Mitchell Earley

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    I never thought it would be like this.
    There's a torturer, yes.
    But it's never who you expect it to be
    and it hurts the heart, it twists it until it's empty
    so when it's empty,
    the pain
    it won't last forever.

    Peace, what you find when you stray from them
    I will never be back
    but I won't be like them
    a last scene, pathetic, I know
    but it's my way

    the brightest i wasn't, I know
    with a gun that bullets never fired
    and empty cases in the pockets
    tires and broken glasses
    it never falls, it's carried by the wind
    remember my face
    the glow in my eyes
    will you lie to these eyes once more?
    to others
    Father, Mother
    nothing for you
    Adrian, left me
    Marcus, why did you need to be so high?
    Ash. I love you. May I kiss you again in the ashes.
    To all of you, faces
    thanks to some, some of you
    I'll meet you at home
    bullet cases, shotgun shells
    you don't ever change

    maybe I don't understand,
    I never understood things
    i never had a home
    i never had a dog
    I had a notebook and a sketch
    i had a table and some chairs
    all I wanted was a family
    not the best, I know
    but why does it have to be like this?
    it's no time for regrets
    spent some gas there
    should refill the tank.
    I'll be driving to the sunset,
    like a thousand degrees
    and a cold chest
    but who cares?

    damn I would like a beer

    Mitch Earley

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    It was an absolute pleasure roleplaying with you. One of the best chars that I had the privilege of meeting.
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    he was a good boy. died too earley
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