    His left arm has been amputated from the elbow down, an intricate looking prosthetic there in lieu of flesh.



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    Nathan Sanderson - I hope you went down quick, hoss. Wish you stayed here. This whole leadership thing wasn't built for me. -- or maybe it's the other way around. Fuck it, I don't know. Thanks for savin' us all, hoss.

    Noah Young - I don't know. I just don't.

    Abram Osborn - .. sorry that happened to you.

    Arthur Hillock - I don't know if you're alive or dead.

    Abigail Baker - Just keep holdin' on. Things're gonna get better, one day.

    Tom Spencer - Good luck.

    John MacMillan - I still don't know if i'd call you my friend, but we've been through a lot of shit. I wouldn't wanna see you die, John, n' part of me thinks you ain't gonna.

    Chelsea Barnes - .. pain in my goddamn ass -- always sneakin' in, probably stealin' shit ain't hers to steal.. still, though.. hope you make it through the winter.

    Devlin - .. can't say i've spared a thought for you in a long while, guess that changed today.

    Isaac Castillo - .. most likely dead.

    Ivy Lance - I try my best to keep that day outta my mind. It was all so long ago, 'n we were all suckered in by that crazy bitch who'd no business gettin' us or anyone else into that mess.. we shoulda listened.

    Logan Victor Karths - .. been a minute since I thought about you. that kid still brings you up every now 'n 'en, but, can't say I got much to talk about.

    Sarah Burgundy - .. long time ago, died for nothin' but a couple cans of food, if I remember proper.

    Eric Dunn - .. damn near forgot you by now.

    Don Jones - Brother.

    Thomas Parish - You've always been a good kid, but, now, I reckon I can say you're a good *man*. We're gonna push through 'n keep on goin' long as we can, bud -- 'n don't forget it.

    Victoria Dahlia - .. i try my best to think -- but I can't come up with a reason why you left. .. whatever it was, hope it was worth it.

    Dante Navarro - .. dead, most likely.

    Marcus Kenway - .. mhm.

    Lexi Cole - I remember all you did for us at the start, and I don't know if you're alive or dead n' it gets to me, sometimes. Other times I remember it was your choice to leave, n' you made it. I can't beat myself up about this one.

    Tyler Aaron - To this day, I don't understand what the fuck was going through your head. I hope you're having a good time down there, rotting like the piece of shit you were.

    Clarence Emerson - .. keepin' your kid alive.

    Alexei - .. don't think about this one much anymore.

    James Calloway - .. don't think about you.

    Delilah - Thomas still brings ya'll up sometimes. I'd forget, otherwise.

    Esther - ..

    Omar Foch - .. probably dead, but, hell -- maybe not.

    Erin Voy - .. ain't thought a lick about you til' this very minute.. can't think about you --.. waste of time.

    Margaret Cooper Thompson - .. I hope you hung onto how happy you were at your weddin' before that sick fuck put you down.. 'n not whatever hell he put you through. We're missin' you, Maggie -- 'n I don't know how we're gonna stay fed without you.

    Josie - .. long damn time ago.

    Violet - .. this one haunts my dreams, sometimes.

    Bethany Hartman - .. shoulda been smarter.

    Heaven Adkins - I miss you a lot. Way you died.. shouldn'ta happened.. wouldn'ta happened, had that girl just stopped to think for a damn minute.. hell.. you're with your mom now.

    Hanna Alden - .. shit happens.

    Chris Carter - .. didn't suffer.

    Sam Thompson - You're a moron for gettin' fooled by that hipster dipshit, but I don't know. There's been times I just wanted to rip your damned throat out for what you did to Heaven, but it ain't my place.

    Jonathan Kent - I ain't got a damn clue what you 'n Laurel been goin' through since Ben died, but I hope seein' that fucker swing brought some peace to you.

    Laurel Kent - .. sorry about ben, I really am. I should've never let 'im leave the party, but I hope you got some closure when that fucker's neck snapped.

    Charlotte Emerson - You're like your dad, only you ain't got a damn drop of empathy in you. .. fine qurtermaster, though.

    Elliot St. Clair - Better not turn out like your buddies.

    Requis Marcus - Smarter man would've kicked you 'n the rest of your people out soon as we caught Brad, but I got this feelin' that you didn't have nothin' to do with it. Don't prove me wrong.

    Jack Cain - .. been through a lotta shit since you got here, huh. better 'n starvin' or freezin' to death out there, I 'spose. Thanks for just doin' what you're told.

    Majid Kubzi - Some type'a joker. Try not to die, but, I don't care if you do.

    Billy Matheson - .. lotta people here hate you bill. watch out.

    Api Hale - I'm glad you're alive, Api. You gave me another chance at livin'. Least I can do is try and return the favor -- no matter how annoyin' your bird is.

    Harper - I don't know what to think, but, you're helpin' keep me sane.

    Anderson Parker - .. sorry I couldn't do nothin'.

    Brad Goodman - .. hasta la vista, bitch.

    Dave Quinn - .. goddamned cowards, the both of you.

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    "He'd appear athletic, but not particularly muscular."

    *Looks to Faceclaim. Looks to written description. Squints.*
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    i dont know what youre talking about
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    relationship update, tell me if i missed anyone
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    oh yeah
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    What about Harper :'(
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    New miles new me
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    massive relationship overhaul in prep for s2. if i missed anything, let me know
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    update in wake of the msf, redid most relationships
    lmk if i missed you as per
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    You forgot your most favouritest trader ever, Majid. And he's in the process of making you love him even more.

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    how could i forget