Nora Carricato

Discussion in 'Obituaries' started by Anonymous, May 29, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

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    Despite Nora's attempts to maintain strength and perseverance her facade has crumbled, deciding upon herself to venture from the Pathfinder base in the hopes of finding Jeremiah. Days went by and still the girl stalked through the urban wasteland tearfully rolling over corpses to check faces in search of what befell her beloved Wolfie to no avail.

    All seemed lost. Jeremiah was gone. Any chance of freedom gone.
    And one night as she rested slumped against the wall of abandoned house Nora looked down at the pistol in her lap, no longer trying to hold back the flood of tears she looked down at the thing, her hand reaching down and gripped the gun in her trembling grasp. The only sounds polluting the darkened family home was the soft clicks of metal as the blue haired girl check the magazine and turned off the safety all while she attempted to hum through her quiet sobbing and with the firearm ready it was raised, the barrel pressed under her chin..

    Thankfully the town close to the Pathfinder base had been mostly kept clear of the infected, Nora didnt wish for her weakness to put the others in danger as the sound of a gunshot ripped through the unnerving quiet that covered the land like a shroud.

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