Oct. 21 RP During Crash

Discussion in 'News' started by Anonymous, Oct 21, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Hey all,

    So we encountered server issues during a combat scene at a pretty pivotal point. While the issues are being looked at , and hopefully fixed, the RP side of things is taken into account.

    Unfortunately, the longer downtime doesn't really let us continue from the RP pause. While one solution would be to turn back time and continue the scene, it would cause some problems: different player availabilities, coordinating the characters back to rp, rp outside of the scene before it's redone, interrupting other stuff, forced amnesia, all kinds of stuff.

    As such, the night's scenes all still exist. There will be an adjusted cut-off to this scene to help out with RP:

    --> The solo character who was shot fell to the pavement. As the small horde arrived, it surrounded him. More Infected arrived from the other end of the bridge to attack the group. In the chaos, the solo character disappeared within the horde. <--

    Now, understandably this isn't ideal for the group who'd fought the solo character. When the character returns, they'll more or less be in the same injured 'state' as when we left off.

    In the meantime (fingers crossed that things get fixed) the other characters can continue RP with these events in mind upon login.
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