Deceased Officer Ella Anderson

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Officer Ella Anderson
    General Information
    Full NameElla Issiah Anderson
    Blood TypeO-
    Face ClaimAubrey Olson
    Personal Information
    Date of BirthJune 7th, 1996
    Former OccupationChicago Police Officer
    Civil StatusSingle
    Motto"I'll hold my values closely"

    Theme Song


    Ella is between 170-180cm tall and weighs in at about 75kg. She has medium length brown hair and crystal blue eyes.

    She is commonly seen wearing her old police uniform, which is severely damaged and dirty but still features the Chicago police insignia on her shoulders. Along her waistline is a utility belt that features a holster for a service pistol and a variety of clip on areas for various items including handcuffs and a baton.

    She has a small, 10mm GSW in between her eyes...

    This standard issue police Beretta Model 92 has seen some wear and tear over the period of it's service. There is scratch marks across most edges and it looks a little chaffed. It however has a custom engraving in the pistol grip that makes out the 'Ace' symbol from a deck of cards. The gun itself is usually holstered on her utility belt.
    These handcuffs have clearly been used multiple times, with dried blood on the inside of the cuffs themselves. They would be seen dangling off her utility belt.
    The extendable baton has some wear and tear to it, with marking of all kinds scattered across the weapon. The handle itself was mostly immaculate however. The baton would be seen attached to her utility belt.
    The police utility belt looked new, it had various places to attach tools and weapons and a few areas to store small items. On the right hip was the holster for her Beretta Model 92 and on her left was an area for her baton and handcuffs.

    This Chicago Police Uniform had seen far better days and looked like it had been through the mill a few times. The uniform itself had faded stains of dirt on various points of the uniform, one of the buttons was missing and the seams along the arms had a few tears on them. However, the uniform itself still held the Chicago PD insignia on its shoulder and its badge. Her pants were in the same state as her shirt. Her boots looked new with a few scuff marks on the tips.
    The police vest looked a little worn out and slightly used, but it was relatively clean for the most part and seemed to redeem how dirty her uniform was. There were a few markings across the black surface but the armor itself looked mostly intact.
    The bag blended with her vest. It was a small pack and was clearly designed for light operations. It had two
    separate pouches which often led to poor organisation of item storage.

    Ella has experienced a lot of trauma and violence through her life. Serving as a police officer and almost losing her life had already created problems for her socially. The subsequent firebombings of Chicago and loss of her boyfriend to a psychopath has left her feeling quite empty. Yet she still believes that following the law is the only way to ensure the reconstruction of civilization.

    21st of October, 2017, 11:34PM, Chicago
    As she stepped out of her patrol vehicle she quickly looked around at her surroundings. It was quiet, peaceful and it had been all night up till this point. She stood there for a moment, looking at the Ford GT in front of her. It was painted matte red with a while stripe down the middle and she had just pulled it over for going 80 mph in a 40 zone. She sighed, closing her door as she began to approach the vehicle. She began considering which of the frequent bullshit excuses the driver was going to use to explain his speed.
    As she reached the driver window she bent down and tapped her knuckle on the window, gesturing for the driver to roll the window down for her. After a moment of nothing the driver finally rolled down the tinted window.

    "License and regi-" She freezes for a split second, spotting the passenger with a Kalashnikov as he began to exit the vehicle.

    Time seemed to slow down for a brief moment as the driver pulled out his Glock 17 and fired at single shot at her as she began to move back for cover. It was at this moment she recognized who the driver was, Luiz Lordez, he was connected to the murder of two officers only a few days ago and had multiple felony warrants out for his arrest. The first shot from Luiz struck Ella in her left forearm, she didn't feel it at the time as the adrenaline kept her going. As she reached the midpoint between her patrol car and the Ford GT the passenger was finally in a position to fire the Kalashnikov, he fired off a short three round burst at Ella, where it struck her beneath the stomach. Her body armor managed to suck up a lot of the energy from the round, but it still ended up passing through and lodging inside.

    She fell backwards, behind the front of her patrol car where she was out of sight from the passenger. She finally manages to get her gun out of its holster and ends up firing half a dozen rounds in Luiz's direction, striking him in the chest 3 times. Ella began crawling backwards as she expected the passenger to come around the corner of her patrol car. The adrenaline had almost disappeared and the pain of both gunshot wounds was excruciating. She keeps her gun raised towards Luiz's position at all times, but the passenger never showed himself as she expected him to. The sound of distant sirens could be heard but it all came down to a matter of time now. Blood was soaking into her uniform and she was beginning to feel light-headed as the pain became nearly unbearable.

    The sirens grew to the point where they were deafening and the sound of tires skidding on the road behind her could be heard. At this point the weight of the gun became too heavy for her injured arm to hold and she ended up dropping her gun on the ground as her body litterly collapsed. The sounds of shouting and a dozen or so gunshots could be heard as her vision began to fade. The last thing she saw before she passed out was the blurry figure of someone running towards her.

    The group had been on the road for nearly 2 weeks now, having narrowly escaped the burning inferno that was now Chicago. Everyone was tired, every town, every city was falling or had fallen to this infection and the hope of the people was dying quickly. The next stop on the road was a small town called Spring Valley, a little bit outside Chicago.

    As they drove into town, most people picked up on the fact that the entire town was almost untouched and untapped of resources. As the only surviving police officer from Chicago, the people looked up to Ella for some form of guidance, as much as it troubled her. She didn't like the idea of leading, especially when lives were on the line, she constantly worried about all the things that could go wrong.
    The sound of large, rumbling engines could be heard in the distance, growing louder and louder with ever growing minute. Ella quickly made her way to the main gate with the entire community being distracted by the sounds of engines, as she mounted the gate catwalk she spotted the source, about a half dozen military and modified civilian vehicles were sitting at the gate, with about three dozen soldiers or militia men, it was hard to tell the difference, standing with guns lowered and watching up at the guards on the gate.

    One man, who wore black armor with white painted in a cross on his breast and back plate slowly approached the gate with a wicked smile on his face,

    "Well hello there!" He called out in a cheerful mood, "My name is Edward Graves and these people," He gestures towards his group, "Are the 'Renegades'"

    Ella paused for a moment, studying the man and his companions. They were armed to the teeth. Most had AR's and heavy duty military equipment. In the back was an humvee with an M2 machine gun slightly elevated and raised above the walls in a non-threatening manner. It was slightly worrying as if they had come to raid they stood little chance at stopping them.

    "I've come to provide you my skills and assets to help defend this settlement" Graves said in a humble and friendly tone, "Don't worry I'm not here to steal or kill you. We are simply looking for a place where our assets and skills will be useful"

    Ella ponders for a moment, before disappearing back down to the bottom of the walls.

    When everything fell apart
    Found NEZ
    Gas get out of there!
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    +++ Harrison Anderson (Father) ✞ - "I'm sorry I could never get back home to you and mum. I have no idea if you made it but you probably died during the firebombings"

    +++ Elisa Anderson (Mother) ✞ - "I wish I could have saved you. I'm so sorry"

    +++ Shawn Kingsley (Boyfriend) ✞ - "I'm so sorry you died like this. No man should have to die in his sleep at the hands of a monster. Believe me I will kill Graves and make this right again!"

    --- Edmond 'Gravedigger' Graves - "You piece of shit! You a psychotic, murderous piece of shit and I really fucking hope that you get eaten because if I ever get my hands on you. I promise you I will make you suffer like you did with everyone else!"

    + Cody Sheppard - "You've been incredibly nice and caring since I met you and I can tell that you care about the community and you're making strives to ensure it's people remain safe. If I'm being honest, you're kinda cute"

    + David Frederick - "You've been really nice and have cared for me on a variety of different occasions. Not only that but you seem to have the support of the people and they seem to view you as some kind of leader. I have a tremendous amount of respect for you!"

    + Ryan Weathers - "You're quite nice if I'm being honest. I kinda like you"

    ++ Tanya Federova - "You've treated me so well since we met. You've also treated me while I was gravely injured from a zombie. I appreciate this so much."

    -- Laura Turner - "I've tried to be nice with you, I've tried to help you. But no matter what I do you push me away and act like I'm incapable of helping myself. You need to wake the fuck-up and realize that there are people dealing with shit. Maybe you didn't give a flying fuck when your parents died but not everyone is like you. Don't talk to me again"

    = David Clarke - "Eh...I don't know what to feel about you at the moment"

    -- Luna - "You're as bad as Laura, if not worse."

    + Frank Booker - "You've suffered a great deal by the hands of monsters and I understand what it's like. In fact you and I are more alike then you may think.

    + Rafael Garcia - "You're emotionally tough and I can tell you've seen a lot of shit. But at the same time I can tell you care about the people closest to you and you would lay down your life to protect them. By the way, you're lucky my blood type is O-"

    - Nilda Gallaghan - "So turns out you were apart of the Mongols and you were willingly staying when they butchered, raped and pillaged the NEZ. To be honest I don't understand how the fuck people are OK with you being in charge. People like you are a tumor on this earth."

    = Amanda Cooper ✞ - "From the information I gathered about, it sounds like you were a selfish control freak...I can't say good or bad things about you because I never /actually/ met you"

    ++ Serena Evans - "You're a great chef and nice builder. I can tell the people of the NEZ respect you a lot. I'd love to get to know you some more"

    - Miles Pulver - "Honestly, I barely ever see you so I couldn't give a shit what you thought about me"

    = Timofei Sokolov - "Eh....not really sure what to think of you"

    + Jonothan Walsh - "I greatly appreciate the opportunity you've given me. I won't let you down!"

    = Thais Qorva - "I don't really know you..."

    = Buck Boxton - "Bro.....?"

    = Anthony Lucciano - "I saw you earlier, don't know you"

    = Ross Wicker ✞ - "Surgery gone wrong...shitty way to go man..."
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    Updated alot of stuff, more to come shortly

    and before anyone claims I know her picture isn't wearing a Chicago police uniform, but it was the closest representation to her physical appearance
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    Updated Story, Equipment and Personality
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    Added Relationships
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    David is also a Mongol, he wears around the Mongol Cut while Nilda doesn't.
  7. Anonymous

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    I'm aware, but Ella doesn't know that IS the mongol cut. She's aware that you were with them, but Frank Booker managed to convince her that you left as soon as they started doing bad shit
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    It says Mongols on it.
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    oh lmao, well her opinion will change when i ask him about it then
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    The mindset of every thief when Ella turns up to their door

    I threw it together really quick cause I was bored lmao, still dont think it was ear rapey enough
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    Added personality
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    updated relationships
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    Story update
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    updated relationships
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    Updated Relationships ~ No-one ever...
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    relationship & injuries bump