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    New Community Name

    After the voting has been done, the new community name will now be "Gateway Roleplay" or GWR for short. The votes were close but this name win by a single vote.

    New Forums:

    We have started working on the new forums located NOW at
    You can sign up for the forums but it is still very heavily under construction and if you post anything outside of the shoutbox, it will likely be deleted at some point.

    We have a new logo and header being worked on and some other images will eventually change. The goal is to get this stuff up and running with the basics and then add in all the fancy details later. There will be 2 themes. One with how it looks on our current forums with how you see threads and all that and another, more fancy one that needs a lot of work before we make that the primary. If you see the one with images and dont want that, scroll to the bottom and chose the "slim" theme.

    Staff Changes

    Going forward, we will no longer have a dedicated lore master but will have 2 senior admins that will function both as the senior admin and lore master type roles. Basically, we combined the roles. The 2 new senior admins are Tucker and Among The Cold.

    If you PMed me saying you were interested in being an admin and have not heard back from me yet, its not a no as of yet. We have only flat out accepted a single person so far but will be looking for more soon. If you have not PMed me about being interested in being an admin and still want to be, PM me on discord.

    Core Changes

    There is still a lot that needs to be discussed on the admin side but the basis is this...

    We have traditionally been rather strict on many things but we plan on loosening up during the next lore a lot. This means that certain rules will be changed to be a bit more accommodating to the casual player. There will be more of a.... your world, play how you want to play mentality within reason. There will be events but you do not have to participate in them. There will be mini-events around the map that if you want to participate, cool. If not, no worries. If you want to go live in a cabin in the woods the entire lore and have no clue anything is even going on, do it. Hell, if the lore is post-apoc and you want to run around and create a gang of bandits to forcibly rob everyone around or bully people into paying you protection money.... give it a shot. You might get shot in the process but as long as you follow proper combat rules and looting rules, you can. Players will be given more freedom to play as they want without being limited quite as much, though we will still be based on realism so that doesn't mean you can build an entire city overnight.

    We will also be looking into other ways to combat hoarding. Not that hoarding is a terrible thing in itself as lets be honest, there would be hoarders out there but more that we we want to find a way to make it so you dont feel the need to hoard or would use that hoard to promote some sort of storyline like being a trader opposed to having a ton of junk your character wouldnt even know what to do with all shoved in a closet.

    We will be looking into factions and trying to see what we can do to make it easier for factions to communicate and organize, like maybe having dedicated discord channels with a faction leader being in control of said channel. Then, we will also be looking at the "metagaming" type rules and looking at how we can adjust those to make things easier.

    Like in a previous lore, we had a player PM in steam another player that their base was being attacked. That player had a character in that base at that time so they logged in an joined the fight. Technically against the rules but what our goal is to see, should it be? Sure, it sucks for the attacking player but really, it does make sense that the other character would react to gunshots in their house.

    We will also briefly look into "faction claims" once again as well. For those not familiar with this is that it protects a claim from attacks and can be configured to not allow attacks, looting, etc when a member is not online. There were issues with this in the past but we will be looking into it again to help prevent offline raiding. So... if it does work and stuff is stolen, you the player will know it was not an offline theft issue but an insider issue at least which is what most would in life naturally assume anyway.

    We are also looking at allowing full use of the map for each lore that allows it. Sure, there may be a mini lore or part of a lore that does not allow this but we will try and minimize this. We will look at changing out custom maps as well into the server each lore to add new places when we can. We may also occasionally look into using custom map locations as well, time permitting.

    Combat.... we want to kinda solidify things a bit. This means that we will be looking into the combat structure and trying to create a more solid foundation. Like for example... who goes first? Exactly how many rounds can you shoot per turn if using a hybrid model? Is it like a traditional tabletop game where you have an action/movement/attack phase or just a movement and attack phase? The hope is to make combat go a little smoother since hybrid combat is not exactly what this game had in mind.

    Lots of changes happening at we will not have this ironed out over night. The forums will take some time to set up and the rules a little time to iron out the details. We likely will not have them solidified until the next lore is underway.
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    New New Dawn is named after my username on another PZ roleplay site. I am your namesake and I demand just compensation!

    Also it's weird seeing Tucker and Among as the senior admins - it's like a new generation of New Dawners rising in the ranks as the old guard passes on their torches, collects their nonexistent pension, and comes by on the weekends to wave their canes at the new brass.
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