Omar Foch

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    Omar Foch
    Foch’s his name.
    Farming’s his game.

    A game of potato’s.
    Potato season is coming.
    A Foch always harvests his potato’s.

    Age: Approximately 301 Pantry Potato Lifespans
    Weight: Approximately 330 Russet Potatoes
    Height: Approximately 20 Russet Potatoes
    Favourite Veggie: Carrots (If by carrots you mean skinny sweet potatoes)
    Alignment: Everyone?


    Tom Spencer - 20 taters
    Logan Spencer - 17 taters
    Timothy Hartman - 12 taters
    Beth Hartman - 6 taters

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    foch yeah
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    Bump I guess?
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    Only 6. I am insulted rapscallion.