Quentin "Que Ball" Raul

Discussion in 'Obituaries' started by Anonymous, Apr 29, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

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    Que Ball Raul, commonly called "Que" or "Raul" was a member of the Mongols, hailing from Culpeper, Virginia. Standing at an intimidating 6'8, this ogre of a man played football for the Culpeper Blue Devil's in high school. He could have had a career ahead of him if it wasn't for his father's failing health. He turned down a scholarship to work the farm he'd grown up on.
    A simple man with simple hobbies, drinking heavily and riding around on the tractor. He made some friends at the bar in his mid 20's who got him interested in motorcycles, which is how he got involved with the Mongols. They also had a proposition for him. If he put his skills to work as a grower, he'd both be helping his father by providing something to ease the pain, as well as rake in extra cash to help pay for his chemotherapy. Raul saw this as a win/win situation, something he took up readily - including the smoking of his own product.

    The loss of his father four years later took a toll on him and he only spiraled further down the neck of the bottle, so far down that he became a hefty ball of spite and anger. Many nights spent in the drunk tank for bar fights, fists calloused as his heart slowly became - it's a wonder how his wife, who he met a few years later at one of the many local bars, ever found him to be someone worthy of affection. Perhaps she saw within him the kind-hearted young man he was before.
    Knowing he was a good person deep down, still wasn't enough to save their marriage. The fights, the drinking, the long nights out with the boys wreaking havoc and risking their livelihood by continuing to grow dope, it was too much for Sue to handle in the state she was in, she didn't want her daughter to grow up surrounded by such terrible influences.
    Despite being heavily pregnant, Sue left him.
    For another man, no less.

    The only reason Que stuck around for seven and a half years longer, before finally deciding to try and find a new life in Illinois..
    His daughter, Marie.

    The name, the last word to leave his lips as he laid there, slouched forward on the metal pipe that impaled him when the chinook hit the river. The one thing he kept fighting for, the last light in his life.

    "I'm sorry, Marie.."

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  2. Anonymous

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    Fixed that for you. Rest in peace, you misnamed hulk you.

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    cough cough blame Tucker cough
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    I knew it’d irritate someone <3
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    "Ball" and "Raul" don't rhyme, either. Good riddance you fat Mongolian BBQ bastard.
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