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Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Jun 27, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Age:34 Years Old
    Date of Birth:March 5, 1984
    Date of Death:N/A
    Weight:185 lbs.
    Hair:Medium-Length Blonde
    Beard:Brown / Blonde
    Blood Type:A-
    Family Information
    Mother (Dead):Anne Walsh
    Father(Dead):Russel Walsh
    Brother:Jonathan Walsh
    Wife (Dead):Victoria Walsh
    Daughter (Dead):Emily Walsh
    Pre-Apoc Occupations
    Buford's Scrap Yard (2001 - 2004):Equipment Operator
    Chicago Sanitary and Shipping (2005 - 2007):Packager
    Previous Post-Apoc Occupations
    The Mongols:Forced Laborer
    The Mongols:Asset Tracker
    The Mongols:Bounty Hunter
    Stonepoint Manor:Various Jobs
    Current Post-Apoc Occupations
    Freelance:Tracker, Bounty Hunter
    Freelance:Camel Cigarette Sponsor
    Issue and Volume Information
    First Appearance:Volume 2, Issue 2
    Last Seen:Present
    Jacket:Brown denim jacket
    Shirt:Dark green tank top
    Pants:Worn out jeans
    Boots:Combat boots
    Belt:Tactical buckle belt
    Gloves:Fingerless work gloves
    Upper:Maroon EMS Molle Carrier
    Backpack:Tactical bag
    Side bag:Hiking clip bag
    Pouches:Side bag pouch

    Paul Walsh is a survivor of the outbreak in AGN's The Road Ahead. Thus far, he has been seen at Stonepoint Manor. These days, however, he hasn't been coming around. He's also been seen around Port Falmouth. While "Paul Walsh" hasn't been seen in some time, the odd rumor might suggest he's simply changed his appearance--possibly adopting a temporary fake name, for whatever reason.


    Normally reserved—Paul is often on the cusp of a crowd. He seems to keep to himself, normally giving a polite nod to passerby. Those looking for Paul in any given settlement needn’t look far, however. He’s normally found outside, leaning against a tree, chain-smoking cigarettes.
    The guy seems to prefer one-on-one conversations. In these cases, he’s been known to be a decent enough talk. He’s been known to sleep on busted couches, the floor, or even in the yard. Not one to stick around, it isn’t rare for him to wave off a few folks—disappearing for days at a time.
    Passing stories suggest he takes up scouting missions, guard duties, and unknown odd jobs.

    Paul stands at 5'11 and is athletic. He could be described as "rugged," normally sporting new cuts, bruises, dirt, and grime every day. He has medium-length blonde hair, which looks freshly cut. He has a firm-looking stance, a still stare, and a strangely healthy-looking complexion.
    While Paul's outfits change often, he regularly wears a brown denim jacket over a t-shirt, jeans, and boots.


    Anne: Mom. She's dead.

    Abraham: Competent, at least. Nice enough. Seems like he's got some sense of moral pride guidin' him towards action. Still, man is likely crooked as they come. Between skippin' on gate defense, tryin' to cause discord between me 'n Stonepoint, and blastin' out fuckin' eardrums with political wishwash? Man is simply too hot and cold. I'd wager he's chasin' a sense of control, for what it's worth. But I ain't stupid, and I ain't about to get pinned with whatever slackjaw lie he might've been whippin' up for me. I've got too much shit to do, and protectin' Stonepoint's folk is one of 'em. Sad to say, protectin' that place likely means not associating with his conniving ass. I'm not out for blood, though, seein' as I'm not into the idea of hurting kindergartners.

    Arthur: Best not talked about.

    Alex: Kid I helped. Quiet. Accidentally captured by Mongols. Hope she pulls through.

    Beaker: Army guy we helped. Might pull through. Might not.

    Booker: Hang in there. Barely know yeh, but you keep good company. Didn't get 'yer rage, before, 'bout Jon, Nilda, and whoever else done fucked yeh over. I get it now. Guess everyone is prone 'ta gettin' jaded by family, whether it's formed by blood or friendship. I don't blame yeh for how yeh feel, because I feel the same.

    The Dam: Some fucked up place.

    Dominik: Trader. Got layers to him. Got his number.

    Duke: Mister Silent, huh.

    Emily: Daughter. She's dead. Miss her more than anything.

    “That girl” (Frankie): Best not talked about.

    Hammerhead: About what I expected.

    Harrison: Best not talked about.

    Helo: Anyway. Best not I say more than I've done said, already. The more I think on it, the more I'm hatin' myself for tellin' you my feelings. Regardless, I hope y'all are hangin' in there. Like I said, I'm bad with words.

    Jon: Broken somebitch. I'm half-stupid for hopin' you'd have learned somethin' or another, these days. You're turnin' into the abusive ass Dad was. Thanks for the Maker's. Gonna need it to stomach the fact I'm related to a pinhead. I'll save a sip for yeh, because you're justified in feeling the same way about me. I loved Emily, and I'd dig my own grave if'n I could change the past.

    Locke: Smarter than everyone. Sad nobody sees it.

    Luna: I’d take a bullet for her. I'd say more, but some things is best left unsaid. And I'm sure she wouldn't want me gabberin' about her. I care about the kid quite a bit, and I hope she's hangin' in there.

    Marisol: Sweetheart, 'n sharp as a tack. I'll make sure you and your papi is safe. I may not look like much, but I might surprise yeh. Thank yeh kindly 'fer lettin' me visit on rare occasion for that soup. And sorry I can't say much, neither. You're a mighty fine cook, and I've got a feelin' there's much more to yeh than meets the eye. Which is surprisin', seeing as you're one of them "pure" souls who ain't afraid to be loud 'n proud about who she is. You don't got to worry about me, kid. I might regularly show up bruised, sliced, and half-broken, but wounds are just wounds. I don't mind takin' a beating, so don't sweat it.

    Marlow: One arm. One leg. Selectively deaf.

    The Mongols: Bunch o' over-dependent, broken folk. Couple of nice ones in 'em, but ain't no snowflake responsible for an avalanche, yeah. Half the time, they're having a pissing match while bein' the only ones with their dicks out. The other half of the time, I feel they're pickin' up on shit no one else sees, and they're damned to suffer the public opinion which is a shame. Frontier justice at its finest. Oh, yeah. That's right. They're a gang, ain't they.

    Monty: Best not talked about.

    Natalie: Safer wherever yeh are. Yeh must be some strikin' sight, and a real sweetheart, too, for Rafel to be sweet on ya.

    Naturo: Nice enough. Can't drive for shit.

    The NEZ: Damn shame.

    Nilda: Heard of ya. Never met ya. Doctor. One of Jon's.

    Pathfinder: Yeah, I get it now.

    Rafael: A good man. Suppose we're startin' to get close. Shame he's stuck in the middle. Gets abused from all ends, on account of everyone else bein' too selfish and jaded to solve their own problems. Might not believe me, but folk like Rafael, sooner or later, get a break. I only hope it's sooner, rather 'n later. Guy deserves a medal for that heart of gold he's got.

    Rodney: Frankly, comes off as the kind of guy you don't want to cross. But too much of that getcha killt, after a couple rounds. He keeps folk safe, anyhow. No denyin' that. He's a mixed bag, and I can see why some folk hate him. I can also see why some folk rely on him, and even like him. Suppose I don't know everything, however. Seeing as I've shown up to a card game that's been played for months. Best to leave it at that.

    Russel: Dad. He's dead.

    Santiago: Angry Spanish guy. Not to say he ain't a good man. Man's got grit, 'n he's holdin' down a family fort in dead center of a pissin' match. Got off on shaky terms. But I see us bloomin' into buddies. Plus, I think there's more goin' on with 'im than meets the eye. Not that yeh need it, but I'll help keep 'yer kid safe. No one's touchin' Mari, Tanya, or any of them gals. Not while I've got a porch to drive by. And not while you're around.

    Stonepoint Manor: Nice place. Gives folk a roof to hide under. Manor's leader creeps me the fuck out, but ain't no one dissapeared into the basement, yet, I suppose. It's good folk, but righ' disorganized. And that sort of thing getcha killt, these days. Couple of them folk, there, is the place's own damn worst enemy.

    Sunday: Nice enough. Fashion designer. Guess people still want Gucci bags.

    Tanya: I’d take a bullet for her. Through 'n through, makin' sure her, Luna, and their friends are safe is a road worth walkin'. Y'all just wanna be left alone, but yeh can't. You've got biker gangs and road warriors who are gonna "leave yeh alone," sure. But that ain't protection. More of a polite hostage situation. Then, you've got Calvin Klein hangin' his dirty laundry on ya'. Then, you've got Anton Chigurh as a "trade partner," prolly keepin' tabs on yeh. Y'all are both safe 'n unsafe at the same time, but I'll shoot down any somebitch who gives you, Mari, or Santiago lethal problems. Might not be Mongol "frontier justice," but it's protection that didn't sell its soul. I care about yeh, kid.

    Ty: Talked a couple times. Nice enough.

    Victoria: Wife. She's dead.

    William Stonepoint: Best not talked about.

    Date of Birth:Unknown
    Date of Death:N/A
    Weight:185 lbs.
    Hair:Medium-Length Blonde
    Beard:Brown / Blonde
    Blood Type:A-
    Family Information
    Mother (Dead):Unknown
    Wife (Dead):Unknown
    Daughter (Dead):Unknown
    Current Post-Apoc Occupations
    Freelance:Bounty Hunter
    Freelance:Information Gatherer
    Freelance:Camel Cigarette Sponsor
    Issue and Volume Information
    First Appearance:Volume 2, Issue 2
    Last Seen:Present
    Head:Modified Ultra Force Camo Boonie Hat
    Face:Realtree Xtra Green Flex Form II Face Net, Camo
    Jacket:Tactical Ops Camo Jacket
    Shirt:Heat-Gear Under Armour
    Pants:Green Kuhl Pants
    Boots:Combat boots
    Belt:Ares – Aegis Enhanced Belt
    Gloves:Fingerless work gloves
    Head:Metal Reinforced Hockey Mask, Painted
    Upper:TACPRO Level II Bullet Vest Molle Carrier
    Backpack:Tactical bag
    Side bag:Bug Bag Capture Kit
    Pouches:Tactical belt pouch
    Tech and Tools
    Comm: Cobra CXR825
    Earpiece: JVC nylon braid wire headphones
    Light:M20SX Javelot Olight Flashlight
    Binds: Smith & Wesson Model 100 Cuffs, carbon steel
    Binds: UZI UZIHCCB Law Enforcement Cuffs, steel
    Binds: Bag of self-lock cable ties, 12-inch
    Binds:Poly-manilla rope

    Gull is a survivor of the outbreak in AGN's The Road Ahead. Thus far, he has been seen around Port Falmouth. An uncommon rumor may suggest Gull was once a Mongol bounty hunter directed by Monty. Currently, any allegiances he has are unknown.

    Frequently outfitted with capture tools, such as cuffs, rope, ties, and shackles, Gull may appear out of the ordinary when compared to other survivors, military, and faction members. Regularly sporting a reinforced plate mask, a camo balaclava, a plate carrier vest, and tactical search gear, the man may be difficult to find--as he seems to prefer dusty alleyways, dark forests, and broken avenues.

    Gull carries a small, black tattoo of a triangle encasing a black spot, intersected by a line, on the back of his neck. This tattoo may be recognizable to some, as it was an emergent Mongol mark given to several of Monty's special ops team members.




    Asset A:
    ! / *

    Asset B:

    Asset C:
    O / $ / +

    Asset D:
    + / !

    Asset E:
    O / + /

    Asset F:

    Asset G:
    O / $ / +

    Asset H:

    Asset I:

    Liability A:

    ! / * / O / + / =

    Liability B:


    Liability C:


    Liability D:

    O / +



    Revenue A:
    $ / + / O

    Revenue B:


    Revenue C:

    O / ! / $

    Revenue D:

    ! / $

    Revenue E:


    Revenue F:

    + / $

    Revenue E:

    + / $


    Expense A:
    = / !

    Expense C:

    = / ! / O

    Expense D:

    . . .Hate that car


    Credit Line A:
    O / + / $

    Credit Line B:

    Credit Line C:

    Debt A:
    = / ! / *



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